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    Okay some background info, I’m 20 years old currently a sophomore in college, Hispanic. I’m having a hard time choosing my sense of style or as some people would say “aesthetic”. Some girl told me the other day that my style is all over the place.

    There are 3 styles that I love and idk if I should just stick to one or what to do, need advice,

    1st Style ; Classy

    I really love wearing sweaters, chinos, nice watches , button up shirts etc. basically looking sophisticated. I plan on buying a nice Patagonia sweater for the winter as well. I play the piano and would say I’m pretty smart.

    2nd Style: Athletic

    I also like wearing athletic like nice fitted shirts that show my muscles, Nike shorts , flyknit racers , hoodies etc. I go to the gym often and I eat healthy for the most part.

    3rd style: streetwear / thrasher look

    Finally I like the thrasher/streetwear look. Vans, flannels, vintage clothes, nice graphic tees, rip jeans etc. I like hip hop music and the whole streetwear look.

    I honestly don’t know what to do. I don’t want to be all over the place but I really like each of these styles :/



    If you can pull off all three styles then what the hell is she complaining about. Style, in my opinion, changes from situation to situation, being versatile is important.



    Your problem doesn’t sound like what you wear. Your problem is your confidence. You’re letting (supposedly) one person’s comment on how you dress lead you to question your style that you seem happy with. Then, you come on here and give us all these qualifiers like “I’m pretty smart” to justify what you wear. Why? To be frank, no one on this forum is going to say, “Nice OCBD but do you even piano?”

    Find things you like wearing and wear them because you think they look good on you. And don’t worry about it too much. It’s natural for you to let other’s comments affect you at your age, and it’s also the time where you try new things and find what you enjoy. If you still feel like you need validation or confirmation, your wardrobe sounds like the same as most of the university boys who live in my city.




    Unless you’re going between Jayden Smith and Carlton, I don’t see a problem with your look as long as you’re dressing for the occasion.



    You’re versatile, nothing wrong with that. I do the same thing. I’ll wear a suit, carhartt, and nice Jean’s with a nice button up for my every day look. Keep doing what you’re doing.



    People who work full-time tend to dress differently on the weekends.

    I think part of what might be throwing her off is that you’re a student. How do you decide what you wear on a given day? If most of the time she sees you, you’re streetwear/thrasher, and then randomly you’re in a classy mood, a lot of people get confused and ask why. Most people will understand if you just say “because I like it!” But you know, it happens.



    She is probably expecting people to only wear 1 style ever, which in my opinion is boring as hell. You better keep doing those 3 styles



    >I play the piano and would say I’m pretty smart.

    What does that have to do with style?

    Personally I have an aesthetic for each occasion, day to day tends to be preppy, nights out tend to be full blown luxe (Gucci, Balmain Dior etc.) and so forth.

    If you can rock them all, go for it.



    You’re not all over the place, you’re ecclectic. You have varied tastes. You are large, you contain multitudes.



    get a new girl



    Honestly, all of these looks sound perfectly fine, I’m female and boggled at the idea that dressing in different styles according to your mood or the occasion is something that could draw negative attention.

    There’s nothing at all wrong with wearing a ‘classy’ look one day and streetwear the next. It’s called changing it up, your girl just sounds pointlessly hung up on the idea of never doing that.



    I don’t see anything wrong or bad in your choices. Everything is situational.

    Did you ask her what she has in mind? what she would suggest? otherwise, she is only trying to troll or challenge you, or she is simply trying to be a smart ass!



    Make sure your outfits are consistent stylistically within themselves. It’s fine if you wear a sweater and chinos for one occasion and a graphic tee with athletic pants for another. But a nice sweater paired with trackpants sounds odd and hard to pull off together regardless of whether those pieces work on you independently.

    And like other people said make sure you pick a style that is appropriate to the occasion.



    Like everyone else has stated here, it’s about confidence. My friend is your age and he literally wears almost every style you could think of and pulls it off. So why not you?



    so combine them all. wear trainers with a buttoned shirt and tie and flashy sneakers. then we can all laugh. seriously dont listen to girls.

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