How is your wardrobe split between work clothing, weekend clothing, and clothing that works for both?

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    I love wearing dresses, but even if I find work appropriate dresses, I can’t wear them, because I work in a lab. I’m about to start my first job and I find that a large portion of my wardrobe is either not nice enough for work or isn’t safe for lab. Obviously, you work more days than you don’t, so I was just wondering how you balance that in your wardrobe.


    Edit: I will work in a chemistry lab, so I have to have my legs and feet covered for safety. Also the dress code is business casual



    I hate to sound boring with such a concise response, but I feel like my closet is split into about 20% work only clothing, 20% strictly non-working clothing, and 60% that can be mixed and matched for either.



    I’m in the process of losing weight and re-vamping my entire wardrobe, so I’ve had a lot of time to think about this. I work in a business casual office, with casual Fridays (I interpret casual Friday as “you can wear jeans, but your top half should still be business casual”). In the evenings, I like to wear leggings and comfy tops – I spend most of my evening with two small kids, so I like to be mobile, comfy, and presentable enough to take a walk around the neighborhood. On the weekends, I tend to dress pretty much the same as the evenings, but as I lose weight, I would like to incorporate more jeans into my weekend wear. I also know I need a few “special” pieces – funeral attire, a couple of cute outfits for the rare date night. Last, I need a few pieces that I can wear for hard workouts, so I’m working on developing a very small athletic capsule.

    Okay, so with all that background, my ratio of work clothes to weekend clothes is about 2:1. The only things that cross over from work to weekend/evening are a few tops, jeans, and the occasional sweater.

    My husband also works in a lab, so I’ll briefly tell you how he handles this. He has certain clothes that are just for work – mostly chinos for pants and then button ups and polos for his work shirts. He doesn’t tend to wear any of these clothes at any other time, unless he has to dress up. His only “crossover” clothes are his jeans, BUT he has nicer jeans that he wears for work or nice events and more relaxed jeans that he wear for cold weekends and/or doing house/yard work. It’s almost completely separate for him.



    Probably depends on your type of work. I work from home but also go out to see clients. I have client facing outfits, casual comfy stuff that i wear for working at home and then outside of work clothes. The home working clothes and outside of work clothes generally mix, except my bottom half is usually leggings in winter when I’m working from home!

    The stuff I wear to see clients is quite a small portion of my wardrobe and generally doesn’t get worn at any other time. The occasional piece might make it into wear outside of work but I’ve always had an unfortunate mental block about ‘work clothes’ and not being able to wear them any other time because I associate them with my work persona! This has applied even when my work has been pretty casual, once the item starts being worn to work it’s downhill from there… my wardrobe would be a lot smaller if I could get out of that mindset!

    Obviously when I was full time in an office there was a much clearer segregation and I probably had a 60/40 split of work clothes versus home clothes.



    I work in tech so I’m kind of just trying to blend all my wardrobe into a giant “work appropriate” blob because I found that I really don’t wear my non appropriate clothes. It’s not too hard to do (I just can’t have backless/super tight/spaghetti straps/too short) as tech is casual dress. I think the only outliers I have are hot weather items and formal party dresses.



    I wish I had more clothing that worked for both. I’d say my wardrobe is 65% work clothes, 35% non-work clothes. I work in a business casual office, where jeans are a Friday thing, but only if they’re clean, no rips, etc. I don’t find my work clothes, blazers, dress-pants, blouses, etc, translates well into my non-work time, where I lean more toward outdoorsy, casual, occasional punk leanings. I do wish I could somehow combine the two wardrobe halves in a way that feels comfortable and me.



    I’m a huge fan of things that can be dressed up or down, so almost all of my clothes work for both. Basically my entire closet is mix and match for going to work, running errands, getting together with friends, special events, etc. My dresser has a drawer for gym clothes, a drawer for pajamas, and a drawer for stuff to wear around the house that I could theoretically also wear to make a quick grocery run but that I don’t actually want to be out and about in; during the summer, this drawer also has my shorts (which are nights and weekends only, not for office use)



    This probably isn’t helpful to you but…to offer a different perspective! Seeing as I can basically be covered in dirt, blood or other nasty things at any moment at work (lol) I have a very separate “work/outdoor” and “not work/indoor” clothes distinction. For example, i have a bunch of pairs of Prana Halle pants that I literally only wear for work and hiking/camping. My work clothes overlap with my gym clothes sometimes too (t-shirts and such). The only things I really wear to work on a regular basis that I’ll also wear on a “normal” day are fleeces/jackets, flannels, baselayers, and sneakers/boots.



    My job is a messy, creative sort of job so I don’t wear my nicest clothes there. There is no dress code there, although I still don’t plan on looking trashy or sloppy. Usually I wear jeans or leggings, boots or work sneakers (depending on the weather, my shoes always get quickly destroyed at work) and a tshirt or blouse. It’s all casual or more dressy-casual.

    If I’m hanging out with friends, I like picking more interesting pieces. Booties or converse or flats, interesting vests and a nerdy tshirt or a lacy blouse, slouchy hats and a scarf, simple jewelry. I just picked up some blazers to dress up my tshirts.

    If I’m at a concert, I go all out. I wear something to go with the theme of the band. Skinny jeans, gothic tops and dresses, and as many accessories as I can without going crazy.



    I used to have a very separate work and play wardrobe, I liked being able to separate work me from real me. But as I’ve become more confident in my career, the two have mixed. I’m lucky in that there is overlap between my preferred style and my work dress code, although I’m definitely at the more dressed up and quirky end. I figure, if jeans are acceptable, then an eighties drop waist dress should be too! I do like to keep my nice pieces for outside eotk though – largely cos I’m messy!

    While feeling more comfortable at work may have led to me dressing more like myself, I definitely think it has helped make me happier with myself and my workplace relationships. Lovely positive feedback loop!



    At work since they started enforcing the dress code more I’ve got fancy ‘dress pant material leggings’, dress pants, old navy Pixies, trendy black flats, black boots, blazers and nicer shirts, skirts and tights and cardigans. On more casual days I’ll wear regular leggings with any of the above combinations.

    On the other hand, my weekend/casual wear is total athlesiure at this point with leggings, Tom’s, Nikes, tank tops, sweatshirts and Nike sport hoodie jacket things. If I’m feeling fancier I’ll wear a nice sweater or top with the leggings or with stretchy Jean’s.



    It definitely depends on your type of work and how formal/restrictive your office dress code is.

    I used to work in local government in the UK with a business casual dress code. No trainers and no jeans, although nearly everyone stretched that on a Friday (and I used to wear trainers most of the time but keep smart shoes under my desk for meetings).

    I had a work uniform – smart trousers, nice tops and jumpers, nice jewellery. Sometimes tweed skirts and blouses. I had a bit of a corp goth thing going on, but also looked completely different in the office than at home.

    When I moved and started at my current organisation, the dress code is so much more relaxed. Barely noticeable in fact. I’ve just been promoted and am a bit more customer facing so I am starting to rebuild a more office casual wardrobe for the occasions that I need it, but those are actually few and far between. INGOs are insanely casual.

    Therefore I don’t need a separate work uniform – my home style and my work style can blend into one, and they do.



    I dress basically the same for work and leisure. The only difference is that in the summer I might wear a tank top alone for leisure but put something over it to be a bit more modest at work. But it’s all one wardrobe.



    Almost 100% both. No dress code, “cool” office, even the structural sheer mesh dress with shearling panels could theoretically be made to work for work in some way. I don’t really dress up to go out, not a heels or club dresses type person, it’s always some variation on what I’d normally wear. I definitely like having a wardrobe that gets more use that way!



    Probably 10% work-only pieces like trousers and silk tops, 70% double duty work-and-“leisure”, 10% “actual leisure” e.g. Practical and outdoorsy clothing”. I work in a casual office as a creative, so I can have some fun and express myself somewhat at work thru fashion. Most of it I could wear outside of work, except I’m rarely out seen in fashionable clothes aside from work 🙁

    In reality my free time is super casual, spending time outdoors, and I lack cute practical clothes for that part of my life. I would like to refine my free time wardrobe to match my style better!

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