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    Ordered some things for myself along with a birthday (Dec 6) gift for my wife from GH Bass on Cyber Monday. Receive the shipping confirmation and tracking number the next day, check the shipment which was supposed to be delivered today and seems on track, package arrives today, and only one item is in the package… and it’s not my wife’s gift. Look up the order and it appears the default tracking number to click on is for only part of my shipment. Check the other tracking number that shows up on my invoice next to the other five items and it is still due to arrive today but only says “shipping info received, will update when package travels”… So it hasn’t even left the warehouse. I call GH Bass CS and the lady is pleasant enough but insists that I need to call FedEx because they have the package because “there wouldn’t be a tracking number if they didn’t receive it”, I know this is not true but oblige because I am getting nowhere with her. I call FedEx, nope, haven’t received it yet. Call GH Bass back, THE SAME GODDAMN LADY ANSWERS! “Yeah, hi xxxxxx, me again, turns out FedEx hasn’t received the package yet…” She tells me to call back if I don’t receive it today so they can escalate the matter! “I don’t really think it will arrive since it’s halfway across the country sitting in your warehouse still, since it hasn’t shipped, can you at least do quicker shipping so maybe there’s a chance my wife’s birthday gift will arrive on time? I thought ordering a week and a half in advance would be a safe bet to get it on time, especially since the order I’ve been tracking, assuming it was the whole thing, had been on track to arrive early.” She says, “No, we can’t since a shipping label has already been created. Call back if you don’t receive it today. The warehouse and FedEx are behind because of Cyber Monday.” WTF??? OBVIOUSLY THEY AREN’T BECAUSE MY ONE OTHER ITEM GOT HERE ON TIME! Also, she said there’s no way to check if it will ship or if there’s a problem with the order, we’ll just have to wait. Thanks GH bass! 🖕



    This happens with many companies during BF/CM. The volume is just so high that it usually creates operational crises. There are also a lot of seasonal hires during this time whose primary function is just to answer a phone. They often don’t have the necessary training to actually handle anything more than a super basic question.

    Really no need to post this. What you do with your experience is up to you but even Amazon will have these sorts of problems and their entire business revolves around optimized operations.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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