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    Now that the temperature is (kind of) turning into a proper fall, I’ve been happy to bring my moleskin pants out of storage. ([Orvis has a good primer]( on moleskin if you’re new to ’em.

    To me, it’s the ideal kind of cool weather pant. For one, it’s soft, warm but the nature of moleskin gives it a good, all-weather heft. It shares much in common with corduroy but the smoothness of moleskin is more subtle yet its suede-like texture also differentiates it from, say, a heavy twill. Moreover, the longer you wear them, the fabric slowly begins to form a more nappy texture. One more than one occasion, I’ve had people ask if my moleskin pants are made from a coarse wool; it has a similar look.

    The challenge with moleskin in my experience: finding affordable pairs. I’m not of the mind that pants have to always cost $50 or less but moleskins regularly seem to sell for $150 or up from places like [Cordings](, [Orvis]( or [J. Peterman]( (though the latter has them for sale right now for $129). If you want to ball out, you can always [go Rota](

    Also, some common menswear brands, like J.Crew, Spier Mackay, LL Bean or Ralph Lauren, don’t carry them year round either. The easiest/cheapest to find are probably these [Lands End 5-pocket moleskins]( but while I love my Lands End Canvas moleskins from about 4-5 years back, I don’t love the 5-pocket style for anything besides denim.

    A year ago, [the folks on SF]( had a convo about where to find good RTW moleskins. They mentioned the [Marks and Spencer line]( which is cut like a conventional trouser and the cost is $71.



    I finally found a pair of olive pants that fit me from Billy Reid this past weekend that happened to be Moleskin, and I’m loving the texture. These are my first moleskin anything so I’m curious how it will age



    Not related directly, but I stocked up on melton wool army pants. Our military issued them up until a couple of years ago and they make for awesome trousers when you take off the cargo pockets and tailor them just a bit. I cropped and tapered two of mine and just bought an unissued navy blue pair from second hand.



    Do you have photos of the “nappy texture” it gets when it ages? I’m not sure what you mean.

    I have one pair of moleskin five-pockets from Gant. I love the fabric texture and weight, but I’m not in love with the cut so I end up wearing it rarely.



    I recently bought moleskin pants from [De Bonne facture](, I realize the price is quite steep, even for moleskin, I just really like this particular small brand. I think moleskin trousers in general will be on the pricy side because of the price of the fabric alone.

    The fabric on the trousers shown is amazingly heavy (370g/M² !) and smooth. The thickness of the fabric actually make it warmer than wool flannel during cold weather.



    I love my Spier and MacKay moleskin trousers, and I’m tempted to get the matching jacket…



    Peter Christian has moleskin trousers for $80. Fit is on the trim end of a classic fit. Roughly similar to Lands End tailored fit and a bit fuller than Spier Mackay contemporary. I’d estimate the quality as similar to Lands End.

    Lots of colors. I have the Loden ones and that’s a versatile color. I’ll probably get another pair this season. The Imperial purple is striking and I’m always tempted to get a pair, but I can’t imagine how I would wear such a thing.



    A good choice if you want the feel of corduroy without committing to the look of it.

    Used to wear Marks and Spencer’s moleskin stretch jeans, they felt like track pants but looked like chinos. They were great.



    Just got the LE Moleskin for $58 CAD. Comes with free hemming too. Great price. Just hope it will be warmer than denim for winter.

    Thanks OP.



    Sorry this isn’t particularly relevant to your post OP, but does anyone know what that fleece jacket is in the thumbnail?



    BR’s brushed cotton traveler pant is described on the product page is being “like moleskin”and are $55 during the current Friends and Family sale:

    Does anyone have any experience with these? The fabric on the BR moleskin trucker jacket is incredible IMO, but it’s explicitly labeled as moleskin.

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