If you had unlimited funds but could only buy from one brand, what would the brand be?

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    I was thinking today that if I could be dressed head to toe in Theory I’d be a happy camper.



    Acne! Casual, formal, outerwear, jeans, cool shoes, funky shoes, even bags. Solid construction, beautiful materials, and (maybe most importantly) the items I’m interested in aren’t branded obviously!



    Ralph Lauren, they have a big collection with lots of options



    Ann Taylor/LOFT to cover all the bases but also have machine washable clothing



    Oh definitely YSL. Their ready to wear collection is so gorgeous and I hear good things about their makeup line even if they don’t have a foundation



    I think me and Allsaints could be very happy together.



    Uniqlo! Minimalist and timeless, plus a lot of their stuff is wrinkle resistant which is great because bye bye wrinkles.



    Valentino- fabulous outerwear, sweats to work out in, casual & career separates, all the Rockstud shoes and purses I could dream of, and the DRESSES




    If I was living my normal day to day life that I currently do



    Burberry. All the Burberry. Plaid for daaaays.



    I’d hire my fashion designer niece to make all my clothes and launch her own brand. She’s 3 now, so it will be all rainbows, kittens, and unicorns, but I can live with that!



    Vince and then I’d move to Canada so I could wear their sweaters year round.



    Is it cheating if I say Celine back when it was phoebe philo? I loved her collections and finally splurged on a box bag when it was announced she was stepping down. With unlimited funds, I’d just stalk down all these old collections.






    APC, they have items that can make multiple outfits and its all coordinated according to seasons. Their website places all the items for sale as a colour scheme chart!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 46 total)

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