How can I make a pencil skirt (a) super adaptable and (b) a little hip?

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    I work in a business casual atmosphere. I’m younger than most of the staff (who has my dress code), but like to dress my age (mid/late 30s). I look very young so I try to keep that in mind.

    However, I like having a bit of an edge, and I generally keep it quite basic, but recently bought a pencil skirt after years of looking! It fits great and I love it, but want to make the most of it.

    It’s black and I’d like to keep it a little hip and wear it a lot.

    What are your favourite ways to style basic black pencil skirts (hits just above the knee) in terms of footwear, accessories, and tops?



    I recently bought a tweed pencil skirt and I plan on wearing it with a graphic band tee knotted on the side and Chelsea boots.



    To make it more hip, a French tucked t-shirt that feels authentic to you, a jean jacket, and some printed flats.

    A long sweater with a cami tank and boots.

    Add a pop of style with printed tights underneath.

    Even a big chunky sweater with a French tuck and some boots for winter.



    I always feel like pencil skirts are super serious, more serious than I like to be, so I don’t wear them often. But I had a lot of success pairing my pencil skirt with a basic tee-shirt this summer. Think clean high quality t-shirts. I got 2 in different shades of grey from banana republic. Oxfords or mid-heeled ankle boots were my footwear choices.



    I really like pairing pencil skirts with a very fitted long-sleeved top. It’s a little on the sexier side of things, so if you don’t think that would go over well in your environment, you can substitute a raglan or a slightly less form-fitting top instead.

    I also like tight button-downs with 3/4 sleeves, especially if they have a fun pattern to offset the seriousness of the skirt.



    I like an all black outfit so a pencil skirt with a top that has a different texture so like a simple black scoopneck with a colorful or patterned boot/flat/heel.

    Black not see through tights and black riding boots/oxfords/loafers with a utility blouse in a color or pattern is nice.

    Heels and blouse is the most common way.

    I like a neutral colored shoe and a knit top in a Simalar color with a scarf



    I’m 34 years younger than the only other woman in my office, so I’ve been having a similar issue to you! I’m in love with my pencil skirts, here’s a few outfits that I’ve worn with a solid (or tone-on-tone patterned) pencil skirt:

    1) Solid t-shirt, denim jacket, patterned scarf, booties

    2) Patterned/graphic t-shirt, cardigan, sneakers

    3) Slouchy sweater, black hose, knee-high boots, knit beanie/beret

    I have a bunch of other ideas saved in this [pinterest board](, too.



    I love my black pencil skirt. So versatile! Lots of great suggestions in the thread so far, would also suggest a moto jacket or moto cut cardigan instead of a regular blazer/straight cut cardi. The only other suggestion I didn’t see – and your mileage may vary on this – is crop tops. I’m short waisted so crop tops tend to land right at the waist band of my black pencil skirt so I’ve gotten away with that look at work a bunch.

    Footwear I stick to flat because sports injuries keep me low to the ground these days but I’ve worn pencil skirts with ballet, pointy toes, oxfords, TOMS and low booties to the office.



    I think a basic tee is one of the best ways to go. I’ve had people suggest a graphic tee to me, but I personally don’t feel like I can rock this look, but if you can do by all means.

    I personally have a leopard print pencil skirt, and I usually just pair it with a nice basic black tee and a low chunky heel. Depending on your office environment, adding in a pair of fun and distinctly more casual shoes can help balance it out.

    Also, I think a moto jacket or jean jacket on top works really well.



    I think pencil skirts can be super hip!

    1. Tight ribbed turtleneck-this is a super modern sleek feel
    2. pretty patterned/vintage blouse (especially the ones with the bow in front)
    3. Chunky turtleneck half tucked.



    I have a black pencil skirt which I sometimes pair with a lightly cropped, black, Rolling Stones T-shirt and a pair of Converse sneakers. Makes me feel cool!

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