How can I act and dress like a gentleman in highschool? How can I be courteous?

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    How can I act and dress like a gentleman in highschool? How can I be courteous?



    Gonna go with what some other people have said here: *don’t overdo it*. There’s nothing wrong with dressing nicer, and putting a little more effort in than the rest. But you don’t necessarily want to be the guy wearing a full suit to school. Or the fedora guy. Or the trench coat guy. Stay casual with it.

    As for the manners, you can never go wrong with the Golden Rule: *don’t be a dick*. Not sure what year you are, but you’ll find that being kind to people goes a long way. High school can be judgy as fuck, believe me, I just got out of there recently. Try and see past that. Manners are also incredibly important. Please, thank you, you’re welcome, don’t swear in front of kids, hold the door, sir and ma’am, you get the picture. Being a gentleman doesn’t have to be some crazy overblown m’lady kinda thing. Common courtesy is the best way to get it done. Good luck, don’t do drugs, stay in school, all of that good stuff!



    Don’t. Well, be courteous, but don’t try too hard to be a Gentleman.



    Be normal, don’t be THAT GUY




    * Be impeccably groomed
    * Shower daily
    * Brush your teeth many times a day
    * Wear clean clothes, learn to do your own laundry
    * Find a style that is congruent with the people around you and learn to do it well (you are in a good place to develop that) as the point is to stand out and not stick out
    * Wear clothes that fit you, and figure out what that means (again you are in a right place for that)


    * Don’t swear too much. Swearing some is ok.
    * Don’t flame people who are not like you. It’s ok to disagree with people, you’re a dick if you go full SJW at Trump supporters you barely know at all, and you lose all chance of engaging constructively with them. You are eqally a dick if you go full baptist pastor on atheists, and so forth. Just don’t be a dick.
    * Women don’t owe you anything. They are people. Engage them as you would engage people.
    * Know what you are worth. Some people seem ot think that being gentlemanly is about taking a moral high ground and avoiding conflict at all cost. I say that’s BS. Stand your ground, don’t be a doormat everyone steps on.
    * You can agree with what someone says or does without agreeing with everything about them. Be a person in your own right.



    Don’t overdo it and be a nice guy/neckbeard but you could try to dress preppy



    Tl;dr: modern etiquette books are cool, try to pay attention to how you look and what you wear while not overdresing.

    The 19th edition of emily post etiquette has some nice suggestions regarding the modern iteration of some of the gentlemany habits.

    The thing of dressing is remembering not to overdress, you might want to switch to chinos and some semi formal sneaker, shirts I think are more diffcult and maybe someone else will have an idea regarding that.

    It seems like the main idea behind the dressing better or like gentle is putting attention into what you wear and how you look so you might even try ensuring aspect of formal wear in you every day wardrobe and grow into it as you grow older

    Take this as a suggestion at best, just what I gathered from a but of reading here and there. Also alot is dependent on your environment and what is considered over and under dressing.

    Good luck



    I don’t get questions like this



    Just to hammer the point. Don’t be the fedora-lord. In all situations (not just school) you need to be dressed appropriate for the occasion. For school that usually means casual. Find what level of casual is appropriate for you and your specific school environment.



    No if you are asking this you need to do a 180. Have basic respect for people and don’t be a dick but for the love of god do not be the guy that takes it too far. There’s a middle ground.



    Thank you all for such a good advice



    Know the difference between appreciation and flattery, and being genuine in a non-dick way. Give How to win friends and influence a read or listen (YouTube).



    mate i’m 16 so i would know but dont worry about dressing like a gentleman just be a good person and that. I’m prob a bit of an oxymoron bc I always talk about smashing minge but at the same time i am a big feminist and i write feminist articles online which has actually made me quite popular with the clunge. just be polite and good to ppl, dont be racist (as tupac says ONE LOVE) and be interesting/funny/wicked and that. as for your clothes wear what you enjoy! for me i like to wear my yeezy trainers but my mum makes me wear a stupid uniform to school that makes me look like fucking nonce bait.

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