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    French Instagrammers of a Shared Aesthetic



    Ah, the great French shoemaker Dr. Martinique.



    First we had Scandinavian Minimalism, and now we have French Minimalism. Which country/region is going to get the minimal treatment next?

    My vote is for Russian Minimalism — tracksuits only.






    Jesus lol MFA really freakin out about these trousers



    This kinda inspires me to try and dress up black chucks. Never tried them with pants like in the album.



    # [Inspiration Album](

    **What is this?**

    This is a inspiration album of mainly French instagram users who share similar style or aesthetic.

    **Eww are you telling me to dress like this? This is so weird?!!**

    This album is not meant to dictate what you should wear. It’s just an album you can use for inspiration.

    Even if you dislike an outfit it’s always good questioning yourself *why* you dislike something. This way you can understand your own preferences, and this makes buying clothing, or discussing your own style easier in the long run.

    Plus, if this isn’t your cup of tea, we have many other forms of inspiration albums in the [MFA wiki]( and many more [here](

    **A Discussion of this aesthetic**

    Most the people in this album live in urban France, specificallly Paris. I think often with predominately English speaking & American online communities we like to shoehorn outfits or particular clothing/footwear into a prescriptive style. Scandinavian Minimalism. Streetwear. Scandinavian Streetwear. Minimalism/Minimalist. Monochrome streetwear. Yet the style showcased here could be said to span all of these. If your style is part of any of the above this could be an interesting direction to take, if you want, that is.

    These trends of clothes and fit of clothes don’t happen in a vacuum though, You’ll note a few high crops, wide tapered pants, wide straight pants, pleated pants, chunky dad sneakers, and the ubiquitous overcoats and overshirts from several years back. All are items which are familiar but worn and re-interpreteted in different way to what we may be used to.

    The colours are dark with the occasional pop of low saturated colour. Silhouettes are bold and striking compared to the slim everything and half break of the last decade. Chunky Doc Marten derbies or sneakers subvert traditional silhouettes or highlight the contrast between tapered pants.

    **Instagram accounts:**

    * [@JamesDeBruges](
    * [@Hypeflaw](
    * [@SamyPortejoie](
    * [@aziz.lem](

    Similar styles:

    * [@Rndmize](
    * [@SwannJoachim](
    * [@LocJoahcim](


    * [@minimalhouse1](



    Green peacoat is gang



    I’d still class this under the umbrella term of “Scandinavian Minimalism”, albeit it’s (in my opinion) a more interesting take on it.

    Granted, a lot of the fits here still fall under the usual boring Scandi stuff (a la Fredrik Risvik, *what a snoozefest*; aka minimalism to the point of reducing a fit to a hollow shell of what it could be), but there’s a lot more proportion and texture play on show here, which I appreciate more.

    There also seems to be a bit more rakishness here – not everything seems super calculated and sterile, as there’s an element of *laissez-faire*… which is quintessentially French after all.



    What I LOVE about this look is how easy it is to elevate it by swapping out a single piece in the outfit with a statement piece

    ie: swap out the belt for one with a loud buckle or interested design, swap out the shoes with some Speed Trainers or dad shoes, replace the shirt with a detailed mockneck or nice graphic tee, replace the entire top portion with an oversized turtleneck, put some chains in the pant loops/pockets, wear some simple rings, etc etc etc

    It’s by far my favorite “Instagramcore” style



    Anyone can help me find some of those high rise pants with the aggressive taper?



    Not a fan of the cropped pants look, but that’s just me.



    I actually really like this look, even though I can’t pull it off.



    Do you guys really like those?



    I’m really not digging the short pantleg trend.

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