It’s well known that different brands cater to different body types- what are your fit issues and what stores work for you?

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    I’ve seen a lot of people looking for a specific fit, and I know that once you find a brand that works for your body it’s like finding the holy grail- but I’ve yet to find a comprehensive guide for body types/brand fits.

    I am very small in the waist/rib cage, but petites don’t fit me proportion-wise and I have yet to find a brand that I know will fit my body (it is a constant battle of too loose in the mid-section and too tight on the shoulders or thighs). Does anyone else have these fit issues? Where do you like to shop?

    Does anyone else have fit complaints and where have you found your holy grail brand?



    Broad shoulders and muscular arms! Eddie Bauer blazers in tall sizes are the ones that fit me best off the rack; would love to find a smaller indie label with a focus on sustainability whose blazers fit me equally well.



    I’m a 5’11 girl and even though I’m slim finding pants that are long enough is a struggle and a half. I find American eagle jeans in long instead of regular are the perfect fit. I recently found out they also carry extra long online so I purchased some high-waisted xlong pants and they fit like a dream. I’d be curious if there was any other tall girls out there with a little higher quality brand suggestions for trousers / jeans since they’re the only brand off the top of my head that truly fit nicely.



    My inseam is 29″ and I’m very, very pear-shaped and have huge hips (like bust/waist/hips is 34″ / 31″ / 44″). The only pants that fit me properly, that I’ve found at least, are from Old Navy.

    Finding a shirt that is petite and not too tight around my hips has been a losing battle tho.



    Tall, big ass, and broad shoulders here, and all of my women’s clothing is from Old Navy or Lands’ End.



    The ONLY jeans that fit me well are American eagle jeans. I’m 5 feet and have thick short legs so their short sized jeans are just amazing!



    I have a small waist and muscular legs. Citizens of Humanity is the only brand that makes skinny jeans that comfortably fit my thick calves and small waist.



    I’m plus-size but a very straight ruler shape, with a B-cup and no butt to speak of. I fit tops from LOFT, Ann Taylor and Lands End particularly well, but Lane Bryant and Torrid seem to be made only for people with large chests. Their necklines gape and always look inappropriate on me, sadly. For wrap blouses and the like, I end up needing to layer camisoles under them so my students don’t get a good 6″ of sternum or see down to my belly button when I bend over.

    Also, despite being 5’6″, most of my height is in my torso so any jeans/pants that are’t skinny drag on the floor. Luckily, ones from Dress Barn or Lee fit me really well. I just pray that slim-cut/skinny pants never go out of style!



    I have not found my holy grail brand, but I have found my holy grail tailor, who is both cheap and extremely skilled. I bring my new clothes to him and ask him what he thinks should be done, and he’s got a better eye for it than I do.

    My major fit issue is that even though I am 5”4 (the average height for women in the US) and pretty proportional, I am somehow often on the cusp between petite and regular pants. Petite hugs my curves wierdly and regular is often too long. I’ve mostly solved this by going to the tailor or buying ankle length as if they were full length pants.



    I have narrow shoulders. I feel like cheap fashion brands tend to fit my shoulders a bit better (if I had to guess, because teens tend to have narrower shoulders).

    I have no idea what this issue is but I recently went in to old navy to buy some khaki pants, and every single style lead to bunching in my crotch. Like there was a lot of extra fabric right around my pubic mound (sorry, but that’s the most accurate description). I tried a lot of different sizes and styles, but each one creased to give me a star crotch.

    I have proportionally larger calves. J. Crew chinos are my only comfortable pants.



    I wear business attire to work and have the hardest time finding high quality work trousers that fit me well. I have larger thighs and a smaller waste, and end up having pants that hug my legs and have tons of loose fabric in the crotch area. Needless to say, not a cute look. Have not found my holy grail brand either; hoping for insight.



    Maybe this is too specific but I have weirdly shaped feet. The pad of my foot is wide but the heel is narrow so heels are always simultaneously too big and too small at the same time. I’ve yet to find a closed toe heel that actually fits well.

    I’ve also come to find out I have a whole host of other bone related foot issues which is now making finding ANY shoes in general hard but that’s another story 😅



    I have 42 inch hips, but I’m only 5’2″. Normal sized pants are way too long on me, but I’m lucky if I can find petite pants large enough for my hips. It’s a damn struggle. 🙁

    The best ones I’ve found so far are from Chico’s. The perfect stretch ankle pants fit me perfectly and are SO comfortable. A bit tight when they first go on, but after 30 mins or so they loosen up just enough to be comfortable.



    Re: Everyone in this thread having problems with clothes never being small enough (especially for shorter women), shopping in the kid’s section is so underrated. Not only are the clothes smaller (obviously) and shorter (so you don’t have to worry about hemming /cuffing pants), but they’re also cheaper! I hadn’t had jeans that fit well in years until I went to the kid’s section in Marshall’s a few months ago on a whim and realized that DKNY skinny jean in a girl’s 12 fit me like a dream.



    I have a long torso and big boobs so there are so many shirts that end up with the hem right at my belly button! So annoying! I haven’t found a store that consistently helps with that yet. On the flipside, I have broad muscular shoulders too and for whatever reason, Banana Republic Classic Fit blazers are absolutely my jam.


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