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    J. Crew scraps budget line



    So what I’m getting from the article is that they’re scraping Mercantile to focus on JCrew factory. But didn’t Mercantile effectively replace JCF a couple of years ago?



    Good bye mercantile.

    Honestly, I’m not disappointed. I thought this brand brought the overall quality perception down and having it mixed in with regular line items seemed unfair to customers.



    Does this mean they’re just removing the separate brand for crappy products (and produce it under the parent brand) or will they scrap producing crappy products altogether?



    They needed to keep Mercantile in outlet shops. Now, just keep the cheaper products in outlets and stock main shops with higher quality + pricier stuff. Personally, I don’t think Mercantile was that bad, the material was very soft and nice for warmer weathers.

    But JCrew did on being a better quality, nice aesthetic brand instead of just cheap fast fashion. It needs to go back to its roots.



    J. Crew needs to do what GAP did and properly distinguish its brands. Factory should be called something completely different. More importantly, J. Crew should turn Wallace and Barnes into a standalone, higher tier brand that focuses on high quality stuff at a higher price point (basically going back to what J. crew mainline was 5-10 years ago).



    I liked mercantile stuff, in mercantile or factory stores. It being sold in mainline stores is what bothered me.



    I have a buddy that works at J Crew Mercantile. Is he gonna be out of a job?



    I think the end is near for J crew. I don’t know how they’re gonna turn it around after these past couple years.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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