I found my holy grail casual dress today at a thrift store!

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    [as requested, here is the pic of my lord and saviour dress ](https://imgur.com/a/qShewk0)
    For months, nay, *years*, I have searched for *the dress*. An elusive article of clothing I could not accurately describe, but that I’d “know when I see it”. It had to be long enough that I did not need to wear bike shorts underneath. It had be loose enough that I did not need seamless underwear. It had to be light, but not so light it was sheer. It needed to have sleeves, anything longer than cap sleeves. It was not necessary, but it was preferable, that it have little buttons in a row down the front. It must also be affordable, for one is a broketh bitch.

    And finally I found it. It’s got sleeves to my elbows. It was tea length and loose with a beautiful blue and red print all over it. It had a row of little pearlescent buttons all down the front. It had a slightly lower than empire waist cut, with soft elastic to gather it. It had small slits at the front that took it from kind of dowdy to elegant and hippie-ish. It was 100% cotton.

    But best of all, it was $10 and exactly my size. God is good y’all *sniff* praise thrift stores

    Anyone else ever found that perfect elusive item?



    Now that you have it, you could consider getting a tailor to make a copy of it in other fabrics if you so desire.



    No I haven’t, but picture of the dress please!



    Dress Dress Show us the Dress.

    Congratulations!! I have a few *the one* items and they have all come from a thrift store. Its fate. always. 🙂



    I wasn’t even looking for it at the time, but I found the perfect formal dress. This dress is my favorite color, exactly the right length with no tailoring, has pockets, and is machine washable. I’ve worn it at least four times and I have plans to wear it at a formal wedding next month. Easily one of the best $8 purchases I’ve ever made.



    I have been searching high and low for high waisted stonewash mom jeans that fit me in the waist but are still loose fitting down the leg, with a distressed hem but not *too* distressed, with no slits or holes in the front, that make my bum look great and go with Birkenstocks and ankle boots. I’ve searched high and low, but every time I’ve found something I thought would work, they’ve been way to big in the waist, but fitted in the leg…

    I finally found some. In Primark. For £13. They had one pair left in my size, and I’ve barely taken them off since!

    I’ve had others, and still have others I’m waiting for, but this is my most recent one!



    When I was in high school, I had a vision of the PERFECT cardigan/hoodie sweater. Grey, cable knit, cool buttons that were easy to do/undo. Pockets. Mid-thigh length.

    One day, I walked into Yonkers (so, not as good as your thrift story) and found it! Toggle buttons shaped like horns. Merino wool, so thin but very warm. Checked all my boxes.

    It Ralph Lauren, $150 bucks. Way beyond my price range. But! Christmas was coming! I saved my allowances, and took my Christmas money from my grandparents (they always gave it to us early so we would have a real gift to open on the holiday), and after a few weeks, I had enough.

    I went to the store, and… it was gone. None of the other department stores in town had it either. I literally cried, because I was 17 and that was my level of coping skills.

    Come Christmas morning, I’m opening gifts, and open one from my Dad, and… IT’S THE SWEATER!! It was gone because he’d already bought it for me!!

    I wore that CONSTANTLY through the rest of college, high school, and beyond. Alas, when I was in my early 20s, my roommate’s cat peed on it, and despite multiple rounds of dry cleaning, the smell never came out. I still dream of finding another.

    My current substitute is [this from Duluth Trading Co](https://www.duluthtrading.com/womens-fisherman-long-cardigan-33754.html?cgid=womens-tops-sweaters-turtlenecks&dwvar_33754_color=IVO#start=4&cgid=womens-tops-sweaters-turtlenecks). It is adequate, but it lacks a hood, the buttons are a little more fiddly, and the material is thicker, and has artificial fiber in the blend, which my original sweater did not.



    I found a prom dress that fit my short ass perfectly at a thrift store. $10 for a vintage black sparkly dress that’s slinky in a way that modern prom dresses aren’t. I genuinely feel like it was made for my body. It’s still my favorite thing that I own, not that I have anywhere else to wear it.



    I found the PERFECT jeans at a thrift store. Cambio Norah straight leg jeans. They’re perfect. I’ve bought two other pairs off of eBay, the exact same model and size, and neither one fits me as well as the ones I got for 5 bucks thrifting.



    I don’t wear jeans, I prefer dresses and skirts. For years I’ve had trouble finding dresses that were bodycon – but not clubwear. Long sleeved – But not mesh or lace or some other odd fabric. Low cut – But adjustable so I could transition it from day to night. I FINALLY found these dresses on amazon, and armed with the right search terms and a lot of patience, I’ve found more.

    I am so happy for you! Dressing in something pretty but practical is the best feeling.



    Congrats on the big find.

    Black, 3/4 length sleeve, cashmere blend sweater from Ann Taylor. Looked like it had been worn maybe a handful of times. $6.



    I found a nearly new Eileen fisher linen shirt at a thrift store for…$7!!

    Edited to add I also found my wedding dress at an op shop in Australia for $15!



    I found my perfect dress this week too actually! It’s a black linen maxi with short sleeves and large front pockets, it’s essentially a bag but the shoulders are cut for a small so even though I have complete range of motion it doesn’t look like I’m a child wearing a moo moo. $6 and I was so excited I told the lady next to me, “I just found my dream dress.”

    I also found a sleeveless dusty pink linen maxi, no pockets but buttons all the way down the front and it feels like I’m wearing a cloud.



    I need to see this dress



    That dress looks so good on you! 😀

    I found my holy grail formal winter coat last year. It’s light grey, wool, knee length, and looked like it had never been worn. Finally I can stop wearing puffers over slinky silk dresses!



    My prom dress felt like fate…This was back in 2006 and I had a very specific idea of what I wanted- a 1980s, off the shoulder, dark green taffeta dress, fitted to the waist with a wide, midi-length skirt. I was really into vintage and found all the popular prom dress styles at the time really ugly and unflattering on me.

    I went up to London with my mum and we trawled every single vintage shop we could find from Victoria to Shoreditch to Camden, with no luck whatsoever- not even a half decent compromise dress. After about 8 hours of shopping, defeated, we started to walk back to the station, but came across one last shop on the way and popped in. It was 15 minutes to closing time. I found my DREAM dress- exactly as described- hanging on their sale rack for £10. It was exactly my size and needed no altering. I had terrible self esteem as a teenager but I felt truly beautiful in that dress.



    Your dress is awesome! Your list reminds me of a dress I got recently. Amazon Australia prices for [the dress](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JOYH258) are double what I see on the us page. But maybe you can find the brand elsewhere.



    Not quite the same thing as I hadn’t been looking for it, but my best ever perfect purchase was a leather trench coat. This store had two coats left, and I wasn’t looking for a coat, just shopping in general, but this one caught my eye. It is a saddle colored leather trench in the softest leather I have ever felt. Just a beautiful coat, lined, super well made, everything. It had the manufacturer’s price tag on it of $875 which is what it sold for in fancy department stores when it was in-season. It was mod-summer, and while I live exceedingly hot. Crazy hot – no one was buying it, so it had been marked down from $225 (the discount store’s price) to $75. It was missing two buttons, so I asked the clerk if they could nark it down further. I got it for $60 and the buttons were in the pocket. I wear this gorgeous coat every chance I get. I’m an old, so a leather trench isn’t weird on me.



    Dude i found a pair of madewell short overalls last nght at the thrift store in my size. Blessed

    I’m still in search of the perfect black & white striped tee

    And a perfect pair of high waisted jeans that are fitted but not too skinny



    Hahahaha I’m soooo happy for you! Finding the right dress is such a magical moment!



    THANK YOU! i hope you don’t mind me screenshotting your photo so i could show my tailor the kind of dress that i want! i’ll ask her to make this in different colours!



    Amazing good for you!

    I too am a broke bitch but I desperately needed some comfortable yet nice and affordable shoes for business meetings and the like. Comfortable and affordable shoes do not go in the same sentence. I found a PRISTINE pair of Stuart Weitzman kitten heel pumps in a thrift store for $17. I wear them all the time. But now I’m super protective of them, my stupid expensive, stupid cheap shoes!



    Yes, I got it at a clothing swap. Wore it to wrk and all weekend, and then absentmindedly washed it and shrunk it!!! 😞



    [Space unicorn dress!]( http://imgur.com/a/BNndF3O) It was sold out when I discovered its existence so I tracked one down on UK ebay. It was a few sizes too big, but I bought it anyway and altered it to fit.



    I have a few pieces that were always in the back of my mind, for literal years. They’ve all ended up being some of my most worn things once they’ve found their way to my closet.

    The most expensive one was probably the perfect winter coat. This one wasn’t very specific, but more that I’d been forever looking for the perfect jacket that would keep me *warm* in Swedish winters, but still look nice. I ended up finding a beautiful parka-style jacket with faux fur lining, fleece lined pockets and the best, warm hood. It was expensive, by my standards, at over $200. I did end up splurging when, imagine my luck, it went on sale for 30% off. Worth the money when the cold hits in the winter, it feels like I’m wearing a thick blanket under the jacket.

    Another item was the perfect denim shirt. Not too heavy, nice fit, the perfect “wear” in the design. Gets so much wear now, and will never really go out of style imo. And it was only $20 or so.

    Another jacket was a fall jacket from H&M. I’d been looking for the perfect utility jacket that will layer well and be the perfect, casual piece to throw on. I wanted it to be slightly fitted since it works better with my body shape, to have nice zippers in the right places, and be the perfect army-green colour. I found it at H&M for something like $70, which I thought was a bit steep for them, but I ended up getting it anyway. 4 years later and it’s still going strong, and getting wear every fall and spring.

    In general the pieces I have in the back of my mind tend to be pretty classic things, which works well when I happen to find it for a bit more than I would’ve wished. It hurts to pay, but a few years later I won’t really think about how much it cost – it’s gotten so much wear that it’s worth it five times over. Currently I’m searching for the perfect denim jacket, as well as the perfect winter boots. Also always on the hunt for a pair of comfortable heels that are still dressy. And probably about twenty other things.

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