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    Hey guys,


    I’ve been browsing this sub for a while now looking for inspiration to hone my college wardrobe. So far I think I have a good idea on what is recommended such as basic tees, dark/light washed jeans, a few simple sweaters etc. The problem is that I feel like I am wearing leisurewear more often than not and simply because it’s light enough to handle the daily heat where I live in SoCal. I have a few pair of jeans but only limit to wearing them at night when the weather has cooled down. Do you guys have any recommendations on what bottoms specifically, I could pick up so that I don’t look like I just rolled out of bed everyday yet also is airy enough to keep the sweat off my legs? I was thinking of looking at cotton or twill chinos. I also skate around campus and workout daily meaning I have a somewhat big thigh to calf ratio so if there are any recommendations to chinos that aren’t skin tight it would be much appreciated. Thanks! For reference, I am a 28×29 502 on Levis.



    Try wearing some light weight button downs(white, light pink, baby blue, lavender) and roll up the sleeves, you can wear them with chinos and slim fit jeans. Also, you can get a few well fitting polos to dress things up while still being casual. Another cool combo since you live in a hot place is wearing a t shirt with a light weight jacket over like a bomber, denim jacket, or windbreaker. Flannels are a good way to stand out while still looking young in these falls months.



    Lightweight chinos are great, just get them in a regular/relaxed fit if you have big thighs, and if you want a more narrow taper near the ankle you can always get that done at a tailor. Also, on the more casual side of things, you can always rock some well-fitting joggers for a more athleisure kind of style. Depends on the vibe you’re going for 🙂



    I think the others have already hit on it, but def lightweight chinos made of natural materials. A standard chino is somewhat heavy. A leightweight is perfect. Jeans just hold heat in so i would stay away from them if it is still brutal out.



    If you buy t-shirts ALWAYS buy muscle t-shirts. Even tho you don’t workout. This removes the weird way the sleeve hangs out from you arm when you have your arms all the way to the body. The sleeve is a bit tighter to your arms. That means people can’t see your arm hair when you stick your hand in the air. Then just get skinny jeans and a pair of white or black Converse. You can always buy long sleeve t-shirt for the winter like iam using right now

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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