How long have your mid-tier and luxury handbags lasted? Did they meet your expectations based on the price you paid?

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    I just splurged on a luxury handbag today ([the new Chloe Faye satchel]( The justification is that the quality of the handbag will be much more worth it in the long run.

    My handbags are still in great condition. For daily use, use my trusty 8-year-old Longchamp bag and it sure can take a beating. However, I’ve found that my Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel is getting scratched up and sagging after minimal use. (And it cost more than the Longchamp too!).

    Just curious for those of you that have bought mid-tier and luxury handbags, how long have the bags lasted? Did they meet your expectations? Do you find that luxury handbags have a better cost per wear?



    My Celine Nano Luggage and Box bag which I got 5 years ago and mini Belt Bag(got last year) are still in great condition. Nano has sagged a bit but that is to be expected as I don’t baby my bags. I’m a huge fan of the simple and elegant bags that Phoebe ‘s Celine used to design but with the recent change of guard at Celine, I’ll be cherishing my Celine bags forever now .



    I got the medium Proenza Schouler PS1 in a beautiful matte gray about a year ago. The calf leather is extremely soft, so the top is slouching a little but I think that’s just the style of the bag. Otherwise it’s very easy to clean and I use it most days of the week. The hardware and straps are all holding up great.

    I’ve also been using a Chloe Faye shoulder bag for a few months and I find that because the flap is suede, it’s definitely more worrying when I take it out. I use it less than the PS1 but you can definitely see some imprints in the leather from when I carried something boxy in the front pocket – oops.

    I think if I buy a bag again I’ll either go for something with textured or coated leather. Suede and calfskin just makes me too anxious. All my Kate Spade textured bags from years ago still look and work great.



    I’ve been using a large Michael Kors bag for over four years as a personal and work bag. I treat it like crap, stuff it SO full, throw it around, spill stuff on/in it and it’s still in AMAZING shape. I’m definitely buying a similar one to replace it when the time comes. Paid close to $500



    I have a mix of luxury and contemporary designer bags. Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Gucci, Chloe, MK, LV, and Rebecca Minkoff. All are high quality leather and look brand new. I will condition the leather and apply protectant to suede where needed. They are stored in their dust bags and I am pretty picky about them not touching the floor or hanging off the back of a chair. They range from 10yrs old to purchased this year, I have no complaints about quality of any of them. I usually rotate bags/wallets every 2-3 weeks.

    Exceptions to the above are a Kate Spade bag, the leather is wearing at the corners, but it was an outlet bag and I knew it was of lower quality. My Longchamp Le Pliage nylon has a small tear, but it’s 7 yrs old and is not babied like the leather bags I own.



    I got a near new preowned Chloe wallet and given the amount I throw it into bags and take cards in and out of it, it’s only picked up a few minor corner scuffs. It’s lasted about two years and justified the $120ish I spent on it (I found it at a consignment store while on vacation in Japan. The thrifting is very good there)



    My Marc Jacobs bags have lasted really well – over 6 years and would look brand new if my rabbit hadn’t gnawed on them.
    I have had two miu miu purses and one lasted about four years and then I got a pale pink one which lasted only a few months before it ballpoint pen on it which nothing will remove. Not it’s fault but I probably wouldn’t buy them again.



    I picked up the Givenchy Antigona in Black textured leather, 3 years ago.

    – Shape – as the day it was bought

    – Leather – no scratches due to the textured leather

    – Interior – still holding together, doesn’t appear to have stained anywhere. Easy to vacuum

    – Long strap – held together well

    – Handles – bits of stitching have come away but the handles are still held together (this is from how rough I am with it)

    – Zip – tough to use however that’s just the zip

    It has been in every weather, no stains on the leather. I have scratched it with stiletto nails and it’s survived. It can hold a MacBook Pro, wallet, drink bottle, notebook and small pencil case.

    This bag has been thrown in cars, planes, trains. It’s still in very good condition and there isn’t much id change about it.

    I don’t waterproof, condition it, clean it or baby it at all. I’ve honestly treated this bag like absolute rubbish and it just bounces back.

    I paid $1800AUD for it and have probably used it 300/365 days each year for the past 3 years = $2 per day for those 300 days



    My Chanel caviar maxi jumbo is from 2009 as I recall and is the most expensive bag I have ever owned. I’ve used it a *LOT*, don’t baby it, probably don’t even store it the way I should, and it’s held up incredibly well. My total disregard for bag care is the main reason I went caviar over lamb or any other smooth and it was the best decision of my life. I did manage to pop an inner stitch and a couple stitches on the chain, but Chanel repaired them beautifully. I don’t fault Chanel for the damage at all, I am just truly rough on bags.

    As I think back over my luxury bag purchases, I can’t think of any instances of unhappiness or dissatisfaction that were truly the manufacturers fault. There’s plenty of bags I ended up not liking or having problems with, but it was more user error, for example stuffing too full/heavy, denim transfer, water damage, etc. or me not liking certain features (i.e. heavy bag that is hands only, like the Celine Luggage). I have learned that textured leather in darker colors works best for me, and I have to be careful about functionality and size. But like I said, I don’t baby bags, so if they can withstand me, they’ve met and exceeded my expectations.

    Cost per wear is an interesting one. My LV Neverfull is one of the cheaper luxury bags I own, especially since when I bought it when it first came out, it was $700ish? And that thing got almost daily use during my entire undergrad career. Water bottle, laptop, textbooks, normal purse stuff, rain, hail, floors, car trunks, airplanes, you name it, it endured everything. Still going strong. Still use it. A suede Chloe Faye? Used about 4 times and I wish I hadn’t bought it, but can’t bear to part with it. I wish I had kept more detailed documentation for some of my bags, because I’m sure some of the cost-per-wears would horrify me, particularly with bags I bought for specific things (looking at you, mini Gucci that I bought because it fit stadium bag regulations).



    I was given a Fendi Peekaboo in 2010 and it is in really good shape. Up close you can tell that it is not brand new- I was foolish and used the bag in college for a few weeks before realizing it was not that kind of purse. There are a couple of small scratches, but for being 8 years old it is in excellent condition. I have lots of Kate Spade/ Coach/ Rebecca Minkoff tier purses, and the Fendi undoubtedly has a better cost per wear, as well as much lower depreciation per wear.

    A few things that (I think) have helped my bag age well:

    * I’ve keep tissue paper in the bag to retain its shape when I’m not using it.
    * I always store it in a dust bag.
    * I had it waterproofed at a cobbler’s shop.
    * I condition it a few times per year.



    Congrats on your new bag! I have an 8 year old Mulberry Bayswater, which still looks gorgeus despite intense wear (I bought it second hand too). Same goes for my Mulberry Willow. I had a Michael Michael Kors Sloan bag that didnt hold up well either. I definetely think investing in a quality handbag is worth it in terms of cost per wear, if you pick a classic style/dont get sick of looking at the same bag for 10 years.



    I have a mid-sized Coach handbag (actual good thick leather Coach from the store, not the monogram outlet stuff) that I bought in 2015 and used almost every single day for 2.5 years. It’s currently on pause as I had a baby and switched to a Longchamp tote to schlepp stuff around in. I stuffed the Coach bag to the brim and it never complained. The leather is so supple and thick, just dreamy. That bag looks about a week old and I could easily pull it out as a new one when I bring it out again.

    It’s also my cheapest bag ever for cost per wear as it was originally about $500 and I got it 50% off and then used it so much (and plan to, until it gives out). I know prices have gone up a lot but if/when it gives out I know I’ll go to coach for the next one.

    My YSL sac du jour on the other hand- it’s beautiful but I only take it out on nights out and the cost per wear is deplorable. Love it, but would not repurchase. Can’t speak for longevity or anything as I baby it too much.



    Civilization itself will be over. The earth will be nothing but a windy, barren dust bowl. But my late 2000’s LV will survive.



    I am the **most** basic for this – but my Kate Spade Cameron Street Maise in Traincar Red still looks like the first day I unwrapped it despite almost five years of constant, careless use.

    I know it’s not high end, but the clean shape makes me feel polished and the great condition of the cross hatched leather makes me look much more responsible with my belonging than I really am.



    I have a Mansur Gavriel mini bucket in black/blu that I got in late 2016. I also started tracking my wardrobe on Stylebook around that time and that bag has been with me on 104 days so far.

    It shows wear on the ends of the shoulder strap and slight marks on the sharp corners, and the edges of the opening have worn down from shiny to matte from putting my hand in and out of the bag. Overall it still looks pretty neat. I haven’t encountered the [shocking lining separation mentioned in this review](, but I’m not sure if the red colour affects the longevity differently from black.

    Would I buy MG again? Probably not after readng that review to be honest, but I’m enjoying my current bag and will continue doing so for another couple of years. I think mid-tier designer bags look better and last much longer than a faux leather £30 bag, but you can also get reasonably priced sturdy bags that last just as long without the “designer brand tax”. I’ve been eyeing [Cambridge Satchel Company]( for my next daily bag once my bucket kicks the bucket.



    I have a Celine Sangle Seau and it’s in great condition after about 18 months of solid use. The leather has soften considerably but not sagged (I got the softer one rather than the box calf) and expect to get many more years of use out of it. The seal on the leather edges has cracked some but that’s kind of normal in the tropics – the humidity does things to leather and plastics.

    And I have a Celine Trio that’s to me quite meh for the price but it’s also one of my most used bags (bought it in 2014) and still looks good, so I suppose that’s something.

    I also have a Saint Laurent suede and leather Duffle 12 (bought in 2013), and the suede part looks rather beaten up, but the overall condition of the bag is good. You can tell that the bag structure is solid and will continue to take the weight of all the crap I toss in. I actually am quite impressed with the durability because I’ve seen other SL bags look quite worse for wear over the years.

    Amongst the middle-tier brands, I like A.P.C. – very sturdy and beautifully made and better than say, Mansur Gavriel, in my opinion.

    Longchamp bags are workhorses but there’s a significant difference between the ones made in China and the ones made in France – if you’re buying in Asia, be sure to check. The made in China ones “bubble” after a few years, and this is consistently the case with all the bags I’ve seen. The made in France ones looks pretty good after years and years.



    I’m not sure how old my LV Speedy is, it was a gift and purchased used. There’s minor wear on the handles and the leather pull on the zipper came apart. But I have no idea how the previous owner treated it and it could be older than I realize.

    One of my favorite purses is a Coach bag from the 80’s. I have to condition it to keep the leather from looking dry and it has a few scratches (it’s smooth leather) but it looks great overall and they recently rereleased the style and you can’t tell much difference in mine and a newer one.

    I have a pretty beat up Dooney and Bourke that’s also 80’s. It’s the pebbled leather so the main part of the purse is in good condition but the leather trim is scuffed. The inside is in nice condition though. It was $12 so I was okay with the flaws because it’s vintage and I don’t think its a bad thing for it to look obviously vintage. The condition hasn’t gotten any worse though.



    Had my MCM backpack for over 5 years, still looks good as new. One of the best £500 I’ve ever spent. My £1,000 Burberry trench coat on the other hand. 🙁



    I got this bag a year ago from [Kate Spade]( ($328 online, bought on sale for ~$250) and it was the best investment I’ve ever made. In a week, it ripped. But I went to the store and they gave me a new one. I bought it in NYC while visiting and then got the replacement in Philadelphia (where I live), no questions asked. And now it’s been a year of coffee spills and public transportation and the thing is as good as day 1. Their customer service is a huge plus, too. I’ll never go back to the cheep bags.

    [edit: also heavy winters, I can while off the salt (and coffee lol) very easily]



    I have a Celine nano and a Chloe mini faye backpack.

    The Celine I’ve had for a little over two years and has lasted really nicely. The leather has relaxed well. I used it pretty much everyday and aside from denim stains on the inside (sigh) and the shoulder strap not looking too well, it still looks really beautiful. It’s in a soft leather, so it’s easier to scratch. I didn’t treat this bag too well, but it still looks amazing for all the times i threw it in the ground and piled things on top of it.

    My chloe bag I’ve only had for 10 months with minimal wear so I can say too much except that the metal ring and clasp rub together which sands the metal and then that gets on your fingers when you touch it. And then depending on if you touch the suede, mark the suede up. I have mine in a tan colour so the suede is quite light, and the sanding of the hardware shows in one spot. So, something to keep in mind. Other than that, it’s a super fun and cute bag.



    A different type of mid-tier brand, but I bought the Senreve Maestra as a going to grad school gift to myself and I don’t know if I can in good faith recommend it 🙁 the corners don’t fill properly so it looks lumpy and not as structured as online. One of the straps basically almost completely detached from the bottom and I had to get it repaired. They’re supposed to have a warranty, but I’m overseas for school and would probably have to pay for the shipping which would be prohibitively expensive compared to getting it fixed locally, and the leather bubbles up in damp weather. It’s still a beautiful bag and I get loads of compliments on it, but it’s not the sturdy go live out of your bag purse I needed. I have a MacBook air so the lightest imaginable laptop, and even that can make the bag to heavy for the skinny straps. I wanted to love it!!

    My Celine and Longchamps on the other hand, don’t even age, it’s amazing.



    Think it really depends on the purse – just because its designer doesn’t mean it will be flawless construction unfortunately, and luxury goods can certainly still be delicate. Some brands are going to have pristine hand-stitched construction, and others are going to be just ok.

    My Balenciaga Classic City didn’t like how much weight I put in it and some stitching on one of the ring attachments for the long strap came loose. I had a repair place fix it for about $15 and now it’s probably stronger than it ever was. Same with a bag from The Row – braided handle straps started slipping out of their sheaths. Had it repaired in the one spot, but I plan to preemptively have the other places reinforced to prevent it from happening again.

    My take is to just wear them – so what if you wear them out. It’s just a bag, and what’s the point of owning a gorgeous designer bag if you baby it and hardly use it? Plus it’s worth it to pay for repairs here and there as needed, for a lesser bag, it is not.



    I mean, I used my Macy’s store brand purse nearly every day, rain or shine, for 8 years before tearing the leather badly on a piece of sharp metal (ugh), and it looked great the whole time. It was $83 on sale when I bought it in 2010. The leather was soft and buttery. No stitches came undone. I did have the edges of the straps resealed after around 6 years. My new purse is from a no-name leather working shop in Spain and cost €90/$103.

    I could buy 17 nice handmade leather purses for the price of your Chloe bag. Each of them will probably last at least 5 years of hard use, probably 10 if I condition and maintain correctly. Luxury items do have value in signaling social and economic status to others, but they are not materially superior to less expensive goods. You are paying for the brand: the advertisements, the fashion shows, the store on 5th Avenue or in Mayfair, etc.. A $100 pair of shoes is vastly better than a $30 pair. A $200 pair is a little better than the $100, maybe. But a $2000 pair is functionally exactly the same as the $200 pair.

    Using a $100 bag every three days gets me to $1 a wear in a year. Your bag will take 5.3 years of using it every single day to reach that level. Or, 19.6 years of using it every three days.

    If you can afford it and are happy with buying the social signaling of a two thousand dollar purse, enjoy it! But from an financial point of view, luxury goods are never going to make sense—that’s their whole point. They exist to display economic success through conspicuous consumption of surplus resources.



    From a mid-tier perspective, I have to sing the praises of my Coach leather wristlet. I got it for Christmas 10 years ago and use it daily as a wallet as well as a clutch. It has knocked around in every purse or backpack I’ve ever had, been out to college bars, and just generally dragged around the world without a scratch or loose stitch. I love this thing. Cost per wear is probably in the pennies by now.

    My other daily carry is a Madewell Medium Transport tote. The leather is definitely showing some wear, but at that price point I’m actually into the “patina” of worn leather. It’s not falling apart by any means, just getting softer. It’s about a year old and I’m happy with the condition considering the abuse I put them through.

    Finally, I have three Fossil purses I’ve received as gifts. They are all lovely, so I use them when I want something smaller than the full tote. My oldest bag is [this satchel]( A year or so ago the top handle popped out one one side, so I took it to my cobbler (my SO’s grandfather, lol) and he patched it seamlessly, so it’s still going strong. Considering, again, the abuse it’s seen over the last decade, one repair is extremely good.



    I have had my Michael Kors size large Hamilton since 09 or 10 and it has honestly held up so beautifully. I’ll be wearing it until the wheels fall off. I’m wondering if mine was one of the last years they were made well, it seems like everyone complains about staining and seams ripping. That being said, I did have the bag weather treated the day after I got it.

    It has definitely been worth the price, considering I haven’t had the need to purchase another expensive handbag in almost a decade, and I wear this thing nearly every single day of my life.

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