Help , i am a guy , i have a short leg and long torso , what kind of fashion that fit my short leg to makes it appear longer? thanks

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    Help , i am a guy , i have a short leg and long torso , what kind of fashion that fit my short leg to makes it appear longer? thanks



    High-waisted trousers may be a good option. I’m pretty sure there’s a great article about them on [here](, but I can’t seem to find it… /u/theteenagegentleman, care to refresh my memory?



    The biggest issue that comes with stubby legs is that you’re often forced to buy pants off the rack that are too long, since most brands do not sell pants with a shorter than 30” inseam. So beyond any smoke and mirror tricks to make your legs look longer, it’s important to make sure that all your pants are hemmed properly so that you don’t have pools of fabric around your feet.

    I get a half break for chinos/wool trousers and just below a full break for jeans. I’m not really self-conscious about my proportions, which I can’t change, but I used to wear pants that were too long because I wanted to convince myself that as an average height guy the shortest inseam pants should just fit. I also think that wearing pants with no break just draws attention to my stubby legs, which is why I like the half break, little-bit-of-sock-while-walking look.



    How long is your other leg?



    Get well fitted pants, either hemmed by a tailor or custom.



    Wear fitted pants or jeans and try to pair these with chukkas or boots. You don’t want to roll up or cuff the pants or do cropped pants because it creates the illusion that you will have wider stubbier feet. You want the pants legs to go over the shaft of the boot never inside you don’t want to be able to see your socks EVER, (if you are not wearing chukkas) because this will shorten your legs. Also avoid lighter colors. Dark colors such as navy, dark brown and blue will help lengthen the legs. Tapered fit at your feet is the most important part



    For warmer weather, I’d say wear shorts with a shorter inseam, if that’s something you’re comfortable with. I’d also consider getting some well-fitting button-down shirts that tuck easily. You can always buy pants with a higher waist and tuck your shirt in, as long as the shirt doesn’t bag too much around the middle.



    Dark colored boots may help. Just make sure you wear your pants over the shaft of the boot instead of having them stop at the opening.



    Wearing black socks with black pants (or white with white if you’re into that) is an easy trick



    have similar problem, I wear black pants with black boots



    You’re in luck, quite a few things you can try and check in the mirror. High waisted trousers. Hem for no or minimum break. Do not cuff your pants. Wear shorter inseam shorts that end a few inches above the knee. Slim fit to skim the form of your legs, not wide and not skinny. Wear bottoms with a slightly lighter colour than your top but avoid obvious colour blocking. If you want to use very different shades and colours between these two garments, either tuck in your shirt or use shirts with a shorter hem. Use shoes that have a similar colour or shade to your pants, avoid stark contrasts here



    Other than high-waisted trousers, I’d say jeans should be slim all the way down, and not pool/stack around your shoe. Not contrasting too much between your pants and shoes will help too – black jeans + black shoes for example.



    Michael Phelps?



    Same problem, and people have been giving the right suggestions. Go with cropped/no break high waisted trousers. I’ve found that having them cropped (for casual wear) makes your legs seem longer.

    High rise trousers tend to be more expensive though, so a good midpoint is your usual mall brands. Gap is about the lowest rise I’ll go (it’s just about a medium) and JCrew’s 770 cut, as well as BR’s Aiden, are both true midrise pants. Uniqlo pants will be a no go for you; aside from some eccentric cuts, UNIQLO loves putting low rises on all of their pants, even their trousers, for some bizarre reason.

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