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    I love the holographic trend. I am a full on mouth foaming holosexual ( what up fellow fans of simply naillogical ) but I’m also in the process of building a more mature wardrobe. I love multi chrome, galaxy and glitter everything but I never see 30plus women rocking these looks. So for the ones who do, how do you balance the fun with the mature? I already know I can paint my nails, I’m looking for clothes, shoes, accessories advice. Thank you in advance



    I’m 35. I own holographic stuff.

    I dress super minimalist, think black skinny jeans, white T-shirt, common project sneakers. I have a holographic backpack that has simple lines and a simple minimalist design to it. I got some holographic shoes. Again really simple design lines.

    I keep my hair and makeup clean and minimal. I don’t think I look to old to wear it.



    I keep it to accessories – I have a pair of holo Docs, a wallet, a bunch of notebooks, my glasses case, and of course nail polish and occasionally duochrome eyeshadow.

    Okay, that’s a lie, I also have a holo sweatshirt that says Welcome to My Dream World and a holo rain jacket, both of which I bought in the girls section at H&M.

    I’m 41. I just wear what I like.



    I do one statement piece at a time now that I am over 40 (and over 50). So, glitter oxfords with a black sweater and dark-wash jeans. Galaxy print top with black culottes and plain black mules.



    You can still have a mature wardrobe and also have some fun pieces. Please do not think that you are not allowed to wear certain styles just because of your age! Part of it is probably due to your location, but I see plenty of stylish, trendy women in their 30s+ where I live. Even if you don’t, I don’t think you should be worried about liking the things you like. You only live once.



    Maybe trying metallic clothing items? I love me a black and white outfit with a [platinum shoe](! [Metallic accessories]( in general are fun and yet can be [subtle]( enough for a business casual vibe. Muted glitter clothing items I can also see working, [like]( [silver](, [gold](, or even a [color](!

    Also fun textures like [velvet]( and [satin]( can add a shiny vibe to an outfit without making it too immature. Even doing a [monochromatic look]( in a more childish color comes across as polished.

    You can even combine a few of these elements! For instance, that outfit for my velvet example would look great with some shiny silver pumps!



    30 year old, came in to work today with a midi-length pleated leopard print skirt. Got tons of compliments! The key is to keep the whole look situationally appropriate, I think: in my case, I topped it with a tucked-in black sweater and ankle boots, with dark hose, minimal hair and makeup.



    I think aside from what others have said, keeping it to accessories, you can also consider cut and quality. A skimpy holographic tee from Urban Outfitters probably isn’t going to do the trick at age 40+ on most, but a high end, [investment designer piece that has holographic elements]( like Balmain’s collection or even just an artsy local designer or student designer fits that bill.

    I feel like it’s either ALL OUT and just own it, or go very simple and understated with the glitter and holo elements.

    Aside from glitter, sparkle, and holo stuff, which isn’t my jam per se, I do trendy stuff with colors, prints, or accessories, and keep the “base” fairly neutral and classic. Sometimes I have fun with a trendy cut cocktail or occasion dress from a fast fashion store since I know I won’t be wearing it much, and donate it at the end of the season.



    You love nail polish, go nuts with painting accessories

    I frequently buy cheap accessories (forever 21, Target clearance) and paint them with my favorite nail polishes. It is how I got an awesome bright blue dinosaur necklace, a brooch in my favorite shade of green, and I made a ton of plain stud earrings my favorite holos.

    Clean lines painted your favorite colors look amazing.



    Oil slick is a great way to keep this trend subtle! I have a Loeffler Randall bag and stilettos that are oil slick and I wear those heels with everything because they make the basic black pump so much more interesting.

    I agree you have to keep it simple otherwise. I also have the Rebecca Minkoff holo mini mac crossbody (my roommate once commented “it looks like someone killed Rainbowfish and made it into a purse) and when I wear it even with simple outfits I get tons of compliments.



    Have you heard of Oliver Bonas? It’s mature and funky but not frumpy.



    Woman in my 40s here. I like to wear sleek outfits. I have found that wearing clothes that actually fit me by having them altered is everything. For fun I rock fanny packs. I have a gold one and a camo one that I alternate depending on the look.



    You can still wear trends. Just wear them in more muted ways. Personally I’d go for duochrome eye shadow or sparkly nails. You don’t have to skip the sparkly stuff. Just keep it more muted if you don’t want to look like a teenager.

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