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    I just got into jade but don’t have a lot of experience wearing it or buying it [I only have a few small pieces so far.] What do you wear it with? I find many pieces to be so formal/elegant, but other times I want to just wear it with more casual outfits. What are your favorite pieces, designs or artisans? I’d love to hear opinions.



    i have a little jade tree frog with ruby and gold eyes that my mother bought be in the bay area’s chinatown when i was, hmm, 13 or 14. i don’t wear it as much as i ought, for a piece as pretty as it is. it’s elegant and simple, and i wear it with a white or blue dress shirt/linen henely under my forest green vest. i am looking to pick up more dark green clothes but currently that’s all i have.

    i also have a slim, very transparent jade ring. it’s so light it’s practically white. i don’t generally wear it because it’s kinda fragile but when i do, i wear it with whatever.



    I love jade, and it’s my favourite color, but as a south asian, it’s not part of my traditional jewelry-wardrobe-thing. Is there a way I can respectfully wear jade myself? I’m happy to lay off if I cannot.



    I have a purple jade bead on a dainty gold chain that my mom gave me. Definitely my favorite. I wear it like an everyday necklace. I also have a jade pendant in the shape of a dolphin on another dainty gold chain and I have no idea why she gave that one to me. I am not really into dolphins and neither is she? Haha

    My mom has tons of jade jewelry that is her own and my grandma’s. She typically wears the earrings and small pendants. The bangles aren’t totally practical for her everyday life, but she does wear them for nicer occasions.



    I have a (fake) bangle and I think it matches with everything. It’s a common tradition for older women to never take the bracelet off but younger more modern westernized women tend to put it on and off as they please, at least in my experience. And I don’t think it’s offensive or appropriative to wear jade if you’re not Chinese or Vietnamese. [Here’s another interesting article about the bracelets. ](http://articles.mcall.com/2002-05-28/news/3405489_1_bracelets-vietnamese-women-jade)



    I have a jade pendant necklace that my grandpa brought back from Japan in the 50’s. It has a gold, silhouette, cut-out design adhered to the front. To me it’s a perfectly minimal pattern. The only problem is that I have only ever tried it with green or gray shirts as I don’t wear black or white.



    I have a [jade ring](https://i.imgur.com/7H3RRq3.jpg) that I wear every day. It is from New Zealand, so nephrite jade. I also have a little teardrop jade pendant on waxed cord, so I think it skews very casual. You can certainly get elaborate pieces in New Zealand greenstone/nephrite jade, but I’ve found that a lot of the designs are fairly simple and easy to wear every day.

    My particular ring was a really random find though – it’s an unfinished piece and I’m a ring size 4 – so I haven’t seen many like it. But I appreciate the casual nature of a lot of NZ jade designs in general.



    There’s a local label where I’m from (Singapore) and her jade pieces are so chic and modern! I’d love to have this piece as my first jade jewelry!

    Bamboo Square Jade Ring (9KT)



    I like it paired with outfits with a lot of pink.



    I’m interested to hear how people style it. I’m used to [these](https://www.google.com/search?q=circle+jade+bracelet&tbm=isch&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwji78mvsv3dAhWrneAKHT_FCaQQ_AUICygC&biw=1440&bih=798&dpr=2) jade bracelets as things you never take off, so they pretty much go with everything. My sister was gifted a jade pendant necklace, and she wears it casually practically every day. She does take it off for occasions though, like date night or something.



    I have an apple green jade bangle bracelet. It’s pretty versatile and can dress up or down easily (jade looks great with denim). You don’t have to match the jade to your outfit, as long as the tone and intensity of the colors are pretty much in the same wavelength.

    And as someone else here said, green jade looks amazing with pink. ETA: Or as the pop of color in a “jeans and neutrals” look.



    I’m half Cantonese and my grandma gave me a jade bracelet from Hong Kong when I was in 8th grade and I have worn it almost every day since then. I have taken it off a few times, but it feels weird without it, and my left wrist is actually slimmer than my right.

    So, I style it with everything. You can see it in almost all my outfit posts on [instagram](https://instagram.com/seriicis?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=ei4x8vd9mzpn).

    It’s my understanding that jade bracelets are kind of an older generational thing, so most of the Chinese people you see wearing jade are either older or American born.



    I have a jade necklace I made myself a few years ago from pieces I strung together with aurora borealis crystals. I like wearing it most during the winter time with soft white sweaters or cream colored blouses. I just like the way the soft green stands out against the white.



    This necklace is one of my favorite jade pieces.

    A one of a kind handmade mother of pearl turtle with wood and jade balls with a 925 clasp.

    I paid $3 at the flea market.

    View post on imgur.com

    I have jade earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings.



    Anyone have any sources for mid-priced jade? Most of what I’ve seen is like $5 on streets in chinatown or $500+ from designers



    I have a dark carved jade fish pendant that I wear on a discreet gold chain. I love it w casual outfits

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