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    Hope this post follows the rules… 🙂

    As I build up my closet, I find myself spending a nice chunk per month on clothing. Fellow clothes lovers, how much do you spend? When this question is posted in other subreddits, somehow its a competition of who spends the least. how can someone only spend 100 a year?

    Edit: I didn’t mean my last sentence to come across as cruel or condescending. With the costs of clothing (even fast fashion), it was hard for me to see how 100 dollars could stretch that far. Just buying a bra, underwear, and socks could eat up a huge chunk of the budget. Thanks so much for ppl who shared their money saving shopping hacks. Style doesn’t have a budget.



    It’s not a consistent amount every month but if I had to average it out I would say around $500 a month. I find myself wanting to justify/explain that I’m in my mid 20’s with a good job, no husband/kids, and no debt but I know I don’t really owe anyone an explanation. It’s less than 10% of my take-home so I don’t feel too badly about it. I’m gradually building my wardrobe up with nicer quality pieces and materials and it’s been a fun process.



    Heh, I love peeping at other people’s monetary habits, so I figure I should add mine as well.

    I budget $50 per month for clothing, which is about 1.5% of my take-home salary or 10% of my discretionary income after expenses and savings. I budget another $50 for makeup, skincare, haircuts, etc. After doing the math, I find it rather shocking that 20% of my discretionary income goes towards clothing and beauty. I hadn’t realized that before. :-/

    I also let myself spend anything I make from reselling clothes on more clothes. This amounts to an extra $20-100 a month.



    I think I’m at about $500 a month on average. It goes more like $1k some months and $0 some months. For context I’m in my mid-20s and make $140k/year and have no debt, no kids, and no pets.



    I am the person that spends $100 a year! I saw the title and thought I will upvote another hundred-er and call it a day. How do you spend so much? Or more like, how much do you make to begin with? I work two jobs, do my best to make ends meet and thanks to lack of funds and time, on a good day, look like I belong to three to five years ago-fashionably speaking. I must admit, it is usually worse(mismatched eras, whatever fits or whatever is clean or situation appropriate) For clothing, I only thrift shop, almost never buy anything new. Undies, socks and so on comes from Wal-Mart or discount stores. I never go to clothing stores(to avoid temptation) and not see what is”in” except here. I follow this sub to get my fashion”fix” for free. I LOVE other people’s clothes, styles and pinterest boards. And when I am done, I go thrift shopping and get whatever is half off. I needed work boots for months now but I could not find one until today. Now I have one and I am over the moon! Not ideal, but budget friendly. Yard sales, church functions(I am an atheist) and hand me downs are my natural source of clothing. That is how I spend so little. By not having a choice. 🙁



    I’m going to guess I spend $1000 a year, max. It’s not monthly. Where does the money go? It varies but it’s combination of a few new dresses/jeans/blouses per year, new tights/leggings/socks, new bras, and other misc. replacements; this year, I’m replacing my heavy winter coat.

    If you add in the money I spend on yarn, it’s going to be more. I knit scarves/shawls and hats for myself.



    I spend about $20/month or so on clothing, but I make that stretch in a few ways. Almost all of my clothes come from thrift stores. I’ve been sewing since I was a kid so nearly everything bought from a thrift store is tailored or even fully taken apart and remade into something new. A local thrift store has a 99c tag that changes every week. Last week I took $5 and came out with 3 wool blazers, a dress I’m going to make into a two-piece, and a silk blouse.
    But for things like exercise clothes and jeans my real go-to is Dirt Cheap. Yesterday I got a bunch of $30 Target sports bras for $1 each, and several Gap thermal workout pieces for $2 each. I have no idea how widespread Dirt Cheap is, but I know it’s pretty prominent in my area(deep South, USA.)



    I have a general fun money category in my budget that’s $150 per month. Some months that goes primarily towards clothes, other times skincare or books or whatnot. On average I probably spend $50 per month on clothes, sometimes $100. But while I am into fashion, I try to keep my closet fairly minimal and at this point I’m mostly only adding a few key pieces each season or switching out old basics that need to be replaced.



    Statistics say 125€ per month (including clothes, shoes, jewellery, underwear, etc.). Seems about right: usually it’s lower but every once in a while I need something more expensive like a winter coat, a bunch of new work outfits, etc. 90% is fair and slow fashion or thrift stores.

    Judging from the comments I bet people who are guessing would have a different number if they really calculated everything in over a year.



    $200-250 a month. Currently trying to get this down to $150 a month with little success!



    This gets asked a lot, both here and on personal finance subs. I spent $200/month and that includes basics, underwear, shoes, gym clothes, outerwear, etc.



    I set a $1200 per year budget for myself, which includes shoes, outerwear, underwear, jewelry, and sunglasses. The past couple of years I’ve been having babies and spending less because I didn’t feel like I should purchase much when I’m just going to get spit-up, snot, or food all over me. Now I’m back at work, back to my old size, and slowly figuring out my style before I try to build a quality work wardrobe.



    I spend $500 a month on average. Some months are more if I specifically go on a “shopping excursion” with my mom. I have a low amount of bills and fashion is a passion & hobby of mine. Sometimes I feel like I spend a lot but then I remind myself how I used to work as a personal assistant for a lady who would spend a minimum of 10k a month on clothes.



    Because $100 is all we have to spend and still be able to eat.



    There are definitely some months where I spend nothing on clothing–usually if I’m too busy and stressed to shop. I graduated from college earlier this year and I’ve been trying to revamp my wardrobe though, so I’ve been spending maybe $30-100 on clothing per month. While this may not sound like very much, it actually comes out to a lot of items as I mainly thrift my clothing for ethical and financial reasons. I generally spend $4-6 on tops and $7-9 on bottoms. I do still buy bras, underwear, etc. new so that’s why sometimes my monthly expenditure is super high.

    I would definitely love to get to the point where I’m only spending $100/year, and I think that’s a reasonable goal. While I enjoy shopping and fashion, I am trying to find high quality items that last so I’m only spending a few bucks on replacing items that wear out or repairing them.

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