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    So I have been gathering inspiration for my website designs lately and realized that fashion could really set my look apart from some of my contemporaries. It’s one of the few places I haven’t pulled from, even though I have an interest. It’s far past the time I pull that into my design, and would love a direction to go in.


    So where do you all stay up to date (or better yet, ahead of) with trends? How did you learn about iconic brands and items? Who do you think is doing branding right? How do you look at runway shows? Anything else I’m not thinking of?


    I’d love to hear your stories!



    I think the most comprehensive resource is Womenswear Daily (WWD). You have to pay for it, but it gives you full access to runways, trends, industry business. You can probably find a trial offer to see if you like it (but if you’re craving info like the Celine article then you’ll love it. Spoiler alert).

    When you narrow down the creative directors/designers/houses you like, follow them on Instagram. I would also suggest following some bloggers who stay closer to the fashion side than the retail side (like man repeller, maybe diet prada?) Also, go shopping. Usually luxury retailers have access to product knowledge that isn’t online.



    walk into any luxury department store and pretend to be interested in things. the sales associate will eventually come over and tell you 43 facts about miucca and her grandpa.

    goofs aside, if you walk around a specialty store specific to a location (usually only present in larger cities) the sales associates are more than happy to talk to you about the designer. one of my favorite boutiques is the margiela store in san francisco. spent a little over an hour in there most recently when the sales associate complimented me on my y/project sweater, and then spent the duration of our visit informing us on the new collection, galliano, margiela himself, their best selling items, his personal favorite SS shows, etc. could be unhelpful advice if you don’t live in NY, LA, SF or seattle but i figured it’s worth a shot.



    Instagram. Follow fashion bloggers with the look you’re after. And Net-a-Porter.



    Womenswear Daily and Vogue Runway are both good sources. I would also suggest you look at a number of bloggers/instagram influencers to get an idea of what is trending.



    IMO going back to the roots and history of it is just as important as staying up to date. That’s how you get your own eye, rather than relying on other people’s opinion. Without understanding references looking at current trends isn’t very helpful, unless your goal is just to follow them.



    I have the same question! Especially with that post the other day about hedi slimane ruining Celine – how do I find out what a brand or designer’s “look” is, in both the specific instance of Celine and in a general sense?



    My favorite source for high fashion is [Go Fug Yourself]( which is a cheeky, fun fashion blog which used to simply lampoon celebrities wearing kooky stuff, but is now more focused on runway shows, celebrity fashion, and trends. It has been around for a LONG time, and it’s free. I can’t wait to check out the blogs that other people recommended!



    Lots of good suggestions here! WWD and Vogue Runway are great, and most of the major fashion magazines also do trend round-ups, which are helpful if you’re just starting to look at fashion photos. The shows referenced in those round-ups are often a good place to start, if you’re overwhelmed by all the shows.

    Usually when I look at a runway show, I try to consider it in the context of previous shows by the same brand, particularly iconic looks from the past, and current trends. Sometimes it’s helpful to compare a designer’s work for one house to his/her work for a previous house (i.e. Maria Grazia Chiuri’s work at Dior vs. Valentino) – sometimes that will give you a sense of a designer’s personal taste vs. the house’s general aesthetic. You want to look at silhouette and proportion, then fabric choices, colour and embellishment.

    Do you also follow interior design/architecture? Interior design trends (colours, textures, etc) do seem to mirror fashion design trends, but they move a little more slowly. It might be a helpful way to see which trends are more enduring.



    I read WWD, Business of Fashion, and a lot of fashion history books when I was in university. I would look through past collections and archives on Vogue, figure out who you really enjoy, and then research about those brands specifically. E.g. I don’t know a lot about fashion history pre-Antwerp Six, and really only stay current on brands I care for are showing.


    Geobead Is another good runway site. They often have some of the rising designers or foreign ones that don’t always get featured at vogue.



    Download the vogue runway app, it has snap shots from every major fashion show. I also like watching FF Channel on YouTube.



    I’m gonna add Allure, Instyle, Elle, and Glamour for an easy entry point into fashion. The super basic online versions usually post a round up of trends each season, which let’s me use key words to find more styling ideas on other platforms.

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