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    Has anyone found that clothing line or brand where everything in your size fits beautifully? I think I’ve finally found mine and it is Boden.



    This isn’t a brand per se, but my holy grail department store that have their own store brand, Simons. 😭 love that place



    Rag & Bone and Vince. It all fits so well. Everything from blazers to jeans to boots just fits me. The sizing is consistent, the quality is outstanding, and I can always find good sales at the end of the season.



    As a store and for their house brands, Aritzia. Easily half of my casual clothes and definitely more than half of my workwear is from Wilfred or their other lines.

    I tend to avoid their super on-trend stuff and go for more classic pieces and I’ve been really pleased with how long it lasts. Although their look is tall and willowy, even as a shorter and more athletically framed person, it fits me great.



    Aritzia. For some reason their clothing is flattering on me (short, chubby, “apple shape”), quality is quite good and fit is consistent. I’ll spend hours in the store trying on clothes and wanting to buy most of it which might be a problem because my overflowing wardrobe is mostly aritzia. Love how the style is contemporary and clean but fits a range of ages (my mom adores the brand and gets all her friends into it).



    Topshop petite section. It’s so hard to find office clothes for a 5’2” person who has short legs. I’m not insanely skinny or anything (110 pounds) but it’s sooo hard to find business clothes that aren’t too big and I hate getting things tailored. Plus they have so many different cool styles of pants so I don’t get bored dressing in the standard business casual wear.



    Margaret Howell is my personal HG (I talk about her clothes up and down this sub). Granted, everything she makes is supposed to fit a little oversized so it’s easy enough for me to buy the smallest size and run with it, but all my sweaters and tops from MH drape so beautifully and never look like I’m drowning in fabric. The one MH skirt I have also fits like a glove.



    I hate saying this but… Everlane. Its not that I don’t like Everlane! Just with all the marketing, I feel like there’s a certain kind of person who’s into Everlane. I mean the brick and mortar stores give you boxes of water while you wait for the dressing room, lol.

    But honestly, their shoes are So Good. I have the day heels and the day gloves and they are both so so comfortable. I typically don’t wear flats because I’m on the shorter side but the silhouette of the day gloves make me look so Long! Also their cropped straight leg pants are the most comfortable pants I own, even more so than Uniqlo Jeggings / smart ankle pants. Theyre really substantial, a beautiful color, they keep their shape (no stretching or shrinking), they are LITERALLY SO PERFECT. And at $68 a pair theyre so so so worth it.

    I think that’s the thing with everlane. Theyre definitely not cheap, but for the quality you are getting I think it’s most definitely worth it. The way I see it is jeans/shoes/tops at UO and TopShop cost that much and the quality is still a toss up. At Everlane I feel like I’m getting products that cost ~$50 less than what theyre supposed to be tbh.

    Ive gone back to the store near my work 4 times now in the last 2 weeks. It’s a problem!!!



    Madewell jeans always fit me perfectly!



    Cloth and stone, for shirts and dresses. I usually find them at Marshall’s but Anthropologie carries it as well.

    Still haven’t found my holy grail jeans….



    Maybe not a holy grail, but Uniqlo was a revelation for me with all of the high quality basics.



    I might be biased because it’s also totally my style, but LL Bean is pretty spot-on for fit. I do like my clothes to be fitted but not tight, and I feel that LL Bean delivers that season after season. They’re also really consistent in terms of sizing – I feel confident ordering my usual size online, and rarely have to return things because of sizing issues. Eddie Bauer too, for the same reasons. I really like my outdoorsy-leaning basics and flattering cardigans that are actually warm.

    The caveat here is pants. While I love my LL Bean flannel lined jeans for our frigid New England winters, I’m still staunchly in the skinny jeans camp, and LL Bean doesn’t really deliver on that front. J. Crew and Gap have picked up the slack there. In fact, J. Crew is a pretty good fit (and style match) for me for work clothes, whereas LL Bean and Eddie Bauer are my go-tos for casual clothing.



    Seychelles shoes, the fit and style are impeccable.



    Loft/Ann Taylor Petites
    My favorite dresses and jeans are from Loft, and Ann Taylor slacks/blazers are awesome!
    (I wouldn’t call it my holy grail because not everything from the above mentioned stores fit, but it’s pretty close!)



    If I had to choose one, probably Madewell. I order a lot from them (free returns!) and there have definitely been items that fit badly, but for the most part they fit well (quality is a little lax sometimes).

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