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    What did you like or not like about it? I’m in Canada so some of the other subs are not available here.



    Oh, I can answer this one! I actually just subscribed to the Style Plan this week. I live on the east coast so I don’t have access to any Frank and Oak stores. What really appealed to me is when you’re on the Style Plan, shipping for EVERYTHING is free.

    I was in Montreal last month and purchased a couple items from Frank and Oak, and I’ve been really impressed with them and had already decided I wanted to purchase more (same shirt, more colours!)

    I signed up for the Style Plan on September 9th at about 3am (lol) and the choices for my box were available on September 10th at 3am. I didn’t go with any of the items they chose for me though!

    The items they had chosen for me were:

    * [The Grant Pleated Pant in Grey](https://www.frankandoak.com/product/82-2210123-109/the-grant-pleated-pant-in-grey) – It was this style pants but I’m not 100% certain this was this colour. It was grey though
    * [Organic Cotton Washed “Boy” T-Shirt in Light Purple](https://www.frankandoak.com/product/80-2120063-644/organic-cotton-washed–boy–t-shirt-in-light-purple)
    * [Corduroy Pinafore in Pale Red](https://www.frankandoak.com/product/82-2510147-3BF/corduroy-pinafore-in-pale-red)

    There were 12 other items to choose from plus 3 pairs of jeans, so I ended up getting:

    * [Organic Cotton Washed “Boy” T-Shirt in Dark Teal](https://www.frankandoak.com/product/82-2120063-4CQ/) – This is the item I 100% knew I wanted. I prefer jewel tones, so I picked this one over the purple. They did have this same shirt available in a few different colours. As an aside, I hate crew necks but this is the comfiest shirt I’ve ever worn. Highly recommend!
    * [The Debbie High-Waisted Skinny Jean in Navy](https://www.frankandoak.com/product/80-2210124-400/) – I knew I wanted to try their jeans so I went with this since I can return them for free.

    I picked my items on the morning of the 10th at about 10am, my box shipped at about 2:30pm and arrived to me today (the 12th.) Overall I was VERY impressed with the shipping time. It should also be noted that you get a discount on EVERYTHING in the shop when you are on the style plan. I ended up buying another t-shirt and a shirt for my SO (he tried on mine and said it was super comfy so I got him the male version) and shipping was free. I got the same discount I would have gotten if they were part of my style plan box.

    Basically, it was worth it for me because I already knew I wanted to make a $25 purchase, and one of the items I wanted was likely to be an item available in the box. I will probably stay subscribed for another month or two to acquire more shirts.

    I am keeping the shirt (which was slightly more than $25) and sending back the jeans because their jean sizing runs a little small – they say it’s sized as a “comfort fit” so the 27″ jeans have a 28″ waist. I did not find this to be the case, I usually buy a 27″/4 and these jeans I couldn’t even button up. So I’d size up in the jeans if you are considering them!



    I, too, wonder about this. Also in Canada. A lot of the review I’ve read online seem quite positive, but it’s hard to gauge if those are honest or not. I’ve been curious because for the most part I quite like what F&O curate in their shops.



    I haven’t been getting them for long, but so far I’m a fan. The quality of the clothing is good and I like that you have a little more control over what’s in your box, they select 3 items but have a selection you can switch out if you don’t like what they’ve picked (you also don’t have to get three items, you can only do one or two or add more if you like). I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of the items I’ve gotten over the past few months. I haven’t returned anything yet, probably because I’ve been able to have more say over what I’ve gotten, so I can’t speak to that. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has a more minimalist style or needs help building up a good wardrobe of basics



    I found the fit rather baggy and the pieces not particularly to my taste. Also they didn’t stick to my “budget”.

    My biggest criticism though is that the profile process is literally two questions.



    I tried it. The quality of clothing is not commensurate with the price, so I returned everything. The style/fit is pretty good though. I’d only buy on 50% off sale. Do not recommend



    My co-worker tried it, and liked it, the only comment was some of the pieces were not the best quality.



    At this point most of my shirts are from Frank and Oak. I don’t have the style plan but I live in Toronto so I shop there a lot. I love the style of their more casual clothes and I highly recommend them. The reason I don’t do the style plan is I get a 20% discount through work and it’s more of a discount than I would get through the plan. It just makes more sense to buy things I like when I see them.



    I tried it but found it to be weird that they charge you for everything up front. Other plans I’ve tried charge you for only the styling fee and after you try on the items, you select which ones you’re keeping and are charged only for those. Also, you can switch out items, but at least when I did it, you couldn’t switch out between any item, it was a limited selection. There is a discount on each item….but you’re also charged a styling fee. And the discount isn’t very much. I’m just not sure the math works out to be a better deal for the customer, and being charged up front makes it feel less like an at home try on and more like just a regular order. Like, my dumb lizard brain finds it much harder to part with shit I’ve already paid for, vs shit I’m just trying on.



    Did anyone have an odd experience? I signed up last night after seeing this post and haven’t got any emails



    I did because I initially liked quite a few of their pieces but ended up canceling after 4 months of skipping because the styles got so boring. Customer service was ok but not great – they were responsive but they would occasionally refund me the wrong amount for returns (eventually they would resolve it if I contacted them) or have multiple listings of final sale items and fail to mark one but not the other leading to some confusion.



    It is crazy expensive and it’s almost impossible to opt out of their style plan. I can’t remove my payment method from their website either, so they accidentally charged me $300 last month (for THREE items), even though I thought I had unsubscribed from their service. I wish had never signed up – way more trouble than it is worth.

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