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    (if you’re not interested to read the story just skip to the boots I found)

    at first let me explain what barefoot / minimal shoes are. This are shoes which have
    zero Heel to Toe Drop (zero Drop)

    No Arch support

    Wide Toe Box (in normal shoes your toes are often squeezed together because they are to small at the front)

    Thin and Flexible Soles



    for more Information you can read this [https://www.softstarshoes.com/minimal-footwear](https://www.softstarshoes.com/minimal-footwear)


    I had problems with my feet, since I wear barefootshoes I got rid of this problems. So for me they are a real pleasure and every normal shoe is a torture. It was hard to finde barefoot boots but I found a couple which I think look ok. But now I can’t deside which I should order.

    I can’t just buy, try them on and send them back because some of them have to be shipped international which means high shipping cost for me ( I am from germany and 2 of the boots are from the USA). So I hope you can help me to make a dession which one I should buy (I know barefootshoes are alway a compromise if it comes to the look)


    # Here are the boots I found:

    1. It’s a hiking boot, but I think it could look pretty cool with some different shoelaces

    2. brown leather boot [https://bestleather.org/lems-shoes-russet-leather-boulder-boots-review/](https://bestleather.org/lems-shoes-russet-leather-boulder-boots-review/)
    and the nylon version

    3. some kind of chukka


    I am very curious about your thoughts. And maybe here are more guys into minimal shoes? Maybe you know some more shoes I din’t find at my research?



    Switching to barefoot shoes can be dangerous if you walked your hole life with normal shoes which caused that you’re muscels in the feet are dead. In this case you have to start with traing you feet befor switching to barefoot shoes.




    UK: Vivobarefoot Gobi. Vivobarefoot Scott.

    Germany: various models from Bär (Joe Nimble)

    USA: Xero Coalton, Xero Daylight Hiker, and the Lems boot you mention.

    The Bär models look the most normal, but aren’t quite flexible enough to be truly minimal. The Vivobarefoot Gobi is probably the best all round compromise. The Scott and the various US boots are more outdoorsy is appearance.



    Altra makes a couple boots that are zero drop with wide toe boxes, and are a relatively esteemed running shoe company. They have a more … utilitarian fashion though.

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