Kanye West Wants to Give the Alt-Right Movement a Makeover

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    Kanye West Wants to Give the Alt-Right Movement a Makeover



    This comment section should be fun to read in a few more hours



    Can we stop giving this guy a platform to normalize the alt-right



    I don’t think it’s that accurate to say Candace Owens or Kanye is alt-right unless you want to say anyone who supports trump is alt-right. But then most people on the right would be alt-right which defies the usefulness of the word “alt-right” other than rhetorical usage.



    Next Stations for Kanye: Visiting Bolsonaro, JML in France and AfD in Germany. Assuming they didn’t ban him.



    I wonder how long it’s going to be until the community proves it can’t handle itself and political discussion is banned entirely here.



    GQ getting desperate to get those clicks eh?



    Ah, like the Hugo Boss of olden days



    Kanye has recently stated he is moving away from politics because he is being used to forward agendas other than his own, he did not design the blexit merch, Candace Owens and someone else slapped his name on it



    One of the reasons I started visiting this sub was because I got tired of all the mixing of politics into fashion on other websites (ie GQ, esquire, etc). It would be a shame if this sub started to become like that in my opinion. I understand the urgency felt in today’s political climate and there are lots of things we need to fix, but not everything needs to be infused with politics.



    Kanye is just trying to make money. By supporting Trump he’s been in the news cycle consistently for months. If he was just another one of the many celebrities bashing Trump he wouldn’t be getting anywhere close to the coverage he is now.



    If everyone is alt-right, noone is.



    Kanye is not alt right. He is simply a normal conservative. The left doesn’t like black people being conservative so he is getting called an “Uncle Tom” and an “alt right”.

    Class, can you please name one view point Kanye has talked about that makes him alt right? You probably can’t name one and simply hate him for thinking different from you.

    In any case, damn I like his red hat.



    oh fuck



    Kanye is the fucking man



    As a right wing republican; sweet, can’t wait to see what he does.

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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