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    I’m thinking forward to when I can start buying some warm winter pants for the coming cold season, but haven’t been seeing much lately. I’m still seeing a lot of bulky, long, oversized sweaters and sweatshirts coming in for Fall, and am guessing thick leggings might be a part of what’s to come, but so far they’ve only got wide pants around, the warmest being in corduroy. I don’t really like the idea of wearing a long, narrow oversized sweater with big baggy pants, so I’m hoping something fun in warm leggings or other cute and comfortable skinny pants will turn up. Has anyone seen any lately, or what are they pairing otherwise with these big oversized tops and jackets? Sorry if this doesn’t make sense to everyone – I’m in Japan, and that’s what I see happening here so far in regular retail stores like Uniqlo, MUJI, etc.



    I agree with the previous comments that these trends are nice to see and I’m excited about them, but after years of wearing black jeggings with oversized sweaters, I went shopping for some actual pants the other day and came away feeling incredibly confused and frustrated. I was just looking for some nicely cut straight-leg jeans and maybe a pair of cords in a nice fall color. What I found was that “straight-leg” means a LOT of different things to a LOT of different designers. They seemed to range from what are essentially actually wide-leg trousers (which don’t work well on me because I’m pretty short) to something that I can only assume is straight-leg in that it’s meant for people who don’t actually have thighs. I eventually decided that I needed to look for pieces marked “slim straight,” but even then with my (slightly) muscular thighs there ended up being a weird thing that happened below the knee that made it look like I somehow managed to stretch out just the bottom part of a pair of skinny jeans.

    I love the look of these silhouettes on Pinterest, but I have yet to figure out what to do with any of them.



    I don’t know about anyone else, but this baggy pants on baggy tops on baggy everything trend is crushing my soul. I really don’t think it’s flattering on many women tbh. I’m petite and slightly curvy and it makes me look like a walking potato sack.







    I live in Taiwan and it’s just wet and windy (typhoon season) now so baggy pants arent really taking on I don’t think.

    I remember wearing flares etc back in the late 90s early 00s and always turning up to school with drenched Jean hems. Sigh. I guess that’s what we’re in for the next couple of years.



    I’ve been seeing a lot of straight leg and kick flair pants in plaid and other patterns! Minimalist color schemes still seem to be in style. I don’t know if that’s a “trend” per say, but I know a lot of people have favored it for a while now. But both of these things could just be trends for fall. It seems like the skinny pant + baggy top trend is transitioning to a straight pant + slightly oversized top silhouette. I’m in favor, I have a very ruler like body type, and these new proportions tend to suit me.



    I think you’re not finding a lot of skinny pants because the huge top/skinny bottoms silhouette is losing steam. I agree that I wouldn’t want to wear baggy on top and on bottom, but I am seeing instead a lot of outfits with a top or sweater that is either a little flowy or cropped and slightly boxy or just otherwise not skin tight, paired with tailored straight, wide, or kick flare pants. So neither piece is super tight and neither is completely shapeless. I think it really works, but it does take more attention to fit than the old silhouette, where you could wear the biggest, baggiest sweater so long as your pants were as tight as possible. I think it looks more balanced.



    God I hate all of you. I have to live in northern Sweden because of my undying commitment to shitty science! Kick flares my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I am so here for the return of corduroy. I’m in Australia and we’re just leaving winter and the wide leg or straight cut as opposed to narrow cut pant is definitely becoming more prominent. I’ve been loving the cropped ankle but mostly because I’m a short lass and I’m excited to not worry about stepping on hems or folding up the ankle.



    I saw a lot of pants, not jeans and mostly paper bags pants but they are not skinny anymore, it’s sad for me cause I love skinny pants.



    Hmm. I haven’t really seen many pant silhouettes in the wild yet other than skinnies (except for my artistic thrift store fashionista friends who have been wearing huge men’s pants with belts).

    I’m 9 months pregnant right now so I’ll be sticking to leggings and giant sweaters for the near future anyway (or I will once it finally cools off, we’re having a mini heat wave plus I’m basically a space heater right now, lol)

    I’ll be interested to see if wider legs really take off here, as many people have said in a snowy climate wet hems are a bitch. Loose over loose does not work for my giant boobs so I might have to wait until tighter tops come back (which they will, eventually, if looser pant styles really take off here)



    I am really over leggings. They aren’t very warm unless they are basically tight pants. I agree loose on loose might not be the best, but the most flattering sillouette depends on your figure. A sweater that is fitted on top and loosens down to the pants would help you not look like you were swimming in fabric.

    I love wide leg, and I don’t agree that they are just for skinny people like a lot of people say. People said the same about skinny jeans. The fit around your thighs and butt is the most important part of any pants, imo.



    Imo we’re seeing Gen Z ascendancy with the fashion trends this year. I think it’s great, but I’m 5’1 and abhor hemming so I’ll prob keep wearing cuffed jeggings and be at peace with my millennial uncoolness. Just hoping I can still find stores that sell jeggings.



    I love the idea of volume on volume but then I try to wear it and I look like a walking fridge.



    I saw [these]( at Zara and berksha yesterday!

    I do have pants like those but the material is too thin for winter.



    uGH all I can think of is wet, snow, salt stained pants. 🙁 I’ll stick with boots & skirts/dresses. Thanks for bringing this up!



    I’m seeing more black pants than the past couple of years, when it seemed to be a less popular color for pants. A lot of them are high-waisted and tapered at the bottom.



    They can pry my target skinny jeans from my cold, dead hands. I have four pairs that I bought last year and I will wear them till they fall apart.
    (Partially kidding. I have a pair of banana republic wide leg sailor jeans from a few years ago – glad those are an option now too.)

    Do paper bag pants make ANYONE feel attractive and/or stylish? I’m pretty thin and they make me feel Not Cute for some reason. Maybe depends on the cut?



    All this talk of wide and kick flares are giving me flashbacks as to why they were incredibly annoying the last go around. They look terrible with flats. I’m tall and have knee issues and getting the length right was so hard because I primarily wore flats. It always seemed be that pants were the perfect length for getting stepped on or right around the ankle which looked terrible at the time. The fact the kick flares are now fashionable is especially killing me because it always looked like my pants were not long enough and made my legs look way shorter than they are. I may be tall but my torso is longer so anything making my legs look more short is unbelievably annoying. Arghhhh. I’m going to go hide out in my cave. Though the one thing I do hope to see is some straight legged plain wool pants. Please fashion world at least give me this.



    I think the wide silhouette trend is still going strong and I’m glad it is because it’s really comfortable. If you’re heavier on the bottom and skinny on top, the tight top and baggy bottom look is fuckin awesome. That happens to be my body type haha.

    Pairing oversized things on top and bottom is tricky at first, but when you get the hang of it/accumulate enough pieces in all the right lengths, it can look really good. I follow [this Japanese instagrammer]( who posts that look a lot for a bit of inspiration since you’re in Japan and all. [Fudge]( and [Cluel]( are two of the Japanese magazines where I see a lot of that relaxed oversized look.

    Personally, I think the key to oversized items is getting them well-fitting at the shoulders and at the waist. If these two places fit right, everything else can be oversized and you won’t look frumpy.



    Straight jeans with a large cuff. Anything with typical menswear fabrics.



    The wide-leg style is pretty big right now, along with jeans being straight-leg, kick-flare (usually cropped), and skinny, but not skin-tight like leggings. I’m all about these current trends right now, and I hope they stay awhile.

    Personally, I don’t like jeggings since I feel SO constricting to me. The only leggings I wear are my compression running tights to keep me warm. Also, because I “don’t have a butt,” I HATE when I wear tight jeans, but they are still sagging behind. It honestly became a subject of bullying back at my old job. With new styles, I feel that I can get away with not having to hike up my pants every 2 minutes.



    For cute leggings that are warm and comfy, I love Aerie. I don’t know if they’re available in Japan, but they sell the best leggings I’ve ever owned, especially since I prefer fleece-lined in the winter. They’re stupidly soft and warm without adding bulk, plus they come in a lot of colors and prints (some even have POCKETS!).



    I’m just gonna live in skirts and dresses till someone figures this out…

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