For me, 2018 was such a great year for thrifting that im finding it hard to justify buying anything brand new!

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    I’ve always loved thrifting, but when I look back on some of the clothing ive bought over the years, I used to just buy any old random crap that looked okay. This year I really tried to be more discerning, for every piece I considered buying I asked myself: will I wear it? Can I make multiple different looks with it? Is it good quality/well made/clean? And I think I did pretty well, I took my time and combed through every section of every store I went to and found some pretty amazing stuff! Here are some of my favourite finds from this year:

    I have this new-found love for thrifting and every time I find a great piece it just fuels my fire even more. What are your favourite thrifty finds from 2018?



    The UO Los Angeles dress is Urban Outfitters



    I love thrifting! It’s really the only way for me to get the quality I want in my price range, and I think it’s fun! I love the rush of a good find. I also shop on Ebay and Poshmark when I’m trying to find something specific. Some of this year’s hits:

    I found some good cashmere on Ebay: [this sweater is already in heavy rotation](

    I always keep an eye out for ivory silk blouses: I wear [this one]( or [this one]( like once a week. I also found this [linen skirt]( thrifting and wore it a lot this summer– the top is thrifted also and is a really comfortable silk/cotton blend.

    Back in the Spring I found this [theory silk wrap top]( at Goodwill, which I love!

    I’ve never found anything *designer* designer, but I wear something I bought secondhand almost every day!



    I lived around the corner from a goodwill located near an affluent neighborhood (moved a few days ago and I’m currently mourning the loss). I have bought everything in my wardrobe from there (other than undergarments). A few of my favorite purchases that I have photos of:

    [Ted Baker brand new with tags]( – Still had the $350 price tag on it, next to a $7 goodwill tag.

    [Wedding rehearsal dinner dress]( – paid $7 and it fit like a glove. It was originally $160 at Nordstrom.

    [Favorite dress of the year]( – dubbed “the doggy dress.” I bought it to wear in Paris on my honeymoon, and then left it behind in our AirBnb. The host was supposed to mail it back last month, but I am currently still waiting…



    I like seeing what people thrifted and how they wear them. There should be a weekly for this.



    Thrifting makes up 80% of my wardrobe! It’s not always because I’m broke but also because of the good quality brands and different pieces so I’m not wearing what everyone else is wearing (I live in an area with little retail offerings).

    I bought a pair of black heels last weekend for an event that night. Brand new, expensive brand, comfortable from the get go and only $6!



    Love how consistent your colour palette is! That jacket is amazing, and I think vintage is anything that’s more than 20 years old at this point? 1980s definitely qualifies.



    I’m obsessed with this vintage Cambridge Spirit dress I got on eBay for like $10. It’s great quality and has a cute button down back.



    I have had a fantastic thrifting year too! My absolute favourite find was a pair of burgundy lace up heels which of the softest leather imaginable.

    I spent a lot of time going through my wardrobe, getting rid of stuff and clarifying my style. That has really helped me in choosing what to buy. I’ve also really embraced the more expensive vintage stores. They might charge more, but the quality is often better for what you pay. I found a black velvet mini skirt and a white silk blouse I am in love with.



    Me too! I got almost an entire new winter wardrobe thrifting over the past few weeks. Lots of high quality stuff that looks or is new! I’m shocked that it took me this long to discover thrifting.



    Ummm, can we talk about the Gucci watch I found last weekend for 3$?!?!?!? Definitely my best find to date.

    Along with my black Docs (but those were 20$ from Buffalo Exchange, so not sure if they count)



    I love thrifting! My favorite find is this beautiful red silk trench for $8 from salvation ( [with flash]( [without flash]( ) or this silk [shirt]( from goodwill for $3 (shout out to the pants that are also thrifted $5) or even these [Franco Sarto shoes]( [$9]. Honestly I’ve gotten so many things this year that are such high quality. I’m in love with thrift shops now!



    My best thrift finds this year:

    [Flax linen shirt](

    I have no good pictures of this dress on its own, but this [Flax maxi jumper dress](

    [Eileen Fisher linen blazer jacket](

    [Trippen lace up ballet flats](

    [Ann D asymmetrical blazer](

    [weird silk tiger stripe shirt]( (I actually found this at a physical thrift store!!)

    I love being able to find designer pieces that I can’t afford new and mid-range pieces that I technically can afford, but probably wouldn’t be willing to commit to if I had to pay full price. The only place I actively shop at for new things is Madewell, otherwise I just stalk ebay and Poshmark until I see something I like. I don’t really need anything, so I’m forcing myself to be a lot more picky that I used to be.



    Okay, I have a lot of these. These are all from the last year (September 2017 – September now) except for a few that I included for mystery reasons. I’ll do an album and link them each separately. This is most of my wardrobe (that I have with me in NZ) so it’s also sort of a visual wardrobe, I guess.

    EDIT: I took out the links so they aren’t sitting around in my history.

    I have my eyes closed because I’m not wearing any makeup and might make stupid faces otherwise. I’ll do brand (if applicable), price (in currency I paid), when I got it, and where I got it.


    Vanessa Seward denim, $70 (USD). September 2017. These I technically got on eBay. They came embroidered with “Kate” on the butt pocket. That’s not my name so I picked it out. I think these are the most I paid for any of these items.

    Lonely Hearts cotton trousers, $32 (NZD). July 2018. Wellington, New Zealand. These are super comfy.

    Vintage leather skirt, $34 (NZD). March 2018. Wellington.


    Red lambswool jumper, $8. May 2018. Wellington.

    Black lambswool jumper, $10. May 2018. Wellington. The detail is lost on this, oh well.

    Agnes B men’s XL wool cardigan, $4 (CAD). Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I actually got this in June of 2017, so not in the past year, but I want to share it anyway because it is cozy and I like it.

    Vintage blue toile silk haori, $20 (NZD). July 2018. Auckland, New Zealand.

    Silk cami, $2 (USD). September 2017. Philadelphia, PA, USA. I did the embroidery on this, but I shamelessly copied the design from somewhere.

    Cotton raglan crop top, $8… probably? NZD. June 2018. Wellington.

    Floral top, $12 (NZD). September 2018. Wellington. I think this is rayon, which isn’t my favourite fabric in the world, but I think this red really suits me.


    Red wool dress, $13 (NZD). September 2018. Wellington. I’m only just seeing how sheer this is in this photograph, but I haven’t actually worn it out yet luckily.

    Ingrid Starnes silk dress, $28 (NZD). September 2018. Wellington. I really hemmed and hawed about getting this, but the silk is so luxurious.

    vintage cotton dress (made in Hawaii), $8 (USD). September 2017. Philadelphia.

    this one I’ve had for years, but it’s one of my favourite things I’ve ever thrifted. It’s silk, was probably about $7 in Philadelphia in 2011/2012, and has never done me wrong. A Thai lady indicated to me at one point that she thought it was probably a Thai dress, but I don’t know for sure. Vintage, no tags.

    silk dress, $12 (NZD). August 2018. Wellington. I got this in case I ever need to go clubbing, because I’m not sure most of my clothes would suit that occasion.

    1960s dress, $15(CAD). October 2017. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The detail is a little lost on this but I like it. I posed terribly to show the back, but it’s got a low v back shape.

    1970s polyester dress, $7(USD) October 2017. Philadelphia.


    Fur hat, $16 (NZD). September 2018. Wellington.
    Alpaca scarf, $20 (NZD). July 2018. Wellington.
    Jade ring, $20 (NZD). July 2018. Rotorua, New Zealand.
    Silver ring, $10 (NZD). July 2018. Rotorua.
    Silver anklet (converted into a necklace), $4 (CND). London, Ontario, Canada.
    Black leather heels, $10 (CND) October 2017. Montreal.
    Leather pointy shoes, $25 (NZD) February 2018. Wellington.
    Pearl necklace (I’m wearing it as an anklet in all pictures), $8. September 2018. Wellington.
    Leather bag, €15 (EUR). July 2017… Barcelona, Spain.
    Wood bangle, $2. June 2018. Wellington.

    [Close up.](

    I currently live in Wellington (obviously), but my native currency is USD, so the exchange rate has been in my favour for a lot of this stuff.



    [Thrifted Finds 2018](

    Mine range from basics like matte Dansko clogs to new without tags all leather slip on loafers to fun summer and spring finds.

    [My favorite find was my brand new 1461 Docs](

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