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    Hi everyone,

    This is my first time posting in here so if it’s not allowed or works better on another day, please let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve been watching the show A Discovery of Witches and have fallen in love with the character Diana’s style. It’s very simple yet chic, and I love her colour palette of mainly neutrals with a pop of blue here and there. Plus her hair is usually pretty on point.

    I was having trouble finding images of her outfits online so I decided to make my own album. Sorry for the poor quality on some of them, it was really hard to find good shots!

    Imgur album:




    Thanks for this! I love all her sweaters and coats.

    One thing I was amused by in one of the most recent episodes, not a spoiler for those who haven’t watched…she packs a small trunk quickly to go somewhere, and then at her destination in every scene she has a different thick turtleneck. I’m like, those definitely didn’t all fit in that trunk plus your other clothing.

    Also Matthew Goode is to die for.



    Side note from your question (sorry) but how is this show? I am so excited for it to premiere is the US! PS Teresa Palmer is gorgeous in all of these shots and now I want all these outfits



    Wait!!!! There is a show?!?! I loved these books. How do I watch? What is it on???

    Edit: holy shitsnacks Matthew Goode is in it? Iโ€™m ded.



    they made the books into a show? how awesome



    Oh I love her outfits on the show! (Except for that weird beige jumpsuit) All the blazers and jumpers with a simple colour palette that look put together yet effortless. I’m in heaven!



    I flipped over the color palette in the first episode with the blue and rust colors in every scene. It was gorgeous and I desperately want her blue coat! I’m a few episodes behind, but I loved looking through your album. I’m not a huge fan of the story, but it’s sooo pretty to look at!



    I really love this muted, cool toned color palette for her wardrobe. It really works well on her.



    I’ve been following this shows production from day one (huge fan of the books). Wonderful album that you’ve put together! I think we need one for Matthew Goode just so I can look at him more.

    P.S. the show will premiere in the U.S January 19th on sundance



    I dunno how I necessarily feel about the story itself but in those first few episodes I literally found myself shiverring watching Matthew Goode’s performance. He’s so intense, I love it.
    I was also thinking the entire time that I could imagine an FFA album of the various characters, Diana, Satu, Miriam and Gillian, as they all have very set personal styles (I especially love Miriam’s entire look, edgy with great coats, hair up with piercings on display.)






    This is a show?!?!?! I love those books!



    Iโ€™ve been googling looking for her cream turtleneck in the 3rd episode. If anyone had a source Iโ€™d be very grateful!

    Love her style!



    For those of you wanting to watch this straight away and who donโ€™t mind a slightly questionable source…



    Iโ€™m re reading the books, almost finished, and you tell me there is a show now?! Thank you!!!

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