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    So, I have bad anxiety about really arbitrary things. Not the worst anxiety, but enough that my heart starts racing and my day is thrown off. One of those is clothes storage!

    My family never really taught me how to do things, my mother just went in and did them, so I really don’t have a good foundation for storage. I fold my jeans based on how my ex did, and shirts I kind of just form into a semi flat square-rectangle. I’ve been on my own and I found a system I’m not in love with, but works enough.

    And then, we went into my moms storage unit for clothes and now I have a thousand new pieces in two trash bags. It’s triggering the two years post divorce where my mother broke down, bought a ton of stuff, and left it all on the ground at the house- it was really disgusting.

    I’m at capacity for clothes but honestly do not own that much clothing- I often donate pieces that I don’t use anymore and try to stick to stuff that “sparks joy”. So I know that I in theory have the space. I just don’t think I know how to put it away, smart trick, etc. I plan on donating some of the clothes once I figure out which ones I love and which I don’t, but please share any tricks/set ups you might have!



    I made a [closet organization guide](https://www.reddit.com/r/femalefashionadvice/comments/3hm5tm/closet_organization_updated/) a while back. Hopefully it can still be helpful.



    I have mine color coded. From white to darkest in tops.

    Dresses are separate from them. They are white to dark but sleeveless are separated from sleeved ones

    My proudest organization in my closet is my shoes though. I have them all in plastic clear shoe containers that you can buy from walmart. with a photo of the shoe in the box on the front so I can just grab the container of the shoe I want. I don’t have to dig through shoe boxes etc. my dressy shoes are separated from my sneakers and vans. Those are in a shoe cubby that hangs from my closet shelves. They are color coded as well.

    I do eventually want to get those velvet hangers for all my clothes.

    Also I have a 3X3 storage cubby container against one wall that you can buy from target that has a cloth basket that holds my scarves and hoodies and my sweaters that need to be folded. Plus it acts as a counter for my jewelry box and stand. Hanging above that are these wooden plaques that have 3 jeweled knobs that I have my longer necklaces hanging from.

    It’s all so I can grab and go 😊



    Organizing my closet is a favorite hobby of mine! As someone else mentioned, I also organize by color and hang all my tops by sleeve length and style. Generally my pants are folded on a shelf, along with t-shirt’s and lounge pants/leggings. Shoes are in cubbys or a shoe rack on the floor, and swapped out seasonally. (I store off-season clothes in our guest bedroom.) My dresser is just for undergarments, socks, tights, scarves, misc that’s too difficult to fold! And I have a scarf hanger from Ikea that hangs on the wall but I use it for camisoles and tank tops.

    One trick I learned a few years ago was to hang all your clothes with the hangers “backwards” (the hook facing towards you) and anytime you wear an item, to hang it the correct way (hook facing away) so that at the end of the season/year you can see what you actually never wore. This has been a big help for me to let go of pieces I love on the hanger, but for one reason or another, have never worn it out of the house.

    Happy organizing!



    I have almost everything I own hung in my closet. It’s all organized by type(dresses, blazers, pants, long sleeve tops, short sleeve tops, etc), and most of my clothes work well together. I allso try to get an outfit picked out the day before and usually have a backup in case I absolutely hate it in the morning.



    I have a closet and a dresser. My dresser has under clothing(socks/underwear) in one drawer, tee shirts in another, and jeans/structured pants in another. Folded kondo style.
    My work/dressy/sweaters/dresses/skirts/linen pants are all hung.
    In order pants/skirts, sleeveless, short sleeved, long sleeves, sweaters, blazers, dresses, sweatshirts, winter jackets. Within each section is organized by color of the rainbow.

    I keep all of my clothing out at all times(I live in a climate with a solid 4 seasons).
    Every time I put laundry away I think about what I’ve been wearing and about once a month I might sort out things I haven’t been wearing to be put in the guest bedroom for a few months-if I haven’t worn them the next time I bring something there they get donated.
    I have been moving once a year for awhile, so ever time I move I purge some, when I was more settled I did it every spring/fall.(when I pull out the bin of winter hats/when they get put away)



    Well,exactly half my clothes are neatly folded away into the drawers or hung in the closet, and the other half seems to be constantly on the floor in on chairs even though i gave away like 3 bags of clothes. I think they might be breeding or something. All my winter hats are missing even though i put them away in the same bag as the winter scarfs and I have all of those.

    Anyways I find folding them immediately after pulling them from the dryer is best as well as making sure you have a surplus or coat hooks to put up stuff. I separate work/casual/formal things into their own drawers, all pants have their own spots too.



    I live in Manhattan where space is a huge commodity and unfortunately I’m not privileged enough to even have a closet in my room lol.

    I’ve worked out a fairly good system for space saving but not necessarily crazy organized. I have a wall mounted rod instead of a clothing rack that stands upright from the floor to save space. I put all of my dresses and shirts on there. Directly underneath my shirts/dresses, I have a 3 tiered shoe rack to kill two birds with one stone. Right next to that combo I have a coat rack to hang all of my coats and purses. I have a dresser on another wall but that’s for more casual/workout clothes. Under my bed I keep two big suitcases and twice a year I switch out my wardrobe from spring/summer to fall/winter. I need to get around to doing it soon since it’s getting colder now.



    I’m literally taking a break from reorganizing my closet as we speak. My ex and I broke up and I suddenly have a whole closet and 6 drawer dresser to myself which is more than I’ve ever had. Right now I’m sorting my closet by type and redoing my drawers in a way that makes things more accessible.

    I haven’t figured out what to do with really seasonal pieces though and would appreciate advice. I used to change my closet seasonally but have enough space for everything now. Some items are SO summery/wintery that it feels like visual clutter to keep them out year round. I mean pieces with no transitional ability, clothes I won’t wear till next spring. I know the danger in squirreling clothes away, but I’m dissatisfied seeing such a full closet.

    Any advice?



    I just finally unpacked my closet after moving into my apartment almost 2 years ago. I have always been this way and I learned a few years ago that I have suffered from ADHD and it’s part of the reason why I can’t make decisions like how to organize my clothes and end up throwing everything in the floor.

    I have too much stuff and a lot of space to put it. I have two rooms for myself in my house. I have a vanity type dresser with six drawers in my bedroom and a stand up dresser, and an exposed two level eight shelf rack in my other room that I call my closet. Each room has a small closet in it as well.

    I’m at work now, but I can share picture later if anyone is interested. This system has greatly improved my life and makes me very happy and relaxed.

    The first thing I did was take all of my clothes and sort them into piles on the floor based on that they are. t-shirts, shorts, jeans, work tops, dresses etc. This was a good way to visualize what I had and I was able to get rid of things pretty quickly I had 5 pairs of black jeans, and there was no way I needed all of them.

    The next thing I did was separate my clothes into season and put my summer stuff away into bins. This further eliminated the amount of clothes that I actually needed to deal with.

    Once that was done I started to think about how I wanted to make my closet functional and what clothes I wanted to keep in my bedroom vs my closet. Then I took post it notes and labeled each drawer and shelf. What I came up with in the end ended up working out very well.

    In my bedroom I have six drawers:

    The top two on the left are for paperwork that I need to keep, like bills and manuals for things I own.

    The bottom left is for pajamas

    The top right is for socks and underwear

    The middle right is for bras

    The bottom right is for workout clothes

    This works out good because when I get up, I grab my socks and underwear for the day before I head into the other room so I don’t have to walk back and forth.

    This room also has a small closet so I built a shelf to keep my linens and towels.

    In my closet I have a tall dresser with three drawers (and one drawer that I can’t use because it’s broken). Eight shelves that frame my closet rack against the wall, two tiers to hang things, a vanity, and a small closet. I also have an over-the-door shoe holder.

    In the drawers:

    The top one is for tights, slips, spanks, and camisole tank tops

    The second drawer is for short and long-sleeve shirts that aren’t t-shirts (which go in the workout drawer) but I don’t want to hang up. So v-necks and such.

    The bottom drawer is very deep so I keep all my leggings, sweatpants and pants that aren’t jeans or dress pants, like joggers, pointe pants, and linen pants.

    Moving to the closet rack, the right side of shelves is dedicated to tops. For the inter I have my big bulky knits folded on the bottom shelf, then thick cardigan type sweaters, then thinner over-the-head sweaters, then hoodies and sweatshirts.

    On the left side of shelves, I have bottoms. Stating from the bottom, I have dress pants, then black and colored jeans, then blue jeans, then skirts up top.

    The actual hanging stuff is, shirts on the top, dresses and cardigans (that aren’t folded) on the bottom.

    The small closet in that room is for my jackets, dresses that are too long to be hung on the rack, and shoes that I don’t wear often on the bottom, with my bags and purses.

    I wear heels 95% of the time, so I keep my favorites (about 15 pairs) lined up against the wall.

    The over the door shoe rack is for flat shoes that I wear often and various other things like bathing suites, winter hats and gloves, scarves, and wallets.

    I also have a 3 compartment laundry bin and a vanity/desk with all my makeup and hair styling tools.

    Like I said, I’m blessed with a lot of space and have a lot of clothes. I’m a little obsessed, but having it all organized like that makes it easy to put things away on a regular basis and lets me see everything so I don’t waste my money on things I already own.



    I do mine by type. I have work clothes in one area organized by sleeve length – sleeveless to long sleeve to sweater to blazer. Then slacks on the shelf below. And I have casual in another place. And dresses are off to the side.

    I also have a small section where I organize outfits for the next week. It makes my mornings much easier

    https://i.imgur.com/b0pDur7.jpg https://i.imgur.com/G8P6O0t.jpg https://i.imgur.com/XXr5WaV.jpg https://i.imgur.com/AXYVgdx.jpg



    I organize my clothes in three ways: color, season, and top or bottom. I have a rack that is two spaces by two spaces. On the top are my tops, on the bottom are, well, my bottoms. Spring and summer clothes are in the spaces on the right and winter and autumn clothes are on the left. In each little space, everything is color coded in rainbow order: white on the left to black on the right.

    I have a separate shelving system for my shoes. I organize them by type (high heels, boots, sandals, sneakers, etc.). I try to keep similar types together, for example, my higher-end shoes will be on a shelf together.

    My bags are displayed on two shelves, and my lesser-used and less-expensive bags are on a shelf clumped together at the top. Under these three shelves, I have four drawers: the top one for jewelry and accessories (mostly bracelets and sunglasses), the second for socks and underwear, the third for bras, and the fourth, closest to the floor, for pajamas, swimwear, and scarves. I live in a very warm and humid place so I don’t need my scarves in a very accessible place.

    Opposite my shoe shelves, I have a rack for dresses, which are rainbow-order color coded. Under that rack is a shelf for my jewelry box. I keep rings, earrings, and some bracelets in there. Under that shelf is another rack, where I keep my tees and nonsense shirts – again, color coded.

    I have a few hooks on which I keep my necklaces and belts.

    Behind the closet door, I have hooks for my hats. Most are summer hats and are pretty big and floppy so I needed to give them adequate space!

    My simple trick: organization on top of organization on top of organization. I’m German so I think this just comes naturally to me, lol. But really, for me, organization and tidiness are key to sanity, and everything has its place. I can tell if something is amiss, and I know where everything is. Storage (shelving and drawers particularly) helps immensely!

    I can upload pictures or a “closet tour” later today if people would like to see. 😍



    I love all the tips here, I’m getting so much inspiration!!

    This has been working for me lately: I like to hang as many clothes as I can, and then organize my tops by their comfort and “layering potential” , which is some combination of:

    * What cut it is (eg. t-shirt = inner layer, cardigan = outer, button-up = could be either)
    * What and how thick the material is (eg. thin cotton = inner layer, silky polyester = outer, wool = most outer layer)

    It makes planning outfits easier for me, because I can grab 1-2 inner layers depending on how baseline comfortable/warm I want to be that day, then decide on outer layers and a bottom that match, if that makes sense. So I build the outfit from the inside-out, top to bottom.

    I also feel like this allows for weirdly cut/constructed tops to be organized more efficiently, rather than getting stuck at points like “is this more like a tee or more like a sweater?”, which wrecks me sometimes.

    It might not result in a closet that looks differently organized from anyone else’s, but the combined mental/physical categorization into inner/outer layers has really helped me directly translate my feelings into wearable outfits, which has been cool!



    I live in Scandinavia, so I need clothes for four seasons and we have minimal closet space. I rotate wardrobes between every season (or at least between summer and winter) and while it’s extra work, it’s actually great to go through my stuff twice a year and throw out or replace things that are worn out or isn’t used much.
    I clean everything and put in clear plastic bins and put in our attic storage. Shoes are kept in plastic bins both in the apartment and for storage. Heavier coats are stored hanging in a garment bag stuffed with lavender bags.
    For clothes that are used: buy good hangers and use cedar blocks to repell moths.



    I’m not a naturally organized person at all, but I do recommend [Unfuck Your Habitat](https://www.unfuckyourhabitat.com/category/life-happens/) for cleaning/organizational tips geared toward those of us who tend to fail miserably at that stuff. I linked to their collection of articles addressing emotional/physical struggles associated with organizational or cleaning projects. There is one specifically about cleaning triggering anxiety, actually, and another about feelings of abuse/negative past associations.

    Sounds like more of an emotional barrier than anything? If so I can identify.

    Best of luck

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