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    Happy fall! (Well not yet, but cmon we’re all thinking it)

    Here are some tips for picking out denim for the upcoming season.

    There are 5 key fit points to jeans!

    1) Rise
    It’s important to find the most comfortable rise for you. Everyone’s hips sit differently on their body. Try out multiple, (low, mid, high) to figure out what is most comfortable/ what looks the best for your figure.

    2) Waist
    I would say measure, but every jean brand measures waist bands differently, and the rise you choose also depends on your waist size. Ask yourself: is it pinching? Have you had to pull them up already? Do you have the dreaded “gap”? There should be enough room in your waist line for about 2 fingers.
    (If you have the “gap” ((women with a bigger butt but a small waist)) try out different brands. Multiple brands have started incorporating a sinched waistlines for this issue specifically)

    This is where you’re gonna test out the flexibility of your jeans. How does it feel through the hip? Can you sit down comfortably? Can you bend? (This also ties in with waist, if you have butt crack showing while bending, try a different rise. If your waistline gaps, try a different waistline and or fit)

    This depends on the look you’re going for. If you’re going for the mom jean look this won’t apply to you.
    Do your jeans feel snug against your skin? Not too snug, but snug enough. Keep going down your leg into your knee, if there is extra fabric behind your knee, try a slimmer fit. If there is no room for your thighs to breathe, try a fit that’s more for “curvy” (slim jeans have less room through the hip & thigh, while curvy jeans will have more rook through the hip & thigh).

    5) Leg opening
    This is on a season to season, trend to trend basis. Also pay attention to the shoes you’re going to be wearing.

    Jean brands are important! It took me about 2 years of trying hundreds of different brands to figure out which ones are best for me. From material to fit they all vary. Don’t settle for anything but perfection. Jeans are important and if you choose them right, they can last you your whole life.
    Fits are important!
    Slim fit, regular fit, curvy fits and all of the in between. Look in the mirror girl, embrace your body style & shop accordingly.

    I hope this helps!



    Great guide! I’ll add two points:

    A) With respect to #2/#3: taking the waist in is a pretty painless alteration for a tailor to do. If you struggle to find jeans that don’t gap at the waist when they fit your hips, either try “curvy” cuts (eg Madewell Curvy, Lucky Brand Lolita, Silver Suki, Good American Good curve) or buy fit your biggest part and tailor. In my US city taking the waist in costs $20 and has resulted in the best fitting jeans I’ve ever owned (and opens up way more style/wash options)

    B) Jeans should feel a little different when you first try them on, depending on the fabric. 100% cotton jeans should feel a a bit tight at first – they’ll stretch and mold to your body. 98% cotton jeans should be very snug – not TOO tight, but almost too tight. They’ll also mold to your body with time, but the 2% spandex dies give them a bit of shape retention. Jeans that are made out of super stretchy high quality cotton/polyester/spandex blends are designed to have almost legging-like shape rentention (I think Paige’s “Transcend” line is the GOAT here). The’ll stretch to fit your body, but they won’t “mold” to your shape with time like 100% cotton jeans. So they shouldn’t be too tight when you buy them. Caveat though: Heat kills spandex. If you machine dry your stretch jeans, they will start to lose their shape and bag out.

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