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    I’ve been thinking about the colors I really enjoy for fall, and they mostly are maroon and black, and somewhat ‘vampy’. I call it a muted vampire style because the looks retain some more vintage style about them. This album is filled with mostly maroon, black, and some white muted pieces that I really enjoy and think would look ‘dark’ and ‘vampy’ enough to wear as every day and casual clothing without necessarily being costume-y.

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    Here I am, a vampire trying to fly under the radar in the mortal world, and you are spreading all of my secrets.

    Seriously though, maroon and black is my favorite color combination.



    Those shiny oxblood brogues with the textured tights… mmmmmm…



    I LOVE all of these looks! So adorable and very professional as well.



    Love that one photo near the end where the model has a shaving scrape on her ankle. Seriously, I’ve been shaving my legs for years and still manage to draw blood every time.



    Corporate vampire??? YES PLEASE



    Love this album but [this](https://imgur.com/a/x4jWYxg) fucked me up a little, hahah




    Where did you find the first suit? I need it!



    The A Line Button up skirt makes my heart pound. I need, like, half these looks. Also the Oxford shoes and plaid skirt. OMG



    I need each and every pair of shoes in this album in my life…stat



    I just returned from honeymoon in Japan, and so many of those looks are just like what I saw the women wearing there. The fashion game was STRONG in Japan, and I wanted everything!! I don’t even know where I’d find some of these pieces here back in the states.



    Oh my God…this is my favorite inspiration EVER!!! This is exactly how I want to look



    Ugh I love all of these looks 😩



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    Oh! I’ve been calling this same look “office goth”

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