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    [Here](https://www2.hm.com/en_us/women/campaigns/1288a-morris-co-x-hm.html) is the new collab between H&M and wallpaper company Morris & Co. William Morris’ prints are famous in the art world; he was a textile worker and artist closely aligned with the Pre-Raphaelite movement.

    Gotta say, as a lover of Pre-Raphaelite art, I LOVE this collab. I’m buying a few pieces that are still available. Sadly many are sold out. The prints are fabulous and the line is very affordable.



    There’s been some interesting dialogue online regarding the clash in values of William Morris and H&M, and whether or not WM would be rolling in his grave at having his prints used to make money for a mass market, mass produced capitalism machine, or whether the accessibility of H&M and low prices would please William “I do not want art for a few; any more than education for a few; or freedom for a few” Morris. I’ve also seen questioning whether there’d even be a conversation around it if it was any brand other than H&M, whatever the working practices.

    That aside, I was refreshing on the morning of the 4th and snagged a dress I was hoping for, but its weirdly proportioned and the material seems a strange choice for the design (too stiff), and I swear some pieces have just never been in stock. I wonder if that’s the ghost of William Morris getting his revenge because he’s *not* pleased about the collab. Sorry ghost Will. I never meant to displease you 🙁



    I am obsessed with WM and was very excited for this until I saw the actual pieces. None of them are silhouettes that I would actually wear. I’m not sure what I was expecting since it all seems very in line with the WM aesthetic, just not with mine. I guess I’ll stick to bedding and wallpaper.



    I was just looking at the pieces in H&M this evening. Not sold out here in Austria!

    I have Morris & Co bedlinen, I love it but it isn’t my thing for clothing. At least this range isn’t, its too blue for me!



    My mom is crazy about William Morris and the entire Arts & Crafts movement – I wish I could grab her something for Christmas, but pretty much everything she’d like is sold out in her size. Does anyone know if there’s any possibility of anything being restocked? I’m particularly interested in the wide leg pants.

    Edit: I went ahead and pulled the trigger on a few other items I thought she might like that are still in her size. I also like William Morris quite a bit, as well. Aesthetically, because my mother has had William Morris napkins and tablecloths and notecards and all sorts of other items in our home for my entire childhood; personally, I admire and agree with his politics and his moral convictions. I definitely think a collection with H&M isn’t in keeping with his spirit at all, and I probably shouldn’t be participating in supporting something that goes against his views pretty obviously, but…this is going to make my mom so happy. I’ll definitely be a hypocrite to make my mom happy.



    I bought one of the mauve pieces but I was very disappointed when it arrived: most H&M fits me well and lasts surprisingly long, but in this case the fabric was really thin and limp, and the shoulder seams felt off to me. Had to return it–I hope yours are better, OP!



    This collection looks like they’ve raided Florence + The Machines wardrobe. I quite like it, it’s floral dresses/jeans, and knit sweaters paired with Chelsea boots.



    I went ahead and bought [these kick crop pants in what looks like a dark salmon color](https://www2.hm.com/en_us/productpage.0691170001.html), I just love the color and pattern used there. I also bought [this ruffled blouse with the pink and green floral pattern](https://www2.hm.com/en_us/productpage.0692411001.html); I’m less certain about the quality, as I can see from the photos the fabric is pretty thin and almost creped. I think if I put them together it’d look pretty funky and eclectic, like something Florence Welch might wear with a big camel floppy hat. I’ll report back once the items are received!



    I wish H&M would put out these special collab pieces in a better quality. I usually love the designs or patterns especially and then you come into the store and they used the thinnest, scratchiest material they could find.

    I don’t understand it, I’m sure it would draw a more diverse crowd to their stores like the mid 30es mom who comes for the collab sweater and ends up buying a new shirt for her kid as well and yes I’m totally talking about me.

    As it is, the quality of their clothes has become so incredibly poor that I don’t even bother going in anymore. I check their online store from time to time and while the clothes look fine on the overview you can tell they are of the same crappy materials they usually use when you zoom in.

    God that vent felt good.



    Gosh these are beautiful! However, some things are too bold for me I feel like.

    I may have to make a purchase for new work clothes with this collaboration… this is why I try to avoid FFA lol



    Snagged a dress last weekend in the store. Planning on wearing today!

    These remind me of the fabric designer Amy Butler. Interested to learn more about WM.



    Also a huge fan of the Arts and Crafts movement so I bought a few of these – one of the dresses and a skirt. Both are nice enough, but I have to say, the best piece I got was a shirt for my husband. It’s much better quality fabric and when he wore it he got a bunch of compliments. Don’t know why it didn’t occur to H&M that we ladies might also like something in cotton instead of synthetic, but am now planning to go back and buy one of the men’s shirts for myself (if they have any left).



    I actually bought couple of pieces [this dress] (https://www2.hm.com/en_us/productpage.0663960001.html) and [this sweater] (https://www2.hm.com/en_us/productpage.0637667002.html) and I was SO dissappointed! The quality is awful, even by the low standarts I have for H&M – the stitches are crooked, the fabric is scratchy and has this super cheap feeling, the buttons on the dress keep getting undone… 🙁 I don’t know if thats only my case, but I wasn’t really into it and returned both of the items.



    I tried lots of the pieces on store (they apparently had restocked when I got there). the sizing is crazy, the oversize things are HUGE, the fitted items (the long shirt dress) OTOH are quite fitted, I would have taken things 3-4 sizes apart if I had taken them.

    I love the lookbook. I only bought one item, a ruched top. The patterns look fantastic on the models, but the large wallpaper print on large looose items, it was very balloony, very sopha.

    I was shocked at the bad quality of the fabrics. I used to think HM a cut above, a bit over Primark or Lefties, but not anymore. the fabrics, the print was kind of smudgy even, looked cheaper live.

    oh and the fit, the top I bought was kind of just a whim, because fit of the sleeve is bad, shoulder too large but somehow badly set. i tried two sizes, and got the least bad.

    and to add, I think HM is worst every time I go there. The online shopping and checking physical store inventory is atrocious in my country (they can´t check inventory of store some blocks away), and I was really shocked at the prices of some acessories, primark quality at 2 or 3 times the price. I checked the perfumes and makeup and also looked very overpriced! compared to zara, for example! I predict some bad bad times for them.



    I was interested in this collection–I went to the Red House where William and Jane Morris lived on my first trip to England. I think the clothes are all pretty ugly though, unfortunately. They seem drab-colored and the patterns aren’t really popping.

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