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    So, I’m trying to do that whole “dress better feel better” thing. I don’t feel like I have the time/confidence to actually go out shopping and find something that may look good on me mostly because I doubt it will. I decided to give the Menlo House a try. First thing I got out is a shirt, which is great, I know how to wear those. Then I got this jacket and sunglasses. I’m not sure if the sunglasses are for men or women, and I’ve never actually worn sunglasses so I’m not even sure if they’re something I could feel comfortable wearing. They’re these “Otowi” tortoise things, looks a lot like [these](https://www.mvmtwatches.com/collections/mens-sunglasses/products/rio?variant=19850145349) but black sides and a dark brown instead of light brown.

    [The jacket](https://scontent-dfw5-2.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/42650887_10160886404435324_6296761611755454464_n.jpg?_nc_cat=111&oh=4026065e1a970c1a0266102f40aa2b8d&oe=5C4B76C7) just confuses me. It’s the “Austin” jacket, which I can only find on their facebook post from 9/24. I don’t get this thing. There’s cords for the waist and the bottom, I get that you tighten the waist form fitting(I think?) but have no clue about the bottom cords. I just can’t see myself wearing this without making a fool of myself. Suggestions?



    As weird as it sounds confidence in what you’re wearing is something that comes over time. When I first got into fashion I started with the “basic bastard” wardrobe and still felt out of place all the time. Over the past couple years I’ve gotten a lot more confident in wearing different clothes and experimenting with different styles that were more out of the box. Over time you’ll definitely learn what you like more and be more confident that you look good!



    Feel free to ignore those drawstrings my friend. I have several jackets with drawstrings and the only time I’ve ever actually used them was while I was snowboarding to keep the powder out. I don’t really care for that cinched-up look but they would help keep the wind/snow out.



    I don’t think it’s that hard to find pieces that look good. Stores are cluttered with different models, designers, styles and qualities. There’s so many things to check out. Try thrifting. Gem after gem every time I go.



    Yeah i started the same “dress better feel better” thing about half a year ago and imo the best tging to start with are just some basics that will match almost anything.
    I would just start with some black slim-fit jeans, slim fit khaki chino’s (atleast slim-fit looks pretty nice on me but figure that one out yourself)
    Get some basic well fitting white and some black T-shirts and to top it off some black and/or white shoes (vans and converse are affordable, pretty good quality and easy to style shoes so that would be my recommendation)
    And aftet the basics is where i would experiment with different shapes, colours and patterns, don’t be afraid to mess up and come with a fit you cringe at later almost everyone gets that.

    I personally love thrifting because it can make experimenting with different clothes much less risky seeing as it wont be that expensive and you can just chuck anything you don’t like away.



    It’s a bit of a process that will eat up time and money but it is absolutely worth it. Read the stickies and start at the Basic Bastard is my advice. Understand that you will often go to the store and buy nothing at all.



    As others have said, you’ll get used to it. I started pinrolling my chinos and felt ridiculous the first few days. Over the weeks following, people started commenting they liked it, and nowadays I can’t imagine not pinrolling them. It’s become a thing that people I know associate with me.

    It always feels weird at first.



    If you don’t like or understand that stuff maybe that style just isn’t for you. There’s a lot of clothing and looks out there. Experiment a little and have fun with it, don’t look at it as a problem to solve.

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