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    I want to get custom made shoes, beautiful shoes, like the Stuart Weitzman 5050 but made for my buniony feet. Have any of you had experience with getting a custom made item? Shoes or otherwise?



    After a lot of research I went to an Indochino showroom and got measured for a suit. Currently waiting for it to come in for a second fitting. I can report on the outcome when it’s final but my experience at the showroom was super positive.



    I had my old silver jewelry that was broken or childish melted into a thick solid silver bangle by a local silversmith. Love it! Also got clothes tailored for me from self purchased silk that I’ve brought from India.



    I’ve had a pair of bespoke boots made as I have orthotics that I wear daily.
    I live in Australia and I wanted a long term pair of boots that are a wardrobe staple rather than a fashion pair that doesn’t last.
    I ended up ordering a custom pair from the US. I went through their website and choose style/colour/sole/extras/lining then selected the option for custom sizing. They posted out some forms that I had to complete. They had good instructions that my partner was able to follow to take the required measurements. I posted it back off to the company who made my boots and shipped them out.
    When I received them they fit like a glove and I barely had an issues with breaking them in. I normally have a few issues with new shoes.
    I’ve owned them for about 2 years. I’ve travelled in them and wore them when doing 20km days wandering around the city and had no issues. I would order again but unfortunately they mainly do boots or men’s shoes/boots.



    I got a pair of custom riding boots (actual riding boots, not fashion) when I was in Bolivia because they were the same cost as getting mid range riding boots in the states, but I would wear them out so quickly because of my bunions. The woman traced my foot and noted to add extra room around my bunions. I got to pick the colors of the boots and the trim, and a few weeks later they were ready. I get compliments literally at every horse show where I wear them, but I’d say that the leather is probably not the highest quality, as it’s wrinkled a tiny bit at the calf. I save the boots for shows and special events, but they fit so well that I wear them as fashion a few times a year too.



    I don’t think this is technically bespoke, but I had an etsy tailor make a coat to my measurements. I absolutely loved it – wool coat that went all the way down to my boots and accomodated my broad shoulders very comfortably even when I was wearing layers. It had a big hood that covered my big head and could go all the way down to my nose.

    My friend’s teased me for looking a bit Assassins Creed, but it was so warm and cozy and perfect for my move to Scandanavia from the US south. I had never gotten anything made to measurments before this coat and now I want everything to be made to measurments! It’s more expensive but very worth it!



    I’ve had over a dozen bespoke pieces of clothing made. I found a local designer and have worked with him to design and make everything from my wedding dress, to pencil skirts, tops, and cocktail dresses. I have to pick up a batch of stuff from him in the next few weeks. He’s got a pussy bow blouse, wide leg trousers, a dressier scoop neck tank, and a pencil skirt. Plus a few off the rack items I needed tailored.

    I love my bespoke stuff.

    Edit: [here’s a link to an album of stuff he’s made](https://imgur.com/a/OoptFiD)

    Re-edited and lost my call outs to other posters. Tagging posters so they can see the album link, sorry to tag you twice I don’t know what happened. u/mondaynightsucked u/psicose12 u/zivjoli u/angryglitter u/emarginategills



    Yes, once a year when I was a child.

    My mother (who can sew) would design and assemble completely one-of-a-kind eveningwear that I could wear indoors or outdoors while calling on neighbors. They were so impressed they would give me candy in return for modelling this year’s outfit, which was heavily influenced by modern or pop culture.

    Real answer: fuck no, I wish. If anyone has some links, start dropping them.



    My wedding dress was made to measure, bespoke, couture dress. My husband had his wedding suit also bespoke designed for him and made to measure. BEST things we have ever worn, just superb and made us feel fabulous



    I had a bespoke wool peacoat made a few years ago. It was great to have something that actually fit my shoulders, but I never ended up wearing it that much because my lifestyle changed quite a bit over the next couple of years, and it just isn’t that practical anymore. It’s this beautiful grey coat with a vibrant blueish purple silk lining. It lives in my closet now, sadly.



    My husband went to Shanghai a couple of years ago and worked with someone there to have some custom things made for both of us. Since I wasn’t with him, I sent my measurements and had four dresses and two coats made. They are nice and fit great, but I didn’t know as much about fabrics back then so if I were to do it again I’d insist on better materials. I don’t think the prices were worth it for the materials they used. My husband had a couple of suits made for himself, though, and those are fabulous.

    I did recently discover the wonders of tailoring, though, and I’m a bit obsessed. I go to thrift stores and then take my finds to the woman who altered my wedding dresses. I was shocked by how affordable her prices are. Every time I take a new piece to her I have to stop myself from literally bundling up everything else I own and taking it, too. I converted my husband, too, but he did look at me funny when I told him that celebrities always look so good because they have their t-shirts tailored and perhaps we should do the same.



    I have had a few things made (a dress and two skirts). They fit like a dream (or used to, pre-pregnancy) but they didn’t turn out exactly like I thought they would. The tailor and I discussed beforehand of course, but it’s ultimately her understanding that determines the outcome. In a way I’m more happy with items I’ve made myself, even though I’m far less skilled.



    I’ve had a bunch of costumes made for me when I was doing theatre productions. It’s always exciting to arrive for a fitting for some over-the-top sparkly gown, but then they tell you you’ve got to dance in it!

    I got my wedding dress made, which was a really fun experience. The designer was a friend of mine and we had fun picking the lace and the tulle and what not. Plus my dress reflected my own tastes way more than anything I tried on.

    Finally, when I was in Vietnam, I had a dress made for me there. It cost me around €40 with the fabric and was ready the next day. I’ve lost about 12-15 kilos since then so I’m not sure how the fit still looks. I can’t say the process was the most fun ever since I couldn’t understand what was being said half the time.



    Yes, I lived in the Philippines and pretty much HAD to get my clothing made for me, as I was tall and a size 14. There was a brand-name outlet store so I would buy a Gap skirt or whatever, and then go and buy fabric (fabric stores/stalls were everywhere, I wish I had bought and shipped home way more fabric there) and give the garment to the seamstress and she’d copy it. Occasionally I’d stop in for a fitting and it was fun. They could copy stuff from photos too so I’d bring in photos. Over the years, I did pass on many of my custom-made stuff because it was very feminine, tropical, and whimsical, and just didn’t fit my lifestyle anymore. I kept a couple pieces that I really loved, just to have them around, though.

    I also had them make underpants out of older tee shirts, again, I wish I had done this so much more!

    It was pretty cheap, way, way cheaper than it would have been in the US, and many people swear by having stuff made overseas, including suits or wedding dresses, etc.



    I’ve got had anything made outright, but I’ve taken several items from the thrift store/Local op shop to get tailored or heavily modified to my liking and it was the best thing I’ve ever done! It’s very cost effective as well.



    I’ve ordered a ton of stuff off of Etsy according to my measurements, but I’m not sure that counts. It still makes me feel hella sophisticated and adult though 🙂



    Yes, started out with a Ren-faire costume, liked the lady’s work and moved on to everyday dresses and tops, still shy to pull the trigger on a luxurious winter coat (looking at $1000+ just for the fabrics I want to use).

    Also commissioned some gorgeous leather accessories from artisans I found on r/leatherclassifieds

    For shoes, would it be practical for you to get just custom-shaped insoles?



    …if there is a place to get custom shoes for buniony feet…. please do share!




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