Has anyone ever used an online stylist or subscribed to a clothing box?

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    Hope this is the right place to post.

    I have no style experience myself and I don’t have a whole heap of money to spend but I need to put more effort into the way I dress both at work and casually. I would love the idea of sending a couple of pictures of myself away with a brief message about my likes and lifestyle and someone getting back to me with a list of clothing items they think would suit me and my body type. From there I would go onto buying whichever I liked. Alternatively, doing something similar, and having a box sent with a few items tailored to my specifications might be something I’d be interested in.

    Does anyone know if the former exists?
    I know there are boxes I can subscribe to, but do any do worldwide shipping? And does anyone have any personal reviews? All I can find are paid.




    Another vote for trunk club. I don’t use currently as I’m trying to limit my purchases but it is great for high quality clothing and stylists who listen and make recommendations….even pushing the comfort zone a bit. I splurged on a few timeless pieces and great fitting jeans that I’m so happy about.



    I’ve used both stitch fix and trunk club. I prefer trunk club. I find that being able to message my stylist leads to a better box. Both stitch fix and trunk club had mixed quality and price points with trunk club bring slightly higher. I do like that trunk club let’s me see the items and price first so I can either ask my stylist to switch it out for something more affordable, or deside to try it on anyway.



    I’ve just signed up to TryTuesday.com by M&S. Nothing physical, all online suggestions. I’ve liked my suggestions so far but the boxes for explaining rejections are way too limited so I worry that the stylist won’t properly understand why I truly said no. That’s the one major flaw imo. But it’s a good starting point.



    I’ve used le tote and the thredUP goody boxes. Le tote was helpful to get me started and try items outside of my comfort zone. The idea is that you wear items and send them them back, there’s no pressure to buy anything (then they clean everything and send them to someone else. For every wear, the price of the item goes down substantially). The monthly subscription is pricey but if I was diligent, I could get 3-4 boxes/month. I liked it because I was given suggestions but ultimately chose what went into the box. I bought most items during their awesome seasonal sales, since I had tried it on already, I was sure about my purchasing decisions.
    I’ve had one thredUP goody box. I requested work shirts but they also sent 2 pairs of pants, which was all I ended up keeping. I like the sustainability aspect and prices. I’ll definitely request another one.



    I have tried a few. I prefer Trunk Club, but have tried Stitch Fix, Dia and Co, and MM.LaFleur.

    I started with Stitch Fix, but after several “fixes” that were the opposite of my taste I don’t use them often. My stylist changed so many times that none of them ever really got to know what I liked and disliked. I was also dissatisfied with the quality of the clothing they sent me. I have a couple of pieces that they sent me that I adore and still use, but most of them didn’t last more than a season. This is a huge problem for me because I prefer classic styles that should last me years. Stitchfix was cheaper than Trunk Club, but it was a case of you get what you pay for.

    I was massively disappointed with Dia and Co. I’m on the cusp of plus size. I can shop in both regular stores and plus sizes stores. Dia and Co sent me a bunch of shapeless garments that were so thin you could see through them. Additionally the stitching was fraying before I even took them out of the box. I only tried them once, the experience was that bad. I’m fat, but that doesn’t mean that my body has no definition and I want to wear a tent.

    MM.LaFleur had really great customer service, but their clothes were just not worth the money to me. I did not want to spend a couple hundred dollars on a basic sheath dress that wasn’t lined (meaning I’d need to pay a tailor to put in a lining). The clothing was fine, but I could get the same for much cheaper elsewhere. I did love their Jardigan though. If you work in a corporate office those really are great, and not something that I’d seen elsewhere.

    Finally, I really like Trunk Club. I’ve had the same stylist for a couple of years now and she gets me. There are some duds in boxes, but I’ve bought the entire trunk from her more than once. She actually listens to feedback, and on the rare occasion that I like less than half the trunk she volunteers to send me a new one and waives the styling fee for it. We just had a three box journey to find me some work pants that actually worked for me (not her fault, I have the worst track record with work pants). She’s sent me boxes for work, one for my honeymoon, casual dress, weddings, and holiday parties. I’m very happy with the service I get from her.



    I’m a personal shopper/virtual stylist. I do this for a living! Dm me and I’ll do all the legwork for you!

    I have tried almost every “closet in a box” just to test them out and I have mixed feelings. I know I’m a little biased, but I think that they’re not usually worth the money. I know how they hire stylists and often they’re just entry level girls that may have worked retail, why not everything is on point for you. Trunk club is the best so far; they have a far more intensive screening process and training.



    I tried Stitchfix and was not impressed at all with their attention to what I said in my initial style quiz. I don’t really wear tank tops and requested only items with sleeves. I got a tank top in every box.

    I also was not sure how closely they followed my pinterest. I really tried to update it with things I liked and would change the caption to something like “love this top, hate the pants” and I ended up with a lot of different torn or frayed jeans even though I had called out specifically that I didn’t like them. So I think they just look at the pictures.

    Essentially, I just didn’t feel listened to. In a custom style box that was my priority and I gave up on it after four boxes.

    This was also before my breast reduction though, so I will fully admit that it was difficult to size items and I had a lot of image issues. My experience may be different now!



    I’ve tried Rent the Runway (the smaller tier subscription) and it was lovely for a while. But at $100/month it was hard to maintain and always heartbreaking to send items back.



    I used Stitchfix and the results were mixed. I did a write up about it a while back on this subreddit. From what I’ve been told, the more boxes you get, the better they get so long as you’re detailed in your feed back and preferences.




    I’ve done Trunk Club and Dia & Co. When I did Trunk Club, I kept an average of one item per box. It was a little out of my price point. After six trunks and having a high turnover rate of stylists, I felt like I wasn’t getting what I was aiming for, so I gave up. Dia & Co was much closer to my price point, and there were more variety and more options.



    I tried Stitch Fix. After doing their survey I really thought they should be able to get some interesting pieces. They sent me:

    – A denim jacket that was nearly identical to the one I had mentioned I wear a lot (so I need two?).

    – I mentioned that I don’t need any sleeveless tops, so they sent a tank top.

    – A boring overpriced mall quality graphic t, pass.

    – Some cute, but really overpriced, pleather leggings.

    – Some other boring piece I can’t remember, and some really cheap-looking jewelry.

    Despite that, I tried a second box with similar results. They did send one pair of jeans I really liked and I bought them, but they were overpriced.

    To me the quality doesn’t justify the price and the stuff they picked wasn’t anything special. I cancelled.

    I was told be someone that worked there that the styling is done by interns for the first two boxes. After that an algorithm takes over.

    I’m intrigued by Wishi (styling only, no box) but dread taking all the photos of my wardrobe. Has anyone tried them?



    Is this like a weekly thread now?



    I do Trunk Club by Nordstrom. My stylist gets about 1/3 of the items dead on when I look at the trunk, then I go in and reject a few and give reasons. The trunk I actually receive is usually about 1/2 dead on for me. I always end up loving things I did not expect to love, which I guess is the point of a stylist.



    I use Stitchfix and I love, love, love it. I’ve been getting a box a month for about a year now and my stylist gets it mostly right. I keep my Pinterest page mostly updated and it definitely shows that she looks at it. There have definitely been a couple misses, but in general, I get a box of things that a) look like something I’d pick out in stores, so I love it, or b) look nothing like I’d pick out, I try it on, and I end up loving it. Solid 9/10, highly recommend.



    I tried Stitch Fix and didn’t love it. I think I ended up with a couple of great scarves after three attempts, which certainly isn’t *nothing,* but it’s not what I was hoping for.

    ThredUP has something called a Goody Box. It operates pretty similarly to Stitch Fix: give them your preferences and they’ll send you a box of stuff. Try it all on, send back what you don’t want. The box is huge, too, with something like 15 items. They had a 50% hit rate with me, and it was great stuff. It’s all second hand, and ThredUP is good about only taking quality items, so it’s sustainable too!



    I’ve done Stichfix and while my stylist is very good, I just can’t get over how bad the quality of the clothing is for the price. It’s like H&M marked up an extra $60-$80.



    I haven’t tried any clothing box myself but Safiya Nygaard has a pretty good (and objective) review video on Youtube. When I need fashion ideas or when I need to figure out how to match some items, I go on Pinterest. There are some mood board kind of things that can be very helpful. Maybe you can give it a try and see if it helps?



    I’ve used Trunk Club for the past 2.5 years, and it’s been pretty great. I’ve been able to set my price points. My stylist got promoted to be a manager, so I have a new one, but she caught onto my style and often sends me great stuff. I used Stitch Fix like 6 years ago, but I felt like I got not great quality items for a lot of money, so I haven’t done it in years.

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