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    Hello all! Long time lurker here. I notice a lot of threads and comments devoted to thrifting, but do we have any garage sailors out there? I love garage sales- I feel like they are the next level of thrifting and I find better stuff for even cheaper (if you do it right). I was wondering what kinds of tips or tricks or rules y’all have for garage sailing?



    my partner is a “garage sailor”. he scours tag sales (that’s what we call them here) and estate sales like no one’s business. here are some tips i’ve gotten from him:

    * always get there early, especially to sales that have piqued your interest. usually at promising sales, there will be a line to get in. people are usually there for furnishings, but it’s better to get there early than not.

    * make a plan for yourself about your tag sale route and what your intentions are for the sale. it’s better to know what you want and go straight for that room or area to look for it, than to meander around a house and buy things you didn’t necessarily need (or want) prior to coming to the tag sale. i find it’s really easy to spend money at these things, which is not exactly what i’m trying to do. as for your route, if you’re headed to specific tag sale, try to find ones around it to make your trip worthwhile.

    * if you find the sale online, like on craigslist or kijiji, feel free to message the seller and ask if there will be any clothing at the sale.

    * at least at estate sales, i’ve found its better to look for accessories and one size fits all items. you will be lucky if the previous owner is the same size as you and even more lucky if the styles that are being sold do not look dated.

    * know how to haggle in appropriate way.

    * while there are gems every where, be conscious of where the tag sale is. i try to go to the sales in more affluent areas, like affluent towns or affluent retirement communities. i find you’re more likely to find something nice there; however, everyone has that same idea and usually the people who are selling know what they have and charge more for it.



    Dance for the seller. They gave me my items half off, and a brand new “wearable art” shirt free.



    So I try to size up the garage sale before I approach it. I’m looking for a lot of clothes to go through usually, and I typically don’t want to have to go through piles, opting for hanging clothes instead. I try to size up the seller to see if they might have things that would fit me and if I think I’d like any of their clothes. Affluent neighborhoods are almost always the way to go. If you go early, you have your pick of everything, but later in the day, everyone just wants to be done, so you can really bargain with them.

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