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    I’m attempting to put together a kind of capsule wardrobe for autumn/winter (UK). Shouldn’t be too hard as I think I tend to gravitate towards the same basic clothes anyway. However I’ve stumbled across a problem which I suppose I kind of knew was there but wasn’t so obvious until I tried to create ‘modules’ of 1 piece of outerwear, 3 tops and 2 bottoms. Other than jeans I have nothing in my existing wardrobe that I feel would work for winter. Case in point, I basically lived in jeans and jumpers last winter with the occasional dress and tights/leggings.

    In summer I wear midi skirts or dresses and I even bought a pair of casual culottes which I wore a lot. I find them easy to style with sandals, ballet pumps or loafers. However I really struggle to style my bottom half in colder weather, particularly when it comes to skirts. The midi skirts I’ve been wearing all summer are a light jersey fabric with very subtle pleats and I feel they are a bit too ‘circle like’ (‘poofy’) to work with boots. I’m 31 so I don’t want to wear super short skirts either.

    I think part of the issue is it’s cold so I’m trying to work tights/leggings into the equation and I find that more difficult in terms of colour options. It may also be a matter of not having the right style of boots or footwear to work with skirts.

    I’m really looking for inspiration of how you style your bottom half in winter other than just trousers/jeans, what kind of shoes/boots you have that are versatile in terms of being able to be worn with a variety of outfits and clothing items that work well with a variety of tops. I have plenty of tops, jumpers etc to work with!

    I hope this post isn’t breaking any rules, I’ve read the guides and looked at the inspiration posts, and countless fashion/style blogs. The issue is that often the women are in the photos with bare legs or outfits which aren’t really realistic for me to copy without being cold!



    I have three go-to bottom styles!

    1. [Midi]( skirt + over the knee boots. I feel like this looks pretty chic, and I can also wear tights or leggings under for extra layers of warmth. I felt like I had an epiphany when I “discovered” this combo because when I tried to wear a midi skirt with ankle boots, it looked off when I wore tights with it to me (which I need to stay warm). However, I do find that a midi skirt looks cute with ankle boots if I’m wearing nude-to-me tights, which still gives me some warmth.

    2. [Mini]( skirt + ankle boots/over the knee boots. This one exposes more leg if you’re wearing the skirt with ankle boots, so it’s not as warm as 1 even with tights. With over the knee boots it gives a more sexy vibe. I save this look for days where it’s not as frigid.

    3. [Wide ]( leg trousers + ankle boots. Wear legging underneath! This combo keeps me pretty warm!



    Have you considered skinny corduroys? These just scream winter to me, especially in dark colors like black, dark green, and burgundy. I have several pairs from J.crew, but other retailers sell them as well. I live on the East Coast in the USA, where winters are pretty harsh. So I limit myself to only pants in the winter.



    I tend to wear opaque black tights with any skirts/dresses in the winter, so if it’s especially cold I’ll wear black leggings and no one knows the difference. I almost always wear riding boots – I have a brown pair and a black pair – so I’ll wear a pair of athletic socks over my tights for additional warmth.



    I always wear black fleece-lined tights underneath my skirts and dresses! For skirts, I tend to go with denim in fall and just black or red/plaid A-line or circle skirt in winter, hitting not that far above the knee. However, I don’t really see an issue with short skirts in winter, because it’s not like my underwear could even be visible underneath my layers (and yes, I’ve checked).

    For dresses, you could go with tighter, wool ones that hit somewhere near the knee. Looks pretty fashionable to me, and super warm too! Boots works great with them as well!



    I am also in the “black tights under skirts/dresses + boots” camp, however, I have lately had issues on some dresses with the tights constantly causing my dress/skirt to ride up in front, no matter how much Static-Gard I use. Anyone have advice fro combatting this?



    I just got a pair of real leather pants, they are so comfortable! I plan to wear them basically every day this fall and winter. Faux leather/vegan leather and suede is easier to find and much more affordable and has a similar look – it doesn’t mold to the body the same way real leather does, but they still wear like regular pants. It’s a good way to add texture. I have a pair of faux suede jeans in black, they are very versatile and warm. Along the same lines, I like coated jeans too. Again, different textures to play with!



    I really like wool skirts for winter! My current favorite is a vintage wrap-style skirt in a really nice warm plaid. I like to style it with a [fitted sweater and brown lace-up boots]( I just got [this skirt]( in Olive and I’m looking forward to styling it with tights and ankle boots too.

    My other go-to is a [sweater dress with tights]( In the past I’ve worn my heavy boots to work and then changed into flats at the office, but this winter I got [these ankle boots]($pdp-image$) which I think are going to be super versatile.



    I wear fleece-lined tights/leggings near-constantly in the winter. I often wear them under knee-high boots so I can wear knee-length or above skirts.

    Where I live, it’s extremely cold and snowy, so I often wear fleece lined tights over a maxi skirts. They’re just excellent for trapping warmth. I have like 3 vintage tweed or tartan maxi skirts that are really warm and cycle constantly throughout my wardrobe. These have the bonus of taking attention away from my boots if they’re a little more waterproof/hardy and a little less glamorous.



    I wear wool midi skirts in winter. They are ten times warmer than jeans tbh, even if you just have tights covering the lower calf. However a tall boot can fix that problem if you’re worried about it.



    I either wear jeans or patterned trousers, usually a check print of some sort. The cut of the trousers is quite smart which means they I can wear them to work but I’m also still a uni student so I can dress them down with vans/trainers and a jumper. I like looser cut trousers so I can also layer tights underneath if it’s Baltic (or snowing in April like it was this year!) but I spend most of my day indoors so it’s not always necessary. I think culottes look good with black tights underneath so that could be an option? I’m also a fan of plain black trousers that are slightly cropped and heeled ankle boots (no skin showing) which means I can sneak in thick wool socks but this combo isn’t great for ice. I guess long skirts would also work but I’m rubbish at styling them (maybe co-ords?)



    I’m in Denver and we have a long fall (mild temps into Jan, usually) and little actual snow that sticks, so I’m able to do lighter styles for longer, but [here’s]( my Winter Inspo board.

    Cropped pants with ankle socks and flat, chunky shoes like Docs, midi skirts with sheer printed tights and chunky flat shoes, skinny cropped jeans with scrunched socks and booties, long, wide midi skirts or pants with chunky ankle boots/bare legs. Another thing I’m seeing as I look at my board is long, full overcoats that come down to midi-length on the leg, thereby providing more warmth without actual outfit bulk!



    As many others have already said, fleece-lined tights with skirts (usually above the knee but I will wear a wool or leather mini if it isn’t too cold.) I also wear a pair of faux leather leggings that are super warm. My footwear is ankle booties with a heel (3″ or under) and a pair of black leather knee high flat boots that I will wear with my leggings and a shirt or sweater that covers my bum.



    > I think part of the issue is it’s cold so I’m trying to work tights/leggings into the equation and I find that more difficult in terms of colour options. It may also be a matter of not having the right style of boots or footwear to work with skirts.

    I also wear skirts in the winter. I wear leggings underneath. I currently have three different colors which go well with the colors of my winter wardrobe: charcoal, maroon, and light gray. All three are heathered colors which is important because it makes them go with so many other colors.



    Faux leather leggings

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