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    Okay, 30+ year old and I have a very simple wardrobe that I got with the apartment I rented. It only has a two shelves on the top and an area to hang clothes with a hanger at the bottom.

    I find it very difficult to organise my clothes in such limited space.

    Currently, I tried to separate by following, but it is impossible with so many bifurcations,
    1. Formals: Shirts I hang, trousers need space of their own.
    2. Formal-casuals: Polos, which I usually wear to work, when I don’t wear formals.
    3. Outdoor Casuals: Round necks and V neck T’s. Need a space, along with a separate space for jeans. A separate space for shorts too. 😑
    4. Indoor wear: Simple, baggy, comfortable round neck T’s, the ones that come in a bunch of 3s or 5s which I wear only at home. Need a space along with indoor shorts.
    5. Gymwear and sportswear: 🙄
    6. Underwear and socks and Ties.

    Shoes I keep separate at a separate location at the moment

    I have never been that fashion conscious, but the more I buy clothes for different occasions, the more I have trouble arranging them in my little wardrobe.

    Can you guys help a fellow guy to rearrange his wardrobe?

    Thanks in advance.



    I like your categorisation of your clothes – it’s similar to how I view mine. But if you have two shelves and a hanging space I’m not sure there’s much you can do. Do you have space in the apartment for an [open wardrobe or clothes rack]( Maybe that’d help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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