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    They say you are what you eat. Well, all that caffeine you drank to fill you up for late nighters has turned you into a cup of coffee!

    Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/85GGp0h

    Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/lemonsandcyprus/a-cup-of-coffee/

    Elements of the Album

    * Colors: Predominately Brown and Earth tones, White, Blue (Usually the color of blue jeans)
    * Comfort
    * Fall
    * Lace



    this is super fun!



    I’ve been hesitant to experiment with browns and darker tans in my wardrobe. This album is perfect inspiration to try something new! Thank you for sharing!!



    So cute!! I want all the sweaters!



    Dammit! I’ve been wearing painting clothes pretty much all of fall so far and for the foreseeable future, this is making me so sad for all the nice outfits going to waste in the closet. My chocolate wool fringed maxi skirt, and wide, pleated latte pants are looming in my mind now. I love fall clothes!



    I love this album! It makes me ready for fall and I like the aesthetic pops you added in



    this reminded me of my outrage over the fact that Camel coats and sweaters seem to be ‘in’ AND YET, I cant find a camel item that I would like to buy or that is on trend really. WTF?!



    How to wear browns/tans if you are a cool skin tone that looks washed out in them? What type of undertone should one look for?



    I love the colors! I know many people find these types of fall colors boring, but they are perfect for a muted, toned-down kind of night.



    This feels deeply personal as someone who works with coffee for a living. It also corresponds pretty well with what I try to base my fashionable barista look with



    What a great album!

    I love brown…on other people, though. I just can’t find a way to wear it outside of a camel turtleneck and a safari jacket in tan, and some boots. Whenever I buy *brown* brown, like a top or a pair of pants, they end up worn once and in the donation pile, so I’ve sworn off it.



    I love this! I have a hard time deciding on black or brown stuff and I love seeing them together 💜



    Help! What are the turtlenecks called when they have a ribbon like neck? The neck isn’t straight; it curves up and down. Thanks!



    I’m reminded of a time in high school when a guy told my friend that she looked like a “coffee goddess” — I guess that could actually be a thing? Lol



    Cosy, great color pallette and I love the caffeine molecule jewelery.



    This album reminds me of this [song](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XZJ5mD6nSU)



    This album is so beautiful! I want all the sweaters and that sweater dress! I wish I knew where to find them.



    Love this! Browns with tan an blacks are my jam! Anything to make me look like a personified cappuccino 😉



    What does blue have to do with coffee



    Make sure all the brands are fast fashion to keep the “slave labor” theme consistent!

    Edit: woo!! Silver!

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