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    So i posted this picture in a thread a few days ago and generally had a good response. I have prosthetic legs, and it’s a little difficult for me to make things look good, especially pants. Mostly because i also have PFFD, which means my left thigh is a few inches shorter than usual. So my body is like, 100% not aesthetically pleasing due to proportions (my left prosthetic leg is extra long to make up for the difference in thigh height so i don’t have a huge limp.)

    While i don’t mind being an amputee, the thigh thing kinda makes me insecure. Wearing fitted jeans is really not a good look on me, in my opinion at least. Quarter length pants and shorts I think fit best. I don’t have anything quarter length, like no sweatpants or anything, so I might try ordering a pair off amazon since they seem to have good reviews surprisingly. (Sorry if this is too ‘streetwear’)

    Anywho, this picture is an Express Mens Peacoat, H&M Tan T-Shirt, and some type of Adidas tapered and zippered pants. I also just found out adidas has 3/4 pants and I’m kinda pissed I just bought these a month ago without knowing about those/trying those on heh. And of course, I am not wearing shoes. I’ve opted to attach a sole to the bottom of my blade rather than the typical foot shape + shoe combo.

    If you guys have any particular suggestions I’m all ears. People kept saying it looked cyberpunk, which i’ve never really thought about, but if you have a suggestion to tastefully explore embracing that style more i’m probably for it.



    Dude. You look amazing and the prosthetics don’t detract at all.



    Bruh go full bondage jacket straps galore techwear you’ll look like a cyborg



    Go for techwear, would be dope



    You legitimately look like a super hero.

    I think you should try to find a local tailor that can work with you on pants fit. I’d suggest looking for someone who does wedding dress tailoring and emailing them. It is not going to be as expensive as you’d think, and someone with that skill set would be excellent at making things drape right and working with diverse materials. Winter is their slow season too!



    You look straight out of cyberpunk, loving it.

    As for the pants, as stated in another comments, a tailor should be your best friend



    Have you thought about cropped, tapered wool trousers? A loose enough fit to not hug the prosthetic but to still look intentionally fitted?

    I only looked for two minutes and came up with this:

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    You don’t need to go goth vampire but I could see that cut of pants fitting exactly the outfit you posted.



    I know it’s weird to say, but they look amazing



    Whatever you decide on, keep posting here in the waywt threads and stuff. I think everyone would be very interested in seeing your style progress



    Dude that picture is fresh.



    Can you tailor your pants to end just below your knees(?) and then use some kind of band to cinch them? Instead of covering the prosthetics

    You could definitely wear 3/4 pants of any style cinched at the bottom and looks great



    Hey OP, any regrets? I may or may not get my foot amputated below the knee, it’s my choice.



    Love the legs. As a total idiot, do you have different pairs of prosthetics for different looks or uses, or do you just use one pair for everything? I really like how you actually seemed to use the prosthetics as a part of the look if you know what i mean..



    Damn dude you look like promo art for some sci-fi show it’s badass



    You could come up with some really sick legs with LEDs just like the ones you’re using now. I’m thinking you could go for a cyberpunk look with a helmet and ACG jacket and such.



    You look good man! I’m fairly unfashionable but don’t worry- you look great my guy



    You look great, dude. Rock those blades.



    Unrelated but is it common for people to wear those “blades” all the time? I thought it was just for sports and people wore the more conventional (like tube with a fake foot at the end and a shoe) prosthetic for casual wear?



    those blade things look so badass

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