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    My office thermostat is controlled by a polar bear sitting in a furnace. Gym- going male co-workers double my size are donning jackets and blankets. My arms are in a perpetual state of goose bumps.

    What do you guys with unreasonably cold offices wear? Sleeves? Jackets? Sweaters and cardigans?



    I personally don’t like wearing warm innerwear layers to keep warm in a cold office unless the weather outside is equally as freezing cold. Uniqlo heatech, leggings/tights, inner long sleeves are good for general winter wear but if your local weather is still somewhat warm, I wouldn’t recommend it. This is because if the weather is warmer outside, you’re going to be feeling quite stuffy unless you want to go through the hassle of changing before you leave.

    I personally wear heavier outer layers that are easily removable. Fleece lined cardigans or hoodies, longer jackets, etc. Fleece jackets or those athletic looking jackets work quite well for me, they are warm and lightweight enough as long as you wear a regular long sleeve. Blanket scarves are great for an extra layer of warmth, especially if you’re wearing dresses with bare legs. I prefer wearing these cause they’re things that won’t require you to go to the bathroom to change.

    If you have the luxury of doing so, maybe you can see if you can trick your office thermostat to warm up the place. Usually draping a damp cool cloth can get it to warm up the place.



    Keep your core warm. A fashionable down vest. Bonus points for wearing the hood with (fake) fur inside.



    I’m just perpetually cold, but I tend to wear a sweater with a shorter pencil skirt and then a big long wool cardigan over that. I also crocheted some grey hand warmers and when it gets too cold I put them on



    uniqlo heattech line (turtlenecks, long sleeve shirts, leggings, etc) and I keep a thick, warm cardigan in my office at all times



    I have this giant Heattech shawl by Uniqlo. It’s not stylish or anything but it does the job. And generally the Heattech underclothes are good too, they are totally not bulky.



    I am allowed to have a space heater now, but at my old job I kept a black North Face fleece at my desk. Not super professional looking, but neither is being unable to work efficiently because I’m uncomfortable. I just took it off anytime I got up. I also second the heating pad suggestion.



    Heated blanket will heat you up better than a space heater.



    It isn’t fashion-related, but I’ve realized that getting up and walking around for a few minutes helps warm me up. Maybe it raises my heart rate a little? But even just a 3 minute back and forth to go to the bathroom or fill my water at the kitchenette usually means I can peel off a layer.



    I keep a neutral colored duster cardigan in my office for just this purpose!



    Job #1 is in an office and a cardigan or jean jacket is a daily must.

    Job #2 is in the cold room of a grocery store that is 40* year round. I wear leggings under my jeans. On top I wear a flannel shirt, sweater, my official company shirt and my North Face jacket. Hood up at all times! If I get a chill I either stick my gloved hands in the sink of hot water or put on one of the long white deli coats on that cuts some of the wind from the AC units. In the winter it can feel even colder and in the summer it is it’s own kind of hell to go from 100* degrees outside to a SIXTY degree temp drop in like five minutes.



    I keep both a lightweight cardigan and a heavier knit cardigan at my desk, along with a blanket to put over my lap on days where I’m wearing a dress or skirt.



    i have GEAR for this situation.

    For under layers, I wear uniqlo heattech ultra-warm, the leggings under pants or tights, as well as the cami or long sleeve shirt under the top layer. then i have a lot of wool in my life, both thin and thick, both tops and bottoms. i keep a giant shawl that is essentially a blanket at my desk at all times. i keep a heater under my desk that is going. and i am drinking non-stop cups of hot tea.



    Cami underneath shirt. Cotton! Doesn’t sound like much, but it helps. Then long sleeved shirt, then sweater.

    I’ve been making myself lined tap pats for many years. It’s just a satin pant with thin poly batting. Varying lengths to match skirt length. Thin enough to not show under skirts, but warm enough to keep out drafts.

    Lined skirts of varying lengths.

    Tights or thick pantyhose. There are velvet lined tights which I guess are quite warm, but it’s too warm here so I never tried them.

    Booties w/socks.

    Nice thing about this style is the layers can be pulled off with ease if it warms up. Tap pants slide off, and a sweater can be pulled off…and then put back on for the commute back home.



    Merino wool something – a wrap, a sweater with pencil skirt or pants, a blanket scarf. I NEED wool or cashmere to be warm in those situations, and there are so many ways to wear it!

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