In response to a previous thread, what, in your opinion, should skinny guys wear?

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    In response to a previous thread, what, in your opinion, should skinny guys wear?



    Whatever they feel like wearing



    Skinny clothes



    Someone said the opposite in the other thread but honestly skinny jeans. I’m quite skinny and get the most compliments when I wear more form fitting pants.



    I’m 6’1-6’2 and around 160lbs.

    I’ve found slim stuff to be way more flattering than skinny fit. Skinny jeans and tight shirts just accentuate how skinny I am, regular-fit items are baggy, and slim-fit stuff hits the sweet spot. I don’t look like Jack Skellington, but I also don’t look like a teenager borrowing his dad’s clothes.

    Then again I dress pretty basic, so if you’re interested in SLP or streetwear you probably want to go with a skinnier look.




    Skinny pants and baggy tops



    A little structure. Leather, denim, chino, oxford, blazers, suits… Something along those lines.




    Skinny guys have the advantage of wearing pretty much anything and it’ll be fine. Whereas ppl who are a bit more round or muscular should watch out for certain type of clothes






    It depends on their goal.

    Being skinny, they have the most options. They could wear the proverbial bedsheet and look good.

    Skinny fit clothing will emphasize the skinniness. That’s neither right nor wrong, it just is.

    But playing with volume can be a wonderful thing. A pair of wide leg trousers, for instance, can really emphasize the torso vee.



    I’m 5’11 140 lbs. size 29/32 I wear slim straight or straight fits usually. being kinda tall and skinny, skinny and slim fit pants just make me look lanky. I’ve started hitting the gym 2 months ago and tops are starting to fit better though



    Horizontal stripe patterns for tops. Breton stripe looks great on skinny guys.

    Also agree with u/danhakimi on structure, especially when it comes to the shoulders. Use jackets with more structure in the shoulder areas and be cautious about “soft shoulders” like raglan sleeves. That said you can use this feature to accentuate skinniness instead.



    Depends on the look you’re going for, but slim fit clothing looks best on skinny guys. If you can afford it, get your RTWs tailored, e.g. buying that pair of chinos off the shelf that fits to your waist and thighs but not the length, so you cut off a few inches with the hem nicely sewn.



    I’d just like to say that this thread has been the most accepting thread about skinny people I’ve ever seen on Reddit and as someone that has some body confidence issues around this I really appreciate it.



    6′, 120 lbs might as well check in. Skinny guys can wear whatever so long as they’re conscious of how it fits.

    Personally, I prefer to emphasize the fact that I’m a twig so it’s skinny jeans, fairly slim tops, cropped outerwear.



    I envy so much that you guys have problems with being too skinny. I just wish i am so skinny so i can look good in those skinny jeans, very slim fitting trousers and potentially a mini skirt

    edit: i hope no one take this as offense… this is just what i truly think



    6’2 @ 148lbs checking in.

    28/36 – have big glutes and thighs because cycling so skinny fit trousers are out, slim fit is problematic often.

    I get nearly everything I buy tailored to take in waists. My chest and arms are pretty small, and most thing even in slim or skinny fit still don’t quite work.

    The real kicker is that I normally have to buy a small and many items end up being too short – not much to be done about that.

    I wear a lot of what one person in the other thread said I shouldn’t. Chunky boots and oversize knits – apparently I look good too.

    I wouldn’t wear vertical stripes and checks (especially checked suits). My stature and size makes me stand out enough, but that’s personal preference.

    Stick to slim ties and somewhat narrower lapels.

    Block colours and layers also my friends.



    Im pretty skinny myself. Im 18 and weigh 130lbs at 5’8. So yes very fucking skinny. My build looks pretty athletic cause i have good shoulders and my muscles are well defined but stupidly skinny nonetheless. I live in south florida wheres its hot year round. I usually wear very short shorts, boating shoes like sperrys and a slightly oversized tshirt. Works very well.






    I am pretty slim, but have got broad shoulders. I used to go for the slim look when I was younger. Overtime I have found I prefer a relaxed fit, and it is much more comfortable.



    As long as it fits you should be fine. I’m a relatively skinny 5’9 and tend to opt for a tailored fit trouser or slim chino (I avoid skinny fit because they make me look skinnier). I find that wearing heavier cotton t-shirts helps broaden my shoulders and often add an open casual shirt or light jacket over the top for the same reason.

    I could be doing it all wrong but you can be the judge –



    Women’s clothes

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