How do you keep your clothes looking newer with a very limited wardrobe space?

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    I live in a very small studio apartment and have a tall wardrobe where all my t-shirts are piled onto each other. The results is that most of my clothes start looking old after a while.

    I wear one shirt only one time a and wash it in my ashing machine that week. I dont know if I am washing my clothes too much?

    it seems like I am not protecting my clothes enough. How do you take care of your clothes ?



    Always make sire you wash them correctly. The correct wash with the correct tempreture. Check the label.

    How you dry your clothes has a huge impact on how long they look good. If they go in the dryer they will die quicker. Lose shape, colour and structural integrity quicker.

    Just check your labels. Wash properly, air drying if you can and press/iron your clothes before you put them away.



    I hang dry most of my clothes. Might also be a bit of a controversial opinion (and dependent on personal hygiene and also just natural levels of BO), but I can get away with wearing some shirts a few times before washing them if I don’t sweat in them. Not sure how will this will work for you in a small apartment though, because if I do plan on re-wearing a shirt without washing it, I’ll always hang it so it can air out a bit.

    The brand you buy from matters to a certain degree. My H&M shirts always got holes within a year. Most of my other shirts have not had that kind of problem (even free Hanes t-shirts).

    Lastly, consider encouraging embracing a more worn in look. Most clothing looks best slightly aged or faded imo. It’s like a testament to its quality and durability.



    Konmari folding may help – fold the shirts and put them in the drawer standing up, like file folders. That way your clothes aren’t squishing each other.



    I wash my clothes according to the label, and hang everything in the closet. Hanging makes for less wrinkles and less time spent dealing with laundry. Also, it’s easier to find the clothes you want to wear. I use [the soda tab trick]( to utilize as much space as I can in my closet.

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