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    Since I was younger I’ve always had knocked knees (knees turn inwards to each other instead of straight) I was wondering if any other women have this problem and know how to dress themselves nicely without make it obvious that they walk like a penguin or a new born calf (lol) I’ve always been so upset about my knees I don’t even wear knee high boots which I looove the look of. Any little tips and tricks people have would be greatly appreciated!



    I avoided skinny jeans forever because I feel like they emphasize it, but at some point I just stopped caring. I’d rather just wear what I want than stress over how my knees look.



    I have knocked knees technically. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed someone else having knocked knees, and I definitely don’t remember ever thinking someone’s clothing choices called attention to their knocked knees. Maybe you have a right to be self-conscious but I have a feeling it’s much more likely that it’s nothing to worry about, and that you should wear anything and everything you like.

    I don’t know if it’s because of my knees, but I do notice that I have a low tolerance for uncomfortable heels, and they can sometimes make me walk funny. So 70% of my shoes are flats, and I’m careful about the heels I do own. I’m not sure if that’s a problem you were alluding to, but if it is, here’s what I look for in heels: thick/stacked heels, support through the ankle (ankle straps, t-straps, boots); padded insole, 3″ or less. Cole Haan and Naturalizer are my go-tos.



    No – own it! It’s you. It makes you adorably human. I say this because when I was younger I avoided wearing shorts or skirts for years because I thought my own knees were bow-legged and bony. Now I look back and realise that a) they weren’t anywhere near as bad as I thought and b) the people I most admire in life are ones who have some weird thing like this about them, and they just make it work. They don’t hide it, or disguise it. At times they even seem to accentuate it. You know – those people with the big nose, or strange ears, or a humungous bosom or a flat chest. If you’re comfortable with yourself as you are – other people will be drawn to you. If you aren’t, you’ll spend heaps of energy and mental space trying to deal with something that later on you’ll look back on and wonder why! And a tiny bit of self-consciousness is very endearing. – Like a little bit of spice. Don’t overdo it, but a tiny bit is complimentary especially when the rest is presented with confidence.



    Hi! I am knock-kneed too! I also avoid boots! For me, I’ve found flared/boot leg pants in neutral colors work well to hide it. They’re not the most on-trend right now, but for me it’s worth it. Wide leg pants hide it very well, but I just hate the way those look on me.

    Long/midi dresses are definitely your friend here, too!



    Girl! You’ve got the truest hourglass figure! I say flaunt it 🙌



    I’m not sure if this would make you feel comfortable, but what about just-over-the-knee boots? I have some that hit about 1.5” over my knees, and they really make me feel better about my legs.



    I have this, might have noticed a couple of other women with similar legs in passing – while I was learning life drawing and just noticing people’s shapes more in general – but honestly it’s not something that people really pay attention to. Unless they’re really petty assholes or something, in which case you’re better off disregarding their opinion.

    If it’s really distracting *to you*, wearing plain pants and an interesting top and jewellery will draw the eye up away from your legs if it’s really bothering you. Floaty midi and maxi dresses and skirts also work well, especially if they have an asymmetrical or hanky hem.

    Just wear whatever you want, honesty. Nobody is going to be as critical of you as you are. I wear primarily ponte pants aka thick leggings now for comfort and because they flatter the rest of me. And nobody has ever said anything about my knees when I’ve worn knee-high boots, they’ve just complimented the boots! Wear the boots!



    As someone in retail I would say long skirts in stiff fabrics like Jean, cord or canves, and the best shoes so your comfy and can walk as well as possible. Add a top with a flounce or a tie or a bright color to keep people looking up



    Personally for me the “Mom” style or “boyfriend” style pants are the most flattering. Fitted through the hips and thighs and tapered loosely through the knees and calf’s. I also have a pair of American eagle OTK’s in olive I haven’t had the nerve to take out of the house yet. I’m super conscious of my legs lol I wish I could just get over it and wear whatever but I feel like a gangly and awkward 12 year old when I try lol
    I do a lot of high waist, wide leg pants, paper bag and harem pants, leggings are totally out of the question. I find myself picky with shoes as well because any thick or clunky shoe makes me look like I have chicken legs with bricks for feet, so I go for mostly open or dainty shoes that show the ankle a bit.



    Wide leg pants? Especially the flowy ones. You’ll have a lot of room to hide the shape and the movement of the fabric will distract from how you walk. Plus they’re just super comfy.

    But honestly I think you should just rock those high boots you love! Wear whatever you think is fashionable because all that matters is doing what makes you happy in life 🙂



    Oh is that what they’re called? I totally have those. The thing is, I love somewhere hot all year round so there’s no way I’m covering up my legs all the time. I didn’t even know it was a thing people noticed.



    I have a friend with ‘knock knees’. It’s really not that noticeable to other people. No one notices your flaws as much as you do



    Look for boots without inside zippers. The rubbing will destroy the boots—I finally settled ona pair of Fryes with back zippers.



    Knocked knees here also! If you can afford it/have insurance, orthotics can help to sort of “push” your knees back in place ever so slightly. It’s a temporary effect that only lasts when you’re wearing them, but my knees actually touch less when I’m wearing mine.

    Otherwise, though, I say go for it! Wear what you want and what makes you happy.

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