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    I always wear blue jeans. to work, on dates, cleaning the yard, welding on the jeep, hunting…. About the only time I don’t wear jeans is when I’m wearing shorts or when I’m skiing.

    Recently one of the podcasts I listen to has started advertising mugsy jeans. Initially the read through my host had said something like “these are the most comfortable jeans I have…” then he stops and says he can’t say that. he hasn’t worn them and the whole read through turned into this thing about how mugsy claims they’re such and such but the host won’t go on record to say they are that until he has bought a pair and tried them. Well, apparently he did because he seems to talk good about them now (like a month later).

    At any rate, the ads are starting to work on me I guess. I’m starting to think maybe I should try these out. The host of this podcast has said something along the lines of “they’re like sweatpants, but jeans” which seems to melt my brain. How can they be both? It makes no sense to me. So I’m hoping someone here has worn a pair of these, or something similar, and can tell me if these things look like jeans, are comfortable, and what the downsides might be before I drop my $100+ on some.

    Thank you to anyone who can help out.



    I wouldn’t buy these personally. They seem to be run of the mill stretch denim available in select colors and only one fit. At a much lower price, I’ve heard good things about Uniqlo and American Eagle’s stretch denim. AE has quite a few different cuts which should help you get jeans which fit your body better. On the higher end I have some Naked and Famous stretch denim which is quite nice, and made in Canada from Japanese denim. Bottom line, look for denim with an elastic/cotton blend. The higher the composition of elastic, the stretchier they’ll be.

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