How soon did you know that you’d be really into clothes and fashion?

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    Did you start getting interested fairly recently or have you always been interested/fascinated even as a child?

    As a kid I remember randomly doodling futuristic action hero-types that were always in suits, along with crazy hairdos inspired by Goku from Dragonball or some weird body modification thing that they use for fighting bad dudes (that were also in suits).

    Around the same time (or possibly earlier) I would put on my pyjamas, layer it with another pyjama top as the “jacket” and wear one of my dad’s ties and pretend like it was a suit.

    Weirdly enough I rarely wear suits as an adult since I work in a more casual workplace, but I would say those things I did as a kid definitely had a role in my newly-rediscovered interest in clothes and fashion.



    Probably like senior year of high school. Before I only cared about shoes. Eventually I realized I couldn’t have dope shoes and have the rest of my fit looking trash. So I started caring about other pieces of clothing.



    Grew up thinking I was lookin’ real good but at around age 25 I realised I was a technicolour mess. Started paying more attention to what my friends/other locals were wearing (Melbourne, Australia) and now my entire wardrobe is black/grey/brown. Couldn’t be happier.



    When I first discovered /r/streetwear I instantly knew I was into fashion, even though I’ve strayed away from streetwear. I just like looking good and feeling good. I dressed like trash before haha



    As a little kid I loved dressing up. I didn’t care much for ties, but I loved wearing a 3-piece suit. When I was 12, I got my own GQ magazine subscription, which I believe I acquired by secretly filling out one of those little magazine inserts with my own name, and checking off a box that said “Bill Me Later.” 😂😂😂

    I studied the issues intently, and used to carry them around like other tweens would carry around comic books. I was allowed to keep the subscription going, and the following year upon entering Jr High, I got to be my own stylist, choosing 100% of my back-to-school wardrobe under my own style guidelines. It was one of the first forms of real self-expression that I was allowed, and I really threw myself into it. I played with color, pattern, and silhouette with all the freedom a 13-year-old could get away with. I adapted GQ’s labels and dressier styles, translating them casual looks that my parents could afford. I got to dress myself up for my first Jr High dance, and I put together this crazy fit based on a silhouette I saw in the massive September issue I’d received the month prior, mixed with colors and patterns from both a cologne ad and a watch ad from other pages.
    I rocked the fuuuuck out of that fit, with strangers left and right complimenting me on it the entire night. From that point I was hooked on the “Dandyhigh” you get when following through on your instincts to develop/express your personal style.



    I am from 1995, when I was in 1/2th grade (age 5-7), I made my mum buy me Globes because that’s what all the skaters wore, she understandably didn’t like them. By 4th grade/4de leerjaar (age 10) I was into rap/hip hop and once went to school with a fake golden diamond gangsta chain, a bandana with a snapback on top of that. By 2008 I dressed like a “scene boy”, still have some 08/09/10 collection drop dead clothing in the closet that is now way to small for me. The question “How soon did you know that you’d be really into clothes and fashion?” to me is like asking the question “How soon did you know that you’d be really into music?”, it’s not very answerable, It has always been a part of my life and it has always been something I gave more fucks about than the average dude. A life long poser/hipster.



    Was obese and when I started college I decided to become as healthy as possible. Lost all the excess weight and discovered I could fit into any clothing I wanted

    Then I discovered and never went back from it



    I was seventeen and had just lost a bunch of weight.

    I needed a whole new wardrobe as nothing I had fit me anymore so I found this sub and started looking at how to dress better.



    Recently this year at 23 I realized I was horrible with dressing myself. I have been using this sub, and r/frugalmalefashion, and tumblr to revamp my wardrobe. Now I’m freakin obsessed with fashion. Specifically minimalistic/cheap, but fashionable clothing.



    I was reading MFA and a guide or article about leather jackets and was linked to H Lorenzo and Julius leathers and thought to myself, “One day, I’ll own one of those!”



    Only after figuring out that I’m a man and starting to get comfortable with that.

    Back when I was wearing girl clothes, I mostly chose things based on comfort, liking the color, and not being too revealing – I didn’t have a sense of how clothes looked /on me/. During the last couple years of that I started to develop some more nuaunced preferences, mostly because of discovering that collared shirts and blazers we’re things I could wear.

    My interest in clothes increased a lot after I switched because looking good (to me) is actually attainable now.



    When I bought a pair of SLP SL/01, I mostly bought them cause I wanted white shoes and had a bit of extra cash and couldn’t find any cheapish sneakers that I liked.

    Quality + compliments really do help forming new hobbies.



    My stepdad is Austrian and is a relatively important figure in the world of high end modern funky furniture. Of course he dresses in a way that would reflect this. 10 years on and I’m an adult and his style has influenced me in so many ways. Funky clothes are my jam.



    I dressed horribly until my early 20s when a friend took me clothes shopping to upgrade my style. From then on I’ve moved from more streetwear style to classic menswear as it just fits my look better.



    I was always marginally interested but I didn’t really know it was fashion. I just liked looking good and I loved wearing suits. When I left high school and got a lot more freedom to explore my interests is when I really got into fashion.

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