If you could only shop at one retailer for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

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    caveats: can’t be a department store, has to be in your price range



    Asos! Their tall section is a life-saver and I rarely have to return anything.



    J Crew – totally hit and miss, but it has casual, professional and formal clothes, enough basics and enough fun things that I would be fine.



    Loft. I can almost always find something there whether it’s a basic, casual, or more work appropriate item. They also have a lot of petite items which is amazing for me because I’m 5’0. I love being able to actually find a decent selection of petites to try on in the store.



    Dunno if it would be considered a department store but I could probably shop for every single item I buy for the rest of my life at REI. Clothes and shoes, but also food, furniture, kitchen items… Basically I could live in an REI.



    Does Goodwill count?? Cause I pretty much already shop only there anyways….



    I want to say Uniqlo just because they have so many basics and they’re also quite affordable, but I think I’d miss having trendier/more colorful/fun pieces in my collection. So although my wallet would cry, I guess Madewell since they fit my overall aesthetic the closest. I was so tempted to say Stylenanda for the same reason as Madewell but I might start to panic once I hit 35 lol.



    Since it has to be in my price range and I’d have to buy everything there, my instinct is Old Navy. Quality is hit or miss but the hits have lasted me years for both professional and casual items. If I had more leeway money wise, it would probably be J Crew or Madewell.



    Target. It’s the only place where I can get both tops AND bottoms that sometimes fit me. Otherwise I have to shop at completely different places due to how disproportionately I’m shaped.



    H&M. They have everything from business professional to weird ass trendy styles, they do shoes, bags, gym clothes, maternity clothes, underwear, nightwear… And they’re cheap so I’d probably manage unless my life went completely upside down. Not sure how well I’d cope with aging though having to only dress in H&M, but I guess I’d have to get creative

    Aspirational brand though? Hmm, probably TOAST. Cozy clothing that’s fairly timeless. Just hope I don’t have to wear a suit at work ever.



    eShakti. I hope a e-retailer counts but price and quality in my budget, plus custom fit. I would happily dress in eShakti for the rest of my days. So many options!



    Talbots – half my wardrobe has evolved to being from them already because I’m a weird size, I wear a 12 women’s petite and they are one of the few retailers with that size I can wear with no alterations.

    The other half is mostly gap or old navy because the only thing I don’t buy from Talbots is pants, their petite rise is too high for me. So I buy low or mid rise petite pants from Gap or ON, which work out as a mid or high rise on me. So can I have two retailers lol?



    Urban Outfitters. It’s a bit expensive to purchase entire outfits in one go, or multiple items, and I could probably purchase twice as many things at Forever21 but their selection is so nice.



    I would say Banana Republic is my most consistent success for work clothes, which is what I have to wear the majority of my time. They’re a good price point for that, but a little pricey for really casual clothes, but I’d rather have acceptable work-wear than a closet full of Saturday farmer’s market outfits…but if I can stretch and say all of Gap Inc, I would. That’s Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, and Athleta. Something for everything.



    It might be pushing it on your price range caveat, but as long as I was very thoughtful in my purchases and only got a few pieces a season, probably Banana Republic/Banana Republic Factory. I had really good luck this year with their petites section finding work clothing that actually fits super well and is cut for a petite figure.

    If anyone has any other suggestions for places that have a decent petite section actually stocked in store and not just online, I’d love to hear them.

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