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    For the undead girl with a lively sense of fashion.

    Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/4UXfHhr

    Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/lemonsandcyprus/ghost-aesthetic/

    In this album, I centered the aesthetic on these things:

    * Flowy tops and dresses
    * Lace
    * Victorian Inspired Tops
    * Blood Red, Black, White, and Gradients
    * Velvet
    * Silver, Glitter
    * Ephemeral
    * Dark Eyes



    This aesthetic is so fucking cool

    Can someone be my ghost girlfriend so we can become a witch and ghost power couple?



    I am ALL about this! Great album! I want to wear like… everything in here. I guess it’s time to go thrifting! 🙂



    Ahh this made me think of stylist Katie Shilligford’s wedding dress!

    [Katie’s wedding dress](https://www.sleek-mag.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/KatieShillingford.jpg)



    I love this! It’s so romantic and moody, but really wearable.



    This is incredible. So many of those pieces are to die for. I’m so excited about the Victorian trend lately – if only all this lace wasn’t so expensive.



    You just captured my exact spoopy season aspirational aesthetic goal. Bless u.



    Wow this is right down my alley! I am struggling to transform my gothy rock-chic aesthetic into a more wearable, work-appropriate wardrobe, and some of these looks could really work! I especially love the black to white ombre pieces.



    I wish these albums came with links to buy some of these outfits cuz I want to match my umbrella too 😭 Such a cute outfit and she looks so smug! Cuz she knows I don’t match my umbrella like she does! 😭😭



    I love every inch of the album.



    I really like this album, more than I though I would.

    I think I may get a embroidery heavy shirt to experiment with.



    I like this album and already know I’m getting downvoted, but this is all skinny white women.



    Hey! This kinda answers that question in a previous post that asks how you can upgrade your teenage goth style to an adult version. Nice work!



    This is amazing!



    I never thought I would love a red suede (suede? or is it velvet?) jacket until I scrolled through this album. This is a glorious collection!



    Now I have a name for my aesthetic!!! Thank you so much!!! Also I need to purchase more white items…



    Ahhh this whole aesthetic gives me so many “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” vibes I love it 😩🖤👻



    Really enjoy this, despite the homogeneity in the models…although I’m quite sure you were choosing more based on pieces than their personal aesthetic. Now, who wants to make me a ghostly ~~capsule~~ *coffin* wardrobe? 😛



    This is beautiful! Does anyone have suggestions on stores to find pieces like this?



    I love this!



    God I love this thread. Bless you OP, bless you fellow commenters.



    This is gorgeous. I personally dig “vampire aesthetic”, which is similar to this but incorporates some badass metal hardware and shoes, leather, cape like hooded jackets and some gorgeous lace. But not goth-y, just modern with a hint of vintage. Also more of fall/winter darkness gear than summery stuff. I think I have to make an inspo album!

    Edited to add: I completely just made up the term “vampire aesthetic” but it fits my style. Love this thread!



    The shirt that goes from light to dark in such a beautiful gradient is my favorite. I want one like that now. Also the dress following right after that shirt is stunning. I also want it.



    Great album, but is anyone else unsure what is going on with the foot in the picture of the sideways cross anklet? Is is just a plastic form, or has someone photoshopped out the ankle?



    this is adorbs lol

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