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    My new obsession is camo from around the world but when I get close to buying anything I ask myself “As an American…is it ok to wear camo from another country?” or, I think “Do I know enough about history to wear any of this stuff? What if these people are the baddies but I’m too ignorant to know not to wear this stuff?”

    Am I being neurotic?


    [Belgium Camo](🙂

    [German Flektarn](🙂

    [Rhodesian Camo](

    [Polish Moro Camo](🙂

    Generally, the concept of wearing armed forces clothing is weird when you think about it, but..these patterns, they call me.



    Not sure why you’d worry about it when nobody’s gonna see you.



    Nah most people wont even know what countries they are from. Just be careful wearing camo in foreign countries as some countries only allow camo for their military



    I share your interest in this stuff but also your awkwardness reluctance toward the aspect of repping a foreign nation. We’re overthinking it. If it looks cool, feel free to wear it; people aren’t actually likely to read into it very much. Consider cutting off flag patches and such if that bothers you.

    A bigger consideration is not to wear multiple camo patterns in one outfit – that’s pretty tacky. Unless you’re hunting or something. Deer don’t have strong opinions about that sort of combination.



    Dont wear WWII Nazi attire and you are as kosher as it gets.



    I would strongly recommend you don’t wear Rhodesian camo.



    >Rhodesian Camo

    You’ve got to be fucking kidding me



    On the one hand wearing Rhodesian camo could make you look like a white supremacist apartheid supporter, but on the other hand that cocoa bean brown and jungle green look pretty cool together and I doubt 99% of Americans even know what rhodesia was much less what their camo looked like.



    that belgian camo is awesome!



    I mean, everyone else in the world wears “American” camo if that’s even a thing. Just be sure to follow local laws and don’t do anything obviously offensive.



    I wear German Flecktarn quite often. Never had anyone say anything bad about it, mostly compliments that they’ve never seen anything like it.

    [Fit Pic](



    The safe move is to avoid bad associations and avoid wearing patches or flags. The patterns aren’t political in and of themselves.



    Bro, everyone army that has ever issued camo to it’s troops has committed violent atrocities. All of them. That’s war. American camo, Dutch camo, Chinese camo, South African camo, doesn’t matter – if you’re worried about the history and the implications, there’s innocent blood on all of them.



    Get them all! No worries about the camo. No one will know which countries they are from but if they do those definitely aren’t “babbie” countries



    Sure. It’s fine. The only thing is that you have to follow the one fashion rule of wearing camo, which is be careful to match your camo pattern of choice to your local foliage and vegetation, IN SEASON, or risk standing out like a neon sore thumb in the field, or worse, looking like some sort of urban survivalist hipster.



    Stay away from Rhodesian camo, Rhodesian anything. It has an inescapable context of racism and the mythology of white supremacy.



    As someone who is 11 years in the military, I’d just assume you were someone heading to the woods to hunt. To me a Che shirt is far more offensive than some camo.



    I think you might well be the first person to have ever given any thought to this.



    I love the look of the little German flag on Flektarn field jackets but cant just get over wearing another countries flag (Im from the US). Im not even a hyper-patriot it just feels awkward. Even rocking multi-cam feels odd even though the black version is one of my favorite patterns.



    I think you are confusing wearing a cami pattern shirt, jacket or pants with wearing head to toe combat uniform from a foreign country.

    The first one , no one cares, the second one, you better know exactly who it is you are dressing up as, here in the US or abroad.



    Flecktarn is so cool.



    Nobody is going to know or care about any of them



    A good rule of thumb is to ask permission. If you want to wear Polish camo, find a Polish veteran and ask what he thinks about you wearing it. Could be difficult, but doing the right thing is difficult sometimes, neh?



    My favorite jacket I have ever worn was a Korean war wool field shirt. . I an currenrly rocking a 1980s navy issue pea coat. I think they look great. As long as there are no earned badges or patches it is fine. I really dug thr rhodesiqn camo and will for sure have something in that print thanks to this post.



    I love this and had literally no clue that other countries had their own camouflage. As somebody who’s ordinarily very paranoid about this sort of thing, I feel like you just have to ask yourself how it’s viewed in the country of origin. Do Germans view their camouflage as culturally significant or sacred in any way? Would Germans be offended if you wore their camouflage outside of its original context? No? Then you’re fine.

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