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    You’re a woman of a certain age, and you’re wearing leopard print and leather.

    Time is knocking on your door, but no one’s home because you’re out on the town with your 26 year old boyfriend.

    Meno-core? Not for this pussy!




    Im not going to lie, i like very few of these looks, but i FUCKING LOVE that this is a unique, cohesive inspo board that is something outside of what we normally see in this sub. THANK YOU and please post more!!




    I am liiiving for how much Kris Jenner is in this

    *^thank ^u ^next, ^bitch*



    Leopard print is a neutral. Fight me.



    I loooooove this. I’ve recently stumbled upon a wealth of [“older, moneyed European”]( women on instagram that live this aesthetic and I’m hoping to imitate a lot of their style as I get older. How is it possible to make animal print look SO sophisticated? I can’t manage that yet but one day I hope I’ll be there.



    I feel like the only icon missing here is the one and only Joan Calamezzo



    Yes to the last outfit!



    I love that both Collins sisters (Joan and Jackie) are in this album, both are the only photos from the 1980’s, and both of their looks are totally consistent with the current aesthetic. Ok, maybe Jackie’s hair is dated, but that’s the only exception. Nice.



    This whole album looks like it smells like Kools and Bombay Sapphire and I am *into it.*



    Best album description!



    This is A Mood^TM



    You might be interested in the “advanced style” blog and documentary.



    Holy cow Sophia Loren has de-aged 40 years since I saw a picture of her.



    Please cost to r/fashionwomens35



    I love Jane Fonda and dame Helen so much! I can’t look at kris Jenner because she is such a big reason for Those Who Shall Not Be Named.



    I love this. Leopard for life.



    I love that in the 3rd pic down, with the woman walking through the airport, there’s a person in the background looking at her. (I feel like I should recognize the woman in #3 but I am completely terrible with faces.)



    I’m only 23, I don’t follow celebrities at all or know who half these people are, and I own exactly 1 leopard print item, but I am sooooooooooo feeling this.



    No Peggy Bundy in this album??



    Pic 7: I don’t know what this is but I’m scared




    I bought a leopard print vest like a year ago and it has sat in my closet because I am just not feeling it. There’s nothing wrong with it, it is fabulous – the hesitation is all me.

    This album is serious inspiration.

Viewing 23 posts - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)

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