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    I’ve tried to search through subreddit, but haven’t found exactly about ASOS brands.

    1. What ASOS brands have good quality? Closer to “buy it for life” or expensive and stylish basics?
    2. Which are valuable for you for other reason?

    For me:

    All Saints (?). I’ve read a lot about their good quality (but never tried myself), so I just keeping in mind that this brand is from 1st category. *Sorry if it’s not really helpful, I guess I don’t know the answer, that’s why I’m here.*

    Monki. They mostly “fast fashion” quality, but I like their patterns and they are fun. I wish I knew more scandinavian brands at ASOS.

    Edit: my mistake, Monki are pretty good quality, I just owned one piece (which I quite like and happy with quality) and wasn’t sure about other pieces I saw in store. Thank you for correcting me.




    I’m not sure about BIFL, but Whistles, Paul and Joe and Reiss are all nicer quality brands on ASOS.



    Monki is actually pretty good quality in my experience – I tend to stock up whenever I’m in KL and everything I’ve bought has washed and worn super well.



    I like ASOS Premium and ASOS Salon. Also, I’ve gotten a few of their Moschino items, which are always good (to be expected).

    And A Star is Born is great for unique, show-stopping pieces. Plus, I first started buying Needle & Thread from ASOS, and their stuff is high-quality + unique. A bit pricier but worth it for special occasions.



    I own a men’s flannel from All Saints. Admittedly I didn’t buy it from ASOS though, but actually from a local thrift store. Even though its second hand it’s one of the softest pieces I own, and it feels pretty thick and durable so hopefully the quality lasts.



    I have some monki things that I bought from the store in Tokyo (it shut down unfortunately). I have a pair of loose pants and a skirt, both in the same material, that I’ve worn many many times and they have slightly faded (they’re black) but I like the way it looks. They don’t look worn to me. I also have a bodycon maxi from them in a super cute print (but also very loud so I never wear it). I’d say quality is very good for the price point.



    ASOS Design, ASOS White, Dr Denim, Reiss, All Saints, Whistles, Ted Baker (varies), Mads Norgaard, Paul and Joe, People Tree, Ghost (when in stock), Calvin Klein (basics), Free People (natural fibre pieces & bralets), Karen Millen, Barbour, Polo Ralph Lauren, 7 for All Mankind, MiH Jeans, Matt & Nat (bags).

    I shop 95% online (not just ASOS, but quite a bit on there) because of very poor health. Once you know all your sizes it gets very easy!



    For t-shirts I actually really like the ASOS design ones, “the perfect crew” is really good. In general Asos Design basics are ok.

    I’m Scandinavian, so instead of going through all the brands from Asos I love I will just mention a few of the scandi brands I know:

    I really like Cheap Monday Jeans. The rest of the clothing is not really my style but their jeans holds up very well and Dr. Denim as well!

    Mads Norgaard is really good for basic pieces and quality is great. It’s a bit pricey, but their long sleeve shirts has been a stable in my wardrobe for years! Look for sale items 🙂

    Weekday is OK qualtity as well

    I LOVE Gestuz. But they are EXPENSIVE! I normally buy the brand when it’s on sale



    People Tree. Ethical brand.



    i really like weekday, especially because they don’t ship to the us, and mango



    I have a couple of basics from Selected Femme and they are quiet nice. I also have pieces from Warehouse, like sweaters, that have lasted more than 2 years.

    Monki is a subsidary of H&M, same as with Weekday and Cheap Monday, which is also available on ASOS. I own a couple of items from Monki and Weekday and the quality is better than H&M. Though, Weekday has better quality than Monki, which focuses more on prints and trendy pieces.

    Edit: I use to be a big shopper at H&M, some of the styles (but lower quality) from Weekday can be found in H&M if you look closely. Though Weekday is probably more similar to COS and &Other Stories, which are also H&M subsidaries.



    Monki jeans are actually made of organic cotton and I have 2 pairs of their kimomo jeans. I like the cut and I think they flatter my straight figure. Also, Dr denim! I got their Nora jeans on sale and they are very comfortable (if you are into high waisted mom jeans). Selected, Vero Moda, Vila, Pieces, are all Scandinavian brands under one parent company. Selected is i believe their premium line, where the items are of better quality and a bit more expensive.



    Don’t reaaaaaally shop at ASOS all too often but the pieces that I almost always end up buying are from Reclaimed Vintage if you like that thrift store bohemian rocker chic look. It always has pretty cool trendy styling and the clothes hold up alright. One of my favorite rings is actually a Reclaimed Vintage signet ring, and the fashion Youtuber Sangiev turned me on to this really cool pussybow shirt a few years ago.

    EDIT: Ah fuck, I didn’t realize this was FMF. Not sure if Reclaimed Vintage has womenswear too but if y’all are keen on wearing mens clothes too it’ll be there lmao



    Lazy Oaf’s stuff is really nice, if you enjoy their sort of aesthetic.
    I have one of their babydoll dresses and I adore it, and it’s very well made.



    Apart from what everyone else has mentioned, I wish ASOS would stock more natural fabrics. If you search for cashmere, silk, wool etc you get very few available options and most of the ones listed are mixed. What sucks is men also have tons more options – merino wool, for example, will have hundreds of options in the men’s category but only a few dozen for women. Since this is a major way I tell whether an item of clothing is good quality, I often spend hours browsing ASOS and can’t find anything worth buying for the price point. I do enjoy searching specifically for brands like AllSaints, Whistles or checking out the ASOS White/eco collections though!

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