How is your beauty routine (hair and makeup) related to your fashion style?

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    I have realised how subtly I alter my hair and makeup depending on the kind of outfit and what aspect of myself I want to play up. For example, if I am wearing wearing soft pastel colours or something feminine like lace I will also do really glowy makeup with lots of blusher coupled with soft “Victoria’s Secret” waves. Or sometimes I will be dressing more preppier so I will go for natural makeup with a sleek Kate Middleton-inspired hairstyle.


    How about you?



    I tend to stick with a pretty natural look but if I’m wearing an intense color that isn’t the most flattering I’ll add some blush or bronzer so I don’t look too pale. And with black I tend to do a black liner and mascara for balance.

    And some necklines like turtle or cowl always look better with hair up or at least half up.



    My usual makeup with my super casual, androgynous style is just eyebrows and subtle eyeshadow, if I wear makeup at all.

    If I dress up for an event, I usually have a more femme style and do more visible eyeshadow and maybe lipstick.

    My hair does whatever it wants anyway😉



    I don’t wear makeup, so the only thing I change is my hair. I have thick, curly/wavy hair and notice that when I need to look extra put together/formal (weddings, special events, anything where I’m wearing something that looks more sleek or chic), I lean towards straightening it (the 2000s really did a number on me). On days where I want to look like I tried (non-formal events, some days at work), I’ll smooth it out and try to de-frizz a bit but won’t go as far as straightening it. On all other days, I just run my fingers through it and hope for the best!



    I have a very consistent makeup look – winged liner, mascara, nude/slightly darker than nude lips, full brow, cheek contour and highlighter. I don’t really change this up other than wearing a bolder, darker lip and some eyeshadow if I’m going out for the night.

    I do [loose, brushed out curls]( both for work and if I’m really dressed down in like a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. If I’m in an outfit that’s in between those two levels of formality, I usually flat iron it or leave it nice and curly. Sometimes if I’m dressed really sleek at work, I like to have my hair big and curly to add some visual interest.



    My wardrobe is somewhat minimal, all-season, and all-occasion. I dress the same on weekends as I do for work and in summer as in winter, generally speaking and give or take a pair of shorts or a coat. So therefore I keep my hair and makeup pretty much the same all the time too!

    I recently admitted I don’t have any fun wearing eye shadow every day, which was very freeing. So now my routine is tinted moisturizer+blush+eyeliner+brows+mascara. I change up my look if I’m going somewhere super casual, in which case I skip the eyeliner, or if I’m doing something fancy I might do a little dark brown smoky eye. Sometimes I like a lipstick, but I also keep that limited to 2ish colors—a neutral/my lips but better, and an orange-red

    And, you guys, I also recently solved my lifelong hair problem! My hair is straight and thick with the tiiiiiniest bit of wave to it. If I heat style it, it becomes unmanageable and frizzy (I also find hair styling boring), but if I let it air dry it sticks flat to my head and loses volume. I can’t believe it took me 27 years, but wrapping it up in a towel for ~20 minutes takes enough moisture out and gives enough volume that it lays perfectly every single day. Changed my life.



    Much like my fashion routine, I try to get the best possible results for the least amount of effort, lol. In fashion that means simple cuts and neutral colors of high-quality items that are interchangeable; in my beauty routine, it means keeping things fast and simple while working with my looks to the greatest effect. Rather than experiment every day, I have a pretty set routine.

    Makeup is almost always just brows, mascara, and undereye concealer, because I feel like those make the biggest difference in my appearance by far. Blush (peach-toned to compliment by neutral-leaning-yellow skin) and lipstick (either peachy nude or blood red) are optional. Eyeshadow and eyeliner are for special occasions. In general, I like my dewy skin to be the standout, and keep the makeup pared down.

    As for hair, I’m learning (JUST started within the past year) to work with my natural texture, which is about a 2b wave. With the right products used after a shower, it’ll be about 80% satisfactory to just wash-and-go, and that works for me. For special occasions, or just to change it up, I’ll blowdry it straight and enjoy that for a few days, which only feels more “done” to me because of the extra work it involves.



    Makeup was my first thing before clothing really was, so it’s so relaxing for me to do a different kind of makeup every day, just like I like to wear something different every day. I tend to do a full face of makeup minus concealer and sometimes eyeliner -foundation, bronzer, blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, brows, mascara, lipstick, all of it. It does tend to vary a lot every day as far as colors. I don’t really adjust the style too much every day, but I might have something specific in mind based on what I’m wearing like all black with a red lip.

    For hair, it depends a lot on how much time I have leftover. I tend to wake up an extra hour or two early to be able to do my makeup and pick some clothes slowly in the morning, so hair is just what I do when time is leftover. It also just depends on how clean the hair is, whether it’s freshly washed or on its sixth day.



    I normally wear my hair up (it’s currently well past my waist). If I want to leave it down for some reason, I always wear trousers or a miniskirt – I find that a wall of hair looks strange with the longer skirts I often wear.

    I also tend to change my lipstick based on the colour of my top: bright reds and pinks for light tops, nudes or dark reds for mid-tone tops, and rich berries or deep scarlet for dark tops. Blusher and eyeshadow generally depend on the time of day and my energy level.



    I’m makeup illiterate. *Maybe* lipstick and eyeliner for a interview/party/1st date 😔. I have natural hair and when I’m not wearing a fro it’s usually in a puff/topknot/high bun like [this]( or [this]( I love doing [Bantu knots]( to make my curls look fuller, almost rod set for special events.



    I think make up helps if I’m not feeling in tip top shape. So if my outfit is a bit plain or underwhelming, I added bold lipstick (lip colours are my go to). However, if my outfit is quiet ‘busy’, I maintain a minimal make up look. I just like having a balance in my look, more of this means less of that.



    I’m pretty boring with makeup but I really enjoy doing my makeup every morning. I have one eye palette that’s neutral colors (lots of pinks, taupes, and browns) that I pick from depending on the day. Since they’re all neutral colors that play well together, the look is essentially the same every day. My foundation is adjustable coverage (Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation). I’ll use more if I want to look ~extra polished with a full face. My hair is either natural (straight with a slight wave) or flat ironed. I usually let it go as-is but I’ll flat iron it if I have a special event that day and want it to look super sleek.



    No makeup except filling in my eyebrows a bit. Sometimes some undereye if I’m looking really bad. I’m more into skincare myself.

    I have big curly red hair, so honestly there’s not much I can do with it. I can pull it back and bobby pin it down for the everyday, or I can let it fly free if I’m going to a rock show or something that calls for crazy hair. It does make me steer clear of bright colors in my clothing though. I feel like my hair has enough color as it is. If anything, my hair influences my style rather than the other way around.



    It doesn’t really. I have straight hair and unless I’m going all out (aka every 5 years on my birthday maybe) ill curl it. I always wear a full face and eyelashes, a la ‘Instagram’ but normally a soft brown smokey eye and a more subtle bake and Contour and smaller eyelashes. If I wear a more ostentatious outfit I might wear a bright lipstick or wear more highlighter.

    On a night out I go full on smokey and glittery and highlighted. I have a few ‘fun’ lipsticks like green and blue and glitter toppers which I wear sometimes to match my outfit



    So, I have noticed I do this almost subconsciously. A lot of the time, how I wear my hair is dictated by the neckline of my shirt.

    For example, If I have a turtle neck or boat neck, I like to wear my hair either halfway up or in a low pony.

    If I’m wearing a more “billowy” shirt, one that isn’t as close-fitting, I like to wear my hair in a sleek, low ponytail so that the looseness of the shirt doesn’t have to compete with my big hair.

    Only when I’m in a tighter-fitting outfit will I wear my hair down. I’ll either let it dry naturally wavy, straighten it, or use a curling wand on the ends. I also like to curl the ends whenever I’m in a very casual outfit as well, to give my casual look a little something extra that seems effortless.

    Makeup-wise, I usually have the same look regardless of outfit choice. It’s usually the occasion that causes my makeup to change from casual everyday to something a little more dramatic.

    Interesting topic to hear peoples’ opinions on!

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