How bad would it be to wear running shoes with a black jacket + black pants?

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    Full disclosure – I have no idea about anything remotely related to fashion. I’ve worn running shoes all my life because they’re comfy. I’m going to be traveling soon and my daily outfit will be black jacket + black pants. How bad would it be to wear running shoes with my outfit? Running shoes are my “first choice” because I will be walking about 15-25 miles a day.

    Here are my current shoes:





    I only wear shoe #3 at the gym (flat soles for deadlift/squats) and it’s fairly uncomfortable to walk long distances in. Shoe #4 is really thin (I’m going somewhere fairly cold) and the whites are kinda brown (due to dirt and whatnot).

    If none of my current shoes are even slightly “fashionable”, would any of these be fine?





    What kind of black jacket and pants are we talking about?

    Like business casual (suit jacket, chinos)? Or like black jeans and a fleece?

    Just trying to imagine.



    Man if you’re walking 25 miles a day, function>form. Assuming it’s a personal trip no one is going to care what you’re wearing. Go for the most comfortable shoes.



    Where your running shoes man. And have a great trip



    You’re really overthinking this. Nothing inherently wrong since this is a casual outfit.



    I’d go for the Adidas Energyboost, would be fine for touristing in all black and they look less runner than the others.



    Hello. First of all, what kind of jacket and what kind of pants are we talking about? Although to be honest, the first three pairs wouldn’t work on the streets with the clothes you plan to wear. The fourth one can work if your black pants are for example skinny jeans. If you are talking about pants that aren’t jeans or joggers, I’d say none of the options you listed would work well though. If you could add more details I would gladly help you, but in all honesty I’d say you would be better off with a white leather pair of sneakers from H&M or even Lacoste.




    If you’re middle aged man in the US you will look completely out of fashion off duty policeman Steve Jobs.

    If you are early 20s in Berlin, you will look height of fashion avant garde Kreuzberg techno house DJ.



    Go with the energy boosts and you’ll look low key enough.



    I just wanna say the Mexico 66’s are a classic and can be fashionable.



    There’s an element of f*k-you to this look. I first saw it in Manhattan NYC and my initial impression was really negative. Then, as often in life, I challenged my own stupidity and realised that this was both “looking the part” and “getting shit done”. I applaud it.

    Been to any swanky restaurants recently? All the guests are trussed up like a family turkey but the table team, however chic they are above the ankle, are shod for action and comfort.

    Perhaps we should think of it like a swan. Graceful on top and the bit below is built for function. Just keep it simple and don’t clash up the colourways.



    Well, first, the fit of the rest of your outfit is important. If your pants are tapered to a narrow leg opening (like skinny jeans or joggers), running shoes look a lot better. You keep saying your pants are “generic black khakis,” so I’m guessing they’re pretty baggy, in which case none of these are going to look good.

    But that said, you’re going on vacation, and you’re walking a ton, so looks aren’t the most important thing. Enjoy your vacation, forget what you look like, and then maybe try to get some better pants and shoes when you come home.



    Athletic shoes should only be worn while doing athletic activity. Walking 25 miles is not an athletic activity. There are plenty of casual shoes that look good and are extremely comfortable.

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